Thursday, July 06, 2006

What? I still have a blog?

Yes, dear readers (those of you who still read my pathetic scribblings), I am still here. My life has really been consisting of surfing the job boards, revising my resume, and going to the beach for different surfing (hey, it's free!). I've played a little poker over the past week, but I did take a week off after donking away the majority of my dwindling bankroll. No poker and no new job, not a helluva lot to blog about.

So, jumped into a peep sex token SNG and won it. Nice. Then, jumped into the FT $5K guarantee yesterday. Two stupid donkey moves later, and I'm out in 238 out of 275. One, I convinced myself that my TPTK was good and that my opponent couldn't have possible been sitting on 2 hearts and flopped a flush. The other was getting dealt AJ s0000000ted. I flop 4 to the nut flush and a gutshot to broadway. I chased both of them sumbitches to the river, only to lose to a slowplayed set of 5s I think. Short version, I get blinded all in on the next hand with K5 and IGH on tilt. So what do I do but jump into a nine-player SNG. I was actually playing well, having worked my way to 2nd place, 4 handed. I get dealt cowboys UTG, so I pop a 6x BB raise, figuring that I can get everyone to fold and I won't need to worry about some donkfish with Ace-rag cracking my cowboys. Sure as hell, the short stack (who was pretty close in chips to me) shoves. I've got him covered by a little over one BB, so I call. I can't believe I did this. I knew we were on the bubble, but I couldn't get over the fact that I'd popped a big raise and got reraised. I figured him for fishhooks or hiltons, not Ax. Sure as hell, he flips over AJ s00000ted. Now, I can understand his move...I didn't like it, but I can understand the need to play s000ted Ace-paint. My big problem was forgetting the big neon flashing rule that everybody needs to ask themselves when facing an I want to risk my tournament life at this point on these cards? Had I actually considered the question, I would have answered yes to the cards, but no to that point in the game. The flop came down all low rags, no help to his flush. The turn paired the board. And the river...

Wait for it...

Can you guess what it was?


An ace!! And we weren't even playing on Riverstars! So that just about put me all in on just the BB in the very next hand. J8 s000ted. Could've been worse, I suppose. Straight and flush possibilities. Unfortunately 2 people called, one with AJ and the other with KQ, and Hoff is bubble boy.

So the beach has been nice. It's been in the 80s on the coast here in San Diego, with the water temp into the low 70s (normally the Pacific is usually in the mid 60s during the summer months). It has been pretty sweet. That's been about the only good thing about being off from work during this period. On that note, it's been slow but there's been some movement. I had an interview back in late June that went very well. The guy was going on vacation over the 4th, so I won't be hearing from him again until at least sometime next week. Still, it went well enough that I should get invited back for a 2nd interview. And I got contacted as I was driving home from the beach yesterday by a recruiter. The position is sweet but geographically undesirable. It is for the Director of Forward Planning for another homebuilder, and it should pay well into 6 figures. The downside is it would require a 200 mile daily round trip commute. Assuming they even offered me the position, it would take something far into the 6 figure range plus the ability to telecommute at least 2 days a week to make it worthwhile. Too bad, because that's the position I'd love to have. I also got contacted by a VP at another environmental consulting company who saw my resume on Monster and told me that they've got an opening here in San Diego that fits my experience. As soon as I'm done this post, I'll be calling the guy back to set up an interview. My only fear with this one is that the salary is going to be too low. I'm not trying to be greedy, but realistic. I've got my half of a mortgage, a car payment, various assorted debts, and a girlfriend with a nasty nice restaurant addiction. Yes, I know that dear and patient GF needs a dose of reality, but things aren't that cut and dry. It will work itself out and GF will adjust as necessary. As always I will keep you posted.

Finally, a couple of minor things. Again, thanks to everyone who has continued to stick by me during this whole dramatic pile of crap that my life has become. Carmen, Don, Speaker, Awe, StB, Iak, SpecialK, Chris, Matt, Hoyazo, Raveen, Poison, Smokkee, Brett, Jill, and everyone else, you people either totally rock or need to get a life. I'll let you decide. Also, I will be seeing many of you in just a few days. Saturday morning I will be storming the tables at Caesar's for the WPBT Summer Classic! I am so looking forward to seeing everybody...this will definitely be a nice break from the usual crap I've been going thru lately. Also, dear and patient GF decided she was not going to attend. Now, I was hoping that she would attend, so that she could meet all of you demented souls and see that you really do exist. But she starts teaching a new quarter next week and she thought it would make more sense to get her syllabi and lesson plans in order. Besides, we're showing up Saturday morning (gotta conserve costs with this whole laid-off thing) and she's not enough of a poker or gambling fan to spend the majority of the day by herself in a casino on the rail. So I'm bach-ing it at the Castle! My cell is on April's list, so if you got it, sort by nickname until you find me and start dialing for dial-a-shots! Finally, I got the email from PokerStars that I'm sure just about all of you who participated in the Blogger Championship got, and I've now got the WSOP feed running on The Randomness. If you got an itch for an update and you don't know where to turn, come on over.

And with that, it's time to call this guy back for an interview. Wish me luck. See ya in Vegas!!!!


I've got my interview with the environmental company set for Monday morning, so no hanging out late in Vegas for Hoff. Still, I will accept any and all toasts and raised glasses to good luck that anybody is willing to offer. See ya soon...


Raveen said...

gl in vegas man which i could come out and meet all you guys....maybe next time

River Driver said...

So, I don't get to spend Saturday night with Ginger? What will I do for a whole week without a dog in the house?

Can't believe GF is going to let you frolic in Vegas without her. I'm teaching summer school the week I get back, and I'm still leaving town for a week.

So, how undesirable is this possible location? Can you not live out of town during the week and just come home on weekends? At some point, the money overtakes a lot of undesirable locations. We just barely hit six figures TOGETHER this last tax season. Can't feel that sorry for you. :)

Have fun in LV. See you when you get back.

Thirsty said...

Great to see you are still with us!!

Good luck with the interview.

Matt Silverthorn said...

"you people either totally rock or need to get a life"

Is it really a mutually exclusive choice? GL in Vegas and with the continuing job hunt. I'm sure it will all work out!

iamhoff said...

Raveen, you gotta find a way. Maybe in December, for the WPBT Winter Classic.

Jill, the gig is in Corona, near Riverside, so it is extremely geographically undesirable. I figured on the commute end of things (fuel, etc.), it would take a minimum of $40K over and above what I would accept for a similar position here in San Diego, which would be low six figures. As it turns out, the salary range does cover that, but the recruiter said they want someone to relocate to cut back on commute stress, commute lateness, commute danger, etc., so I probably won't get invited to interview. Nice to know that people think I'm eligible to earn that kind of stupid money. Also, I don't want to live out of town for the week and come back to SD on the weekends. If GF and I had been married for 30 years, maybe the time apart would work. For where we are now, it would definitely not work. Plus, even up there an apartment is a minimum of $1000/month, so there's another fugly cost to deal with. Just think good thoughts on one of the San Diego gigs I'm interviewing for. Also, you'll get to see Ginger at some point during the week.

Thirsty, glad to see you're still around. Any words from Melinda? I gotta go check out whatever the latest might be. I assume she's pregnant and deciding to abort or give birth in prison, on immigration charges.

Matt, they are not mutually just came out that way. I have no problem with people who rock that really need to get a life. I know people have at least said that I need to get a life...I'm sure somebody out there thinks I rock! Wish you were coming to Vegas, amigo.

TripJax said...

He's alive....ALIVE!

mookie99 said...

Good luck with the interview !