Thursday, July 20, 2006

Such a promising beginning...

So. Played in a round 1 WSOP FPP freeroll on Stars. Decided I'd loosen up for this one, widened the calling range. Started off with 34c in the BB. 3 limpers and one min raise from the button. I decided WTF and called. Flop came down 7c Ks Tc. Min bet, all fold but me. Turn is Ac. I've got my flush, and I lead out betting 100. I get called. River is the Jh, putting a nice Broadway opportunity out there. I bet out 100, get min-raised, reraise another 400 and get called. He mucked.

Second hand, I get T9o in the SB. Several limpers and I complete. Flop comes down Ten-high rainbow. I bet out 100, and only get one caller from EP. Another low rag, not giving anybody any help. Another 100 and another call. At this point, I've put my esteemed opponent on two overcards, wondering if his overs are better than mine. River is another rag. Another 100 and another call. This guy at least showed his AJo.

After that, I went absolutely card dead. I could've widened my range to playing 36o, and that wouldn't have helped. If my cards were low, the flop was all overs. If they were high, rainbow low. S000000ted? Pick the opposite s000t. It was almost funny. Finally I wake up to TT UTG. I pop a raise to 6x, and get 5 callers! Huh? Flop comes down 474. I bet out 300, and everybody folds except villain in MP. Turn is an 8. I check and he checks. River is a 2. I bet 300, get raised to 600. At this point, calling would leave me with less than 400, and the blinds were getting ready to jump to 50/100. I shove, he has me covered and calls. He flips over J4o for the set, and IGHN.

In (again) a dispassionate self-review, I shouldn't have gotten married to my tens. The thing that pissed me off the most was villain's cards. If he'd flipped over JJ for an overpair or 88 for a set, I wouldn't have been as upset. Those hands you can imagine somebody calling a huge preflop raise. But the Jackhammer? In a blogger tournament, I might buy it. But this turd didn't seem to be a blogger. cat7777. I did a yahoo search on him, though, and got a bunch of "men seeking others" links for some personals site in NorCal. Somehow it just seems appropriate. Oh well. There's always tomorrow.


Matt Silverthorn said...

It always sucks when you lose to some tool who shouldn't have been in the hand in the first place.

Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

fucking ridiculous.

don't waste another minute on that hand. except to memorize that guys name. there is money to be made off of him, if this is his standard approach.