Thursday, July 13, 2006

Poker and Non-poker content

So. Apparently Coppertone Sport sunblock has an expiration date. Just not on the bottle I own. My little sister was in San Diego this week for some Mac in Education conference, and they finished up early on Wednesday. Since her conference was going on just a few miles away from Casa de Hoff, she came over and we went out to the beach. Phenomenal weather, water temp in the low 70s, and the waves were firing. Being a freckled red head, I slathered on the sunblock. Now, this stuff is really good, and I can usually get almost 2 hours out of it at the beach. We were there for just about 2 hours when we bailed. We got home, and I could just start to feel the burn on my shoulders. Sure as hell, by the time I got home from dinner, I was torched. Let that be a lesson to all of you fair-skinned peeps...don't use old sunblock.

Was watching The Sports List on Fox Sports this afternoon. Summer Sanders probably has the best legs of any TV host I've seen. Granted, most TV hosts aren't shot below the waist, but she was and she was wearing one of those short, wrap-looking skirts that 18 year old girls like to wear. It was all good. I surfed around, looking for a picture, but couldn't find one that did her and her legs justice. Sigh. Cleavage, you've got your pick of any number of babes, but Summer's legs were all kinds of good.

As of late, my poker play has been decidedly less than stellar. Part of it has been that I never seem to catch a flop, even when I have good cards and bet them up preflop. The reality, though, has been my donkaliciousness has been leaking out. So, in an effort to solidify my game and rebuild my decimated Full Tilt bankroll, I'm doing my own SNG challenge. I'm starting at the bottom, playing the $1.25s until I have a profit equal to 5 or 6 buy-ins at the next level ($5.50, so somewhere between $25 and $33). Once I hit that level, I'll play there until I have another 5 or 6 buy-ins in the bankroll. And at any level, if I fail to cash in 3 in a row, I drop down a level, just to keep things honest. Then I have to get my profit back up to the 5 or 6 level to move back up. So far things have been going well...I've cashed in 6 of 9 SNG's I've played, and one was a 45 player that I took a horrible beat to go out in 13th place (aces cracked, you know the drill). Not a lot of money yet, but the bankroll is growing. I'll take that.

Good luck out there. I gotta go walk the dog. May your aces hold up and may the deck hit you in the face.


CarmenSinCity said...

Hoff - I am right there with you. I have lost SO much money on SNG's lately and they are usually my strong game. I've been playing $10 games. Maybe I should take your idea and do the same thing (play in the smaller games until I show a profit).

C.L. Russo said...

Hey, thanks for the link-up! I'll reciprocate directly.

SirFWALGMan said...

Hey Hoff.. I linked up to a WPBT picture of you.. hope you dont mind..

iamhoff said...

Carmen, good luck with that. I just lost 2 in a row. Plus side, I won a freeroll 90 player satellite into the Full Tilt Round 1 Red Rock challenge. Maybe I'll be back sooner than we thought!

CL, link me up! Took a while, but I finally did the major update to the blogroll, and I had to include you.

Waffles, no worries. To answer the question, I am not Tronguy. Nor am I Poker Champ. My package is much bigger than Tronguy. Maybe Tronguy is Poker Champ. He looks like a tool.

River Driver said...

Summer Sanders--Olympic swimmer--butterfly. That's what gives her the awesome physique and righteous shoulders. Swimmers rule!

Miami Don said...

I learned my lesson on the sunblock spending way too long on the Florida beach with some expired 30. Never again.

Summer Sanders is built!

Good luck in getting that game in order.