Monday, July 24, 2006

Bloggers on TV

Congrats to my favorite pizza provider, Jen Leo, for making it to 3rd on the Poker Dome! By and large she played very well, considering how tight her calling range was early, and how card dead she was. She had a great bluff where she played (I think) a 9-7o and on a junk board bluffed Dock off of an A6o. There was one hand that she got into somewhat early on (I didn't see it after they were down to 4 handed) where she picked up a monster (might have been AQ), and when she was waiting for someone to call her bet she was trying mightily to keep a grin off of her face. The crack in her poker face didn't matter, as whoever was left on the board would've had no right calling with his cards. As I said, she made it to three-handed, and woke up to J6 s0000000ted. 3 handed, that's not a bad hand, especially UTG. Unfortunately, she smoothcalled, and Jones in the BB checked his T7. Flop came down T6T, the worst possible flop for Jenny from the Blog. She bet out and villain shoved. Jen requested time and tried to figure whether the big stack bully was actually bullying or had hit a hand. I can't fault her call, tho. 2 pair on the flop 3 handed is a strong hand. Unfortunately, when the BB checked, it really took away her reads on his range. If she'd bet it up, he probably would've folded. Oh well. She got on TV to play poker, and that's more than most of us can say. Congrats on doing it Jen! Wish I could've been there.

I also saw Pauly in the audience on a couple of their breakaway shots. I recognized a few others sitting around Pauly (I heard that Change and Garth were there, but since Fox Sports' HD channel isn't broadcast on Time Warner Cable in San Diego overnight (channel guide said "off-air" when shows were running on FSN), I couldn't make out everyone sitting near Pauly. Oh well. Congrats again to Jen on making it to The Dome!


CarmenSinCity said...

I watched it too!! She did an awesome job.

Jules said...

Cewlness! You have to love it when we make "real" media.

So, now you've REALLY got me the hell do you know about GBS??????

But yes, Donkey Riding is the perfect anti-tilt tune. :)