Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Assorted Thoughts

Damn! Vegas was a blast! Wish I could've stayed longer...maybe dear and patient GF will be willing to suck it up and go in December. We shall see... In the meanwhile, it's been great reading up on everybody's trip recaps, finding out what I missed and getting some information corrected. Mr. Subliminal, I apologize for accusing you of busting me out of the Roshambo tournament. He looked vaguely like you did, at least as you were partially hidden behind the dealer from my point of view. No worries. And if you want to be munching ass instead of an ass munch, power to you my friend.

I've been looking over the blogsheet of everyone that signed up to go, and jebus did I miss seeing a bunch of people. Hell, I probably did see enough of you, but no introductions were ever made. I blame the booze. As I noted previously, it is such a convenient target. Donkeypuncher, Waffles, and so many others. Hell, Smokkee, at least someone introduced us whilst you were deep in drunken brogger poker. Think December, and hopefully it will hit. In the meanwhile, there's always the digital felt and the brogger tournaments. MATH, WWdN, the Mookie, and the Not. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Now that gf is back to teaching, maybe I can get caught up and get back to playing with you degenerates.

As I promised several posts ago, I've cleanup the blogrolls here at The Randomness. The blogroll grew substantially and using my ABCs seemed to be a good way to organize it. And of course there are other categories of dementia that I've served up for your entertainment purposes. Find a link you don't know and click on it. You might be amazed, entertained, scared or just plain disgusted. That's the beauty of it.

For those of you who have been following Hoff's quest for a steady income, the interview on Monday went pretty well, but I'm probably not going to get the gig. They were looking for someone with a lot more technical experience (environmental biology and such) than I've got. I've taken test results and written Environmental Impact Reports and such, but I've not had to do the whole biological survey things and such. So it goes. Keep thinking good thoughts.

Finally, got a little poker in today. One SNG today on Tilt, and I took 3rd for a small but welcome cash. The signature hand in this one was when I got to play the Mookie (T8o) out of the SB. Flopping the gutshot and turning the straight. Ya gotta love hitting a hand that absolutely nobody could or would put you on. Next one we were sitting on the bubble when I woke up to 55 on the button. UTG short stack made baby jebus cry with a min raise, I called as did the SB. Flop comes down A54. SB shoves and UTG thinks for a long while and calls with JJ. I instacall, having both of them covered. SB has A2 for a wheel draw. Queen on the turn and another 4 on the river, giving me a boat, stacking the two of them, and blowing right past the bubble with me dominating my opponent more than 5 to 1 in chips. End result, Hoff wins! Woo hoo! It was a small buy-in, so it's not like I just won a buy-in to the WSOP or anything, but positive movement in the bankroll is always a good thing. Keep those trip recaps coming in, peeps. See ya out there.

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mookie99 said...

I'm loving and hating reading everyone's trip reports. Damn I wish I could have made it to Vegas to meet all of you guys.

Ahhh, the power of The Mook..love it.

Congrats on the tourney win and good luck with the ongoing job hunt.