Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm Still Here, Dammit!

Reports of my demise have been quite premature.

I have experienced kind of a perfect storm of events recently. A long holiday weekend, an absolute bloodbath at the tables, and some really uncertain times at work, and there hasn't been much poker or blogging for Hoff. After making a bit of progress back from my previous mauling, I hit such a downturn at both PokerStars and Party that I really needed a break. Now I know the dealers at Stars hate me. Why else would they make sure that I would bubble with the best hand 4 tournaments in a row? To top that off, I was playing two tables at Party, .10/.25 NLHE, $25 buy-in at each. I'd cleared my bonus and had been enjoying a serious windfall from the Limit tables. Oops. Shoulda stayed at the LHE tables. Make a note. First table, I river the nut flush and shove, only to get stacked by some luckbox playing a 7Td and rivering a straight flush (I had A2d, board was 8d 9d As 2c 6d - unfucking believable). Very next hand on the other table (as I'd left the first), and I flopped a boat. Villain shoves and puts me all in. He rivers quads to stack me and sink me. After that, I decided that I needed the rest of the holiday weekend off from poker. Come back to work and we've got a Katrina-level shit storm brewing. Not exactly like Bobby B's situation, but sketchy. I work in the real estate development industry in San Diego, and the whole housing bubble thing really has the market and the developers on edge and running scared. I'm not exactly sure how things are going to shake out, but things at work have definitely taken priority (as they unfortunately should) over more enjoyable things like blogging and poker.

Suffice to say, I'm still here and still grinding. Hopefully I can find a small patch of stability out there and get back to some sense of normalcy. Until such time, I'll blog and play as things permit. See ya out there and hopefully I'll be able to see ya all in Vegas in July.


brett jungblut said...

I shouldn't have watched you get beat down that weekend, your luck stuck to me after you left. Bubble, bubble, bubble. Fuck.

Matt Silverthorn said...

Good luck with the work situation, Hoff. I'm sure everything will work out. Hopefully I'll see you at the Mookie on Wednesday.

mookie99 said...

Welcome back...hope the work stuff works out for you. Hope to see you at a tourney soon.

Raveen said...

tough man u'll rebounded before all is said and done

Miami Don said... will see us this July in Vegas!

iamhoff said...

I'm still calling shotgun, Don! I'm still planning on Vegas, but we shall see. I'm hoping that by next week or so things will stabilize and I'll know where I stand. Think good thoughts. At least I won an 11+1 45 today! Woo hoo!

Lady Falcon said...

Hope everything works out ok with the job.

Best wishes,

Lady F.

smokkee said...

nice job on the 45 sng. i never play those mostly just single table sng's, mtt's and of course WSOP satellites.

hopefully, the MAN will take care of his good people. things will work out, they always seem to.

GL in the mOOk'