Friday, June 23, 2006

And the beat goes on...

So I've been kinda card dead at Stars, but who hasn't? Actually, I haven't been completely card dead. I've been alive long enough to make it to either the bubble or one off the bubble in the last 3 or 4 SNGs I've been in. As such, I transfered money from Stars to Tilt, hoping the luck might be different. End result, I entered one peep-sex tournament and won my token. It's a small start, but I'll take it. Figuring that one cash might be the start of something, I took the meager balance I had left at Stars and jumped into a .10/.25 NL table. End result, $4 becomes $12 in less than 20 minutes. Again, small but as I've said before, positive money is positive money.

Had an interview today with an environmental consulting firm here in San Diego. Different from what I did for the home builders, but I've done the work before. It seemed to go really well, and Section Manager I interviewed with told me that he'd be bringing me back to meet some of the VPs next time. Two things that kind of concerned me, tho. First, the guy is getting ready to go on vacation for a week and a half, around the 4th of July. So if he doesn't interview these last few people and set up the next round before he leaves, it's going to be mid-July at the earliest before I can get a 2nd interview. The other thing was something he said as we were returning from lunch. For urban and environmental planning, there are three basic classifications. Public sector where you work for a city or county government. Private sector consulting, where you are a consultant, typically to city and county governments when they've got something more complex than their staff typically handles. Then you've got the private sector direct employees, and these are typically land development companies, homebuilders, property management companies, and any other type of business that involves a lot of development of facilities (college campuses, medical companies, etc.). We were talking about the differences between the three, and he noted that the public sector employees weren't going to get rich, but the work was steady and stable. The consultants did better financially than the public sector employees, but were a little less isolated from economic slow downs. The homebuilding industry had been on fire all over the country, but here in San Diego in particular, and they paid top dollar to anybody who could get their subdivisions approved and under construction. He's totally correct, and that's why I wound up working in this industry. But his comment makes me wonder that if they made me an offer, how far below what I had been making would it be? I'm not trying to be greedy, but I am being realistic. As much as I'd like to go up in pay, I'd be happy staying where I was. I'll accept a pay cut for the right job, but I've got my absolute lowest level that I can make work, and I can't go below that. I like this job, and I hope it doesn't turn out to be an unworkable situation.

Sorry for the whiney-ness, but that's what's going on right now. May your bankrolls be fat, may the deck hit you in the face, and may you avoid the dreaded river suckout. See ya on the felt.


Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Glad Melinda could make you smile as she did me. Hopefully she hasn't been sliced, diced and hung up in BF's meat cooler just yet. I'm with you on the keepin the baby thing...can just hear Madonna playing in the background.

Coming back from planet Neptune, the job/salary issue is at the crux of the question: Is this job going to be a positive experience? It's nonlinear algebra, not arithmetic, but the salary issue plays a huge roll. It's tough on the guts at this stage, but I'm hoping it works out for you man. Keep us posted.

Veneno said...

Thanks for you comments the other day. They put a big smile on my face.

Best wishes on your job search!

smokkee said...

hang in there. GL at the tables.

Thirsty said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.
I hope you will return, if not for my writings on poker then how about the small Melinda update that is there now!!

Good luck with the job hunt.

drewspop said...

Get the job first Hoff. Once they make you the offer, you know they want you to fill the role. That is when you can start working them to get where you need to be. Don't worry about that until it needs aworryin about.

I hope it works out, but if it doesn't, you will find a good situation I am sure. Don't undervalue what you bring to the table. You wouldn't have had a few interviews already if you didn't have the right skills. Good luck.