Monday, May 15, 2006

Taking My Own Advice

So, after the recent bloodbath I experienced on PokerStars, I took my own advice and changed things up. As I've noted previously, I'm working on clearing a bonus at Party, so I opened up a LHE .10/.20 table and pwned the thing! Any time you can double your buy in on .10/.20 LHE within 15 minutes, you're having a good time.

While that was good, I enjoy MTT's and SNGs, so I opened up Tilt, and jumped into a 6 max NLHE. I was tearing it up, and eventually I wound up HU. We went back and forth, and we were within a few hundred chips of each other, depending on who got the blinds. And then I found Ah Qh UTG. Blinds were 120/240, so I popped it to 480, just to see what Bigdog would do. He shoved, and I called to go all in. He flips over 88. I get no help and he wins. Still, I finished ITM in 2nd place, so any cash was a better result than Saturday on Stars.

Not being done (GF gave me the afternoon off when she took a nap after the monster brunch buffet we attended for Mother's Day), I jumped into my very first 18 player SNG for a $26 token. Again, I was en fuego. The hand history didn't download properly, but I had several good hands. One of my favorites was this one:

Any time you can flop the nut flush, with a royal flush draw, it's all good. Long story short, once we hit the point where all four of us would receive a token, we all started shoving to finish the game. I had to walk the dog, so I was ready to be done. End result, I went out in 3rd, winning my $26 token. Now I have to figure out what I can use it on, never having had a FT token before. Hopefully, the good juju will still be flowing when I figure out what I'm playing.


brett jungblut said...

Use it to get into any tourny that costs $26, like a 24+2.

iamhoff said...

Yeah, I signed up for one tonite, at 6. It's a $1500 WSOP package tournament, 900 max players. Should be interesting. I just wasn't sure whether it could be used for any 24+2, or whether there were only certain MTTs that were "token" tournaments. Think good thoughts.

drewspop said...

Good luck Hoff. I played about 10 of those things and bombed every time. Everyone says how soft they are so I am obviously just a donkey.

Nice job man.