Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Stuff To Pimp

Credit to Iggy for this drawing, which I shamelessly stole. And with that, welcome to the weekly installment of "Stuff to Pimp!!" We'll start off with this:

And another one has been sucked into the blogosphere. Poor RoccoBoxer. He was no longer satisfied with just being the resident luckbox at the Mookie tournaments. He had to start a blog. Go give him a read. Obviously there's not a lot of material posted yet, but there will be. In the meanwhile, just so any new readers can really understand what Rocco is about, look at his first and only post (so far). HE FLOPS QUAD ROCKETS!!! WTF? Anyway, Rocco is a great player and will never suffer for lack of great hands to post. He's also hella cool in the girlie chat thing. Just don't wind up at the same table as him in a tournament. Remember, he flopped quad aces. You have been warned.

Next is the Wil Wheaton Tournament on Pokerstars. The info is as follows:
What: WWdN: godard Invitational
Where: Pokerstars
When: Tuesday, May 23rd, 7:30PM CT
Which: Tournament: 24872335
Cost: $10+1 NLHE
Password: monkey

After that is my favorite online tournament, the Mookie!

Wednesday, 7 pm west and some other such time in other parts of the world. You figure it out...I don't wanna.

After that we have the WWdN: not, hosted by Darval. The specifics are:
What: WWdN: Not The
Where: Pokerstars
When: Thursday, May 25th, 9:30PM CT
Which: Tournament: 25198207
Cost: $10+1 NLHE
Password: monkey

And finally, I've pimped this one before, but it is so worth it to pimp it again.

The Donkeys Always Draw Invitational! A tournament geared to my particular style of playing. May 29, 7 pm West, whatever in other areas of the world. 10+1 Pot Limit Hold 'Em.

Next, PokerStars has a new promo going for bloggers exclusively.

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 7330476

Finally, are you tired of the bad beats? Are your employers breathing down your neck for having a blog? Is the significant other getting on you for playing too much poker? Is your hair getting too long because you haven't booked a win in a while? Then do I have the miracle cure for you!


drewspop said...

I prefer the extra strength Fukitol. It gives me instant relief from the BS of the daily grind.

TripJax said...

thanks for pimping doc!

i need a pill too.

mookie99 said...

Thanks again for all the pimping you do for The Mookie.

Hope to see you make it tomorrow night. Or maybe at the WWdN tonight.

BSN said...

Yeah, those are the pills I need... ;-)

Raveen said...

HAHAHHA FREAKING AWESOME PILL.....im sure idiots out there thinks its real

102pounds said...

Those pills are amazing , I gonna prescribe them, for now on.

smokkee said...

no mook' tonight? sounds like you could use a double dose of fukitol.

iamhoff said...

Das life vs. poker. If I retreat from this battle, I'll live to fight another day. Never fear (or was it Never Bluff), I shall return!