Friday, May 12, 2006

Still grinding...

Well, variance finally caught up with me. I've been trying to clear a bonus at Party, so I've been playing a lot more cash LHE than I normally do. I've also been multitabling, but as we all know overlap sucks so I've been limiting myself to only 2 tables. I've been at the .05/.10 thru .25/.50 depending on where there's room. The goal is raked hands, so I'm playing just about any 2 cards in front of me, and more often than not they hold up. Either that, or the Party peeps fold to a guy who bets it up on each street. I must have SOMETHING, otherwise I wouldn't be betting! But it finally caught up with me. I finally dropped below the balance of free money that Party/PSO gave me, after two ugly sessions. There was actually one good player at one of the tables, and he slowplayed his KK beautifully, sucking in my TPTK AJ for a large chunk. I had consecutive flushes cracked by larger flushes, and more than once I had my paired ace run into a set of something. Das pokah. I've got plenty of free money to play with!

So the water heater started leaking last night. Your hero gallantly sacrificed his exciting, fun-filled day in the office to wait at home for the plumber. But wait, you say. Don't you have a computer with internet access and Pokerstars on it at home? Why yes I do! So is Hoff going to work from home, or play pokah? I actually did a little work in between hands, including talking to my boss about a few things, so I feel no guilt. And I got to play a 180. I actually was playing fairly well for a while, hovering around par, and I woke up to pocket cowboys. At 100/200 and UTG, I popped it to 1000. UTG+1 calls and everybody folds. The flop comes down QTK. I lead out with a simple bet of 400. Villain shoves and I call. I must say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Dems quads, beeches! Unfortunately, I seemed to use up all my luck. I didn't go completely card dead preflop, but if I saw a flop, I inevitably missed it entirely. I had an amazing run of 94o, followed up by the ever popular 36o. Then I would get 77. If I was lucky, somebody would push or do a 6x raise before it got to me. Otherwise I would have already gotten my call in only to find a raise. 4 callers, and the flop comes down AKJ. Eventually I found myself in the BB (200/400/25) with K7o. Amazingly, it checked around to me (2 other callers). Flop is 76A. SB leads out with a bet of 800. At this point, I've only got another 500 or so, so I shove. Turn was a 4, but the killer was the river, which brought a Q to pair both other callers. IGH in 32nd. So it goes. I find myself making it fairly deep into the 180s now...hopefully I can book a couple of ITM finishes to cushion the bankroll. Have a good weekend!

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