Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Random Thoughts

Take a look at this table. Look at the players. Remember their names. This was the softest table I've ever played at.

This was a 6-max $2000 WSOP 24+2 MTT. 272 players. I went out earlier than I wanted to (isn't that always the case?), but generally I was pleased with my play. There was a series of hands that I won. The pots were all small, and the boards were either all power cards like the pic, or they were all junk. The first hand was 85o in the BB. At a 6 max table, there were 4 people who called, and I checked. There was a bunch of paint on the flop, so I clicked the check/fold button. It checked around. The turn brought a 5. It checked around again. The river brought one more rag. It checked around again, and I won. Very next hand, 24d in the SB. The entire table called, I completed and BB checked. Flop was all junk, but paired my 2. A round of checking. Turn was a J. Another round of checking, and the river is a blank. It checks again and yes, my ducks win. Very next hand was 83o on the button. Everybody called again, so I figured I'd limp in also. The flop is Axx rainbow. Check. Turn is a T. Check. River is a 3. One more time, it checks around. My 3s took it down. It was truly bizarre. Unfortunately my luck didn't hold. After I got moved, I wound up with a major push-tard to my right. I watched him steal a couple of blinds from the button and SB, and I watched him lead off post flop with a C-bet of just under pot, only to have somebody raise and he folds. That happened a few times, so I correctly tagged him as an aggressive bluff-meister. At this point I've got a slightly better than average stack, and we're probably around Level 5 or so (I think the blinds were 100/200). I find Big Slick UTG, so I pop it up to 1000. Everybody folds except for push-tard in the BB, who shoves. Figuring him for his usual steal, I call. Of course he flips over aces, and I'm crippled. I hung around for a few hands, until I found ATo. I shove and get called by JJ. I pair my ten, but I don't get any more help. IGH in 143 out of 272.

After that, I decided to do some more work on clearing my bonus at Party, so I opened up 2 tables and got down to it. Next thing I know, the girly chat thing jingled (?). It was Drewspop. He was just jumping into some LHE on Stars. I was working on my bonus and there wasn't an open seat at the table, so I just opened it up to rail. Here's what my screen looked like set to max resolution.

Even though I've only had my 19 inch LCD monitor since Christmas, I've determined that I need a new one. Maybe a nice 24 inch widescreen. Sweeeeet. Just have to hit big in a 180 or something, and Hoff is stylin.

Finally, I added a few newer (at least to me) bloggers to the blogroll. Welcome Fluxer, Carmen, Amy, Jules, and Miami Don. Give them a read...they've all got their own unique perspectives on both poker and living life around poker.

It's late. It's 1:10 a.m. despite what the time stamp will say. Need sleep.


Matt Silverthorn said...

Yeah, that table had to be pretty soft. I've played with that iamhoff guy before. ;-)

iamhoff said...

iamsoft! It just kept going around and I kept asking the monitor if that was really happening. Maybe the new one will be able to answer me (what are you doing, hoff?).

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Yeah you're definitely gonna need a larger monitor if you expect to keep 4-tabling like that. Plus, let's be honest here -- once you get that fatty 24-inch mama, you'll have kicked it up to 8-tabling within a few days or so.

Btw I have had just about the worst luck imaginable in those ftp Bracelet Races thus far. I've played in maybe 10 of them, and I don't think I've made it past the top half of the field in more than one or two. And yeah I can't stand it when a blatant push monkey finally picks up a monster and beats me with it because I'm smart enough to be reacting to the way this guy clearly plays. Hey at least it wasn't on pokerstars. They have been effing me every way imaginable lately. Can't wait to see how it happens tonight in the WWdN.

iamhoff said...

I've just been getting nuked on Stars. Didn't make the WWdN, but I will be at the Mookie. GF is getting her hair done, so Hoff is playing pokah! See ya there!