Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday. Meh.

Living in a border region, I run across the illegal immigration issue all the time. Logic says that we should simply enforce the laws, punish/deport those in the country illegally, and go on from there. From a practical perspective, it ain't that easy. First of all, how are you going to round up that many illegal immigrants to deport? Second, they do provide a quantifiable service to the economy. I don't have all the details figured out, but my take on it is that there should be some sort of temporary worker program. There should be strict controls on it, and it should not only regulate the immigrants, but also those who hire them. Those in the country illegally, if they can demonstrate that they meet whatever the applicable criteria are AND they face some sort of penalty for being here illegally in the first place, could apply for the program. This would not be a fast track to citizenship, nor should temporary workers be eligible for the various social services offered by the government. To do that, they should follow current regulations and apply for a formal work visa. Otherwise, they're in the country on a very limited basis and can qualify for very few social services. There. I'm done on my soapbox. If anybody is offended, sorry but it's my blog and my thoughts.

On to poker. Thursday, played in a 3+.40 18 player Stars SNG with Troll. Had fun, and we wound up heads up. He took first and I took second. Nobody knew what hit them...much fun. Definitely the fishiest play I'd seen on Stars. After that, I jumped into a 55+5 18 player. I was playing very well. I caught cards, played fairly aggressively, and had fun. Until 6 handed at 400/800/50. I was in the SB with Ad 3s. EP who was short stacked and could barely cover the BB, pushed. It was only another 485 to call, so I did. BB also called. Flop came down Jd 9d 7d. BB, who'd been an aggressive push-bully, pushed. I had him covered by almost 2000, so I committed the critical error, I relied on a draw. Yeah, it was the nut flush draw, but it was a draw none the less. EP had A3o also, and fuck-tard BB managed to practically limp with 5d 4d, thus flopping a flush. I never saw another diamond, and I was crippled. Very next hand, I found A3 again, this time s00ted. I should have known, and run. UTG, who I had tagged as LAG, pushed. Stupid me, I called. He flipped over QJo, and I thought I had a chance. Two Dimes had me as a 59 to 41 favorite preflop. Post flop was another story. Two Dimes put me at a 13 percent underdog, with a Jd Th 4s. Turn made it worse, but gave me outs on a straight, when the Qh fell. The river did not bring me justice in the form of a King. Rather, it added insult to injury, with the Qs. Villain gets a boat, I got a bubble. That put me on tilt for the entire weekend. It was just as well that I didn't really have time to play.

Unrelated, I'm working on clearing a bonus at Party. I'd never played there before, but oh what a fish feast! Twice I've logged into the beginner tables (since I just opened the account I must be a newbie...besides, I'm just trying to clear raked hands at micro limits), and been up 2 and 4 dollars respectively, inside of 15 minutes. And that's not with a monster hand or anything, like cracking somebody's flush with a boat. That's just reading somebody's bet bet check the river, I bet, fish folds and my King high wins the pot. Crazy fun stuff. Once I get past this bonus, I'm definitely going to try my luck at some of their SNGs and tourneys.

Finally, there's a new website that is under creation. Most of it is still under construction, but Troll has decided that he wants to have a site that is simply an online poker resource, geared to the newer players. He intends to maintain a blogroll and featured blog (authored by yours truly), featured hand/hands, a glossary of poker hands (hence my previous post), a glossary of poker chat, a bonus whore section, the drink of the week, and whatever other demented thoughts leak out of his ears onto his keyboard. The site will be, and will be coming online in short order. Check it out. **Update. I see the blog section is live. No real formatting has been done, and Troll posted everything with my html code as text. Again, it's a work in progress. Bear with us as we iron out the bugs. See ya all around the room.


huma said...

I think the point that the "illegals" are trying to make is that you have this kind of slave labour class in America and have done for many many years. If you were to simply close the borders overnight (or worse, deport all the illegal immigrants) the impact on your economy and way of life would be massive. All of a sudden, Juanita the housemaid who was willing to work for $15 a day is gone, and to hire a real (legal) housemaid will cost you $100/day minimum. So, no more housemaid. Simplistic example, but it extends to all kinds of industries and jobs. I don't think there's any solution to this problem other than some form of amnesty, followed by a tightening of border controls. But what do I know, I'm just a dirty aussie. Over here, if someone enters the country illegaly, we lock them up in massive concentration camps in the desert for YEARS. If their home country won't take them back, they stay locked up forever. Charming.

I should probably reload at Party. I wasn't happy playing at their minimum stakes, and I used to hate their SNG structure, but these things have changed lately and I think I'm a much better cash game player now. Might be worth a look.

Checked out onlinepokerzone. Graphics need work :) I see that it's mostly being done by hand, but you really should consider using some kind of content management software, like phpnuke, mambo, wordpress etc. That way your users can help create content by commenting on things and such. They're all easy as pie to setup and I'd be more than happy to help you install anything you need.

River Driver said...

There needs to be an improvement in the process for people becoming citizens. If we can somehow make it not easier but less of a pain in the ass for people to pursue the legal channels to becoming citizens, we can help them get the rights they deserve, while keeping the US safe from the people who SHOULDN'T be here (terrorists, hippies, whatever). But what offends me is the small but vocal group who demand rights and refuse to learn the language (and translate my national anthem into another language) while utilizing aspects of our society that should be reserved for law-abiding citizens.

Oof. I'm off my soapbox too.

iamhoff said...


It is a fucked up situation. I agree that illegal immigrants have become enough of an integral part of society that to simply round them up and deport them would likely cause substantial impacts. The unfortunate side effect is that they can become a strain on society, particularly social services, and wind up pulling resources away from citizens and immigrants who are here legally. Then there is the security concern. It is way too easy to slip across the border right now, and it wouldn't be difficult for a "coyote" (smuggler) to bring a group of terrorists across in the same fashion as they would a group of Mexicans and other Latin American people. Then there is the emotional aspect. To have a group of people come into the country illegally, then demand to be taken care of, then demand to have their heritage and traditions respected and protected, ALL WHILE PISSING ON THE HERITAGE AND TRADITIONS ALREADY IN PLACE! It isn't cool, and that's where the majority of the negative sentiment comes from. Not that they're here, and not even so much that they're here illegally. But that they're here, demanding rights, equality, and respect, all while being unwilling to grant or recognize the rights and respect due to the citizens that are already here. Ok. I'm off my soapbox again.

I'm having fun on Party. Soft soft soft. Can't wait to clear my bonus and hit some of those (as I think Change 100 called them) marshmellow peep sex tables.

Yeah, so far as I know, Troll is doing everything by hand. He is an IT manager for the City of San Diego (my tax dollars not quite at work), so he knows how to make the stuff work. I'll have to ask him about some of the programs you mentioned, though. Sounds like they might be useful. In any respect, he's working on the graphics and I'm handling a lot of the content. It's a very rough work in process, and I'm sure that many changes will occur over the next few weeks. Thanx for the input. One of these times I'd love to come to Australia. Surf, scuba, and check out all the cool cars that I'd love to see here, but likely never will. The closest we've gotten is the Holden Monaro being converted into the Pontiac GTO. Personally, bring me some of the HSV cars or the Falcoln XRS. Being a car enthusiast, the idea of a 4 door sedan (saloon?) with a big honking V8 and a 6 speed manual just gives me a woody.

Ok. Now I'm really off my soapbox, and looking for a cold shower.