Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Intercontinental Poker Playing

First of all, see ya tomorrow, BSN. Now give me my 50 gay points.

So, I finally found myself with a large enough chunk of time to jump into a 180 SNG on Stars. I was playing fairly well, not getting into a lot of hands, but generally winning on the hands I got into. One hand I avoided (thankfully) was this one. We're only a few hands (maybe one orbit) into the tourney, and three pushmonkeys decided to see who had the larger junk. That's fine and all, but why on these hands? This does not make sense. KT had the lead, and spiked a K on the river just to close the deal, and knock both push-tards out. Later, I found myself sitting comfortably in the upper 3rd of the players approaching the 2nd break. I looked down to find TT in my pocket. I raised it up 3x the bb (75/150). One guy pushes (I had him tagged as preflop aggressive), and the shortstack calls. I've got the villain covered 2 to 1, so I call. My sphincter tightens up as the cards flip over, revealing AA and KK, costing me a major portion of my stack. From there I simply couldn't get any traction. I hung around between 600 and 1200 chips, but didn't catch any cards worth making a move. Finally, I find ATh and shove. I get called by J9c, and Ad Kh. Of course I get no love from the deck and I go out in 69th place. Not horrible for my first 180, but I expected to do better.

What made it fun, though, was while we were on the first break, Yahoo IM buzzed and it was Chris from Hometown Poker. My first question was, where are you? Aren't you flying to Europe tonight? He replied that he was over the Atlantic, and approximately 3.5 hours out of Munich. Way cool. So he railed me for a bit, and then we jumped into some LHE .10/.20. Had a blast. Chris put a beat on this one player and took all his chips. He got cute and typed "rebuy?" in the chat window. Dude never rebought, but hung around at the table. Wasn't spewing or anything, but Chris dipped dangerously low for a while, and he thought this player was waiting for Chris to bust, so he could drop the rebuy back at him. Good times. He also spent some time railing Garth who was playing in a $3 rebuy tourney. Ain't technology great?


BSN said...

gay... so gay.... ;-)

TripJax said...

i gotta get back into the 180's. your screen shot proves it. it is donktastic.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Ballsy, Hoff, to be calling two allins ahead of you with just a pair of 10s. In general I view a medium pair like that as a hand which I want to win before the flop, because I know if I bet and anyone calls me, the odds of there being no overs to my 10s through all five cards are approaching nil. In general I think the 180 sngs are too soft to make this kind of aggressive play with a hand like TT. Maybe we can play one together tonight -- hit me on the girly IM after we both donk out early from the WWdN. ;)

iamhoff said...

Pokah tonite won't happen until late for me. Evening with the GF, so I wait until she goes to sleep. I'll probably get on around 12:30 and play for an hour or so. Story of my life.