Monday, May 08, 2006

I just wanna play poker!

So. An entire weekend without firing up the poker machine once. I feel so unfulfilled. That's what you get when your significant other makes sure you are busy for an entire weekend. Actually, I can't lay all the blame on her. We went out to lunch on Sunday with my parents to celebrate Mother's Day early. Mom starts another round of chemo on Thursday (it's actually going really well), so we figured why not go out to eat before she gets all sick and thrashed up. Then we stopped in to see some friends for the remainder of the afternoon. Otherwise, as Calvin and Hobbes once said, "the days are just packed!" Hopefully this week I'll get a chance to sling some cards and chips around.

On a semi related topic, does it get any softer than Party? I'm just clearing a bonus and playing the Beginner .05/.10 and .10/.20 tables, and it's crazy! Bets will get capped preflop, flop, and turn, only to have what seems to be a busted draw get folded on the river. They'll chase and chase, but don't want to seem to go to a showdown unless they've got some sort of hand. On that note, I find myself being much more aggressive here (logically, I suppose). Knowing that they'll inevitably fold on the river, I just keep reraising thru the streets, and scoop a nice pot at the end. And then I'll play something like this, just for kicks:
Yup. The ever popular Mookie, aka 8To. The one guy that was in the hand with me, I'd beat him down constantly. Even when he would have a decent hand, I'd pull a suckout or something (the river apparently works on Party, too.). So when this one came along, I convinced him that I'd either hit a set or a boat, and he folded a winning hand, TT and QQ, to my 88/QQ. Fun stuff. I can't wait to clear my raked hand requirement so that I can try some of these SNGs. If they're at all like the cash tables, it should be fun.


mookie99 said...

Long live The Mook !

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Ha! As a very aggressive player of the Hammer, I have to say I have had terrible luck with the Mookie. T8, sooted or otherwise, just doesn't bring home the bacon for me like the good ol' Hammer does.

Can't wait to drop a few more of those in the WWdN on Tuesday.

drewspop said...

Hey, best of luck to Mom. See you at the Mook.

iamhoff said...

Thanks Chris. My mom is doing amazingly well, given all she's been thru. Apparently all but one of her cancer markers are back in the normal range, and the doctors think this next round of chemo (2 oral meds and one IV drip) should knock the last one down. After that, one final round as the icing on the cake and then she's done until the cancer starts to return. After her last round of chemo, she went a little over a year before it came back, so we'll see.

Hoping to make da Mook. We'll see if the gf gives me some room to play. This in between semesters stuff that keeps her from teaching at night is cutting into my pokah playing. Such is the price of having a significant other, and yes there are plenty of bennies that outweigh my lack of poker playing time.

drewspop said...

Good to hear about your mom. Keep the gf happy. That matters more than the pokah.