Friday, May 19, 2006

Good Hands and Bad Hands

**Now, the rule is that you supposedly owe a dollar for every bad beat story. I think that the good hands I describe herein more than compensate for the bad beats. So there.

So I jumped into an 11+1 45 player on Stars. The first orbit was a pile of blanks. Until I woke up in the SB with ATh. With 3 callers ahead of me, I just completed the blind and the BB checked. Flop came down 7 Q A, all spades. I decided to check, to see where I was. The BB bet out for about half the pot. When it folded to me, I called. Kd hit on the turn, so I bet it up, for about half the current pot and was called. Amazingly, the river brought a non-spade J, giving me broadway. I did another ½ pot bet, hoping that BB hit something like two pair and reraise. He just called and I scooped a pot of around 1000.

About one orbit later, I found AQo, and on a Q high board hit another healthy pot. The very next hand was a particularly enjoyable one:

The flop paired Shmaines’ J, but did nothing else and I almost doubled up.

Several orbits later, I found A9o UTG. I decided after skipping 12 or so hands, I would play this one and at 50/100 min-raised it. The short stack shoved his last 500 in and I decided to call. He flipped over TT, and was probably feeling pretty good until the flop. I didn’t need the river, but the river was kind enough to drop this on me:

Dems quads, beeches!

After about 20 hands of bupkis, I found the informal Big Slick (not in a s00t). One guy ahead of me (who played pretty tight) popped a 3x raise (100/200), so I smooth-called. The flop came down 6 8 4 rainbow, and villain shoved for 3400. I’ve had a problem in the past, overplaying Big Slick. As such I folded, figuring that he probably had an overpair (TT-QQ), and wanted me out. If he’d hit a set, he probably would’ve slow played to bleed off more of my chips.

After that I scooped a pot of around 2000 with A9h when the flop came down ace-high and I bet the pot.

Another one was when my ATh cracked another AKo when I paired my 10 on the turn to give me aces and 10s to his aces and 4s. That one bumped more than doubled me up, putting me near the top in chip counts.

The first of two bad beats that busted me out was when I called the blinds UTG with QJo. Villain in the BB checked, and the flop came down J 4 6 rainbow. I bet out the pot and was called. Turn brought a 2. Pot bet and call. River brought an 8. Pot bet and call. He flips over 64. That left me the short stack.

Exactly one orbit later I found AJo UTG and shoved. It folded around to the same Villain in the BB, who only had to call for another 1500. He flips over 97o. For some reason I have this sinking feeling that I’m in trouble, and it is confirmed when the flop comes down 9 8 7 rainbow. I get no help and IGH in 7th. At least I made the money.


Raveen said...

making money is better then no money....too bad u started off hot and coudnt finish but it happens

brett jungblut said...

On the first bad beat there my friend, I don't think I woulda been making pot sized bets on the turn or river. Villian calling a pot bet on the flop always gives me the chills. Slowplaying butthole fucks.