Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Event Pimpage

2 events to pimp.

First, tonight, Mr. Surflexus will attempt to defend his title as Champion of Da Mook. Yes, dear bloglodytes, it's Mookie time! It's the usual crowd at the usual place with the usual password (vegas1) at the usual time (7 pm Pacific, different hours in different places).
Besides the obvious necessity of a buy-in and the password, the only other thing someone should bring is a kevlar cup, to prevent getting kicked in the junk.

The other event coming up is a personal favorite of mine, the Donkeys Always Draw Invitational.

It is a standard 10+1 PokerStars tourney, but it's going to be pot limit instead of no limit, just to change things up. May 29, 7 pm west coast, 10 pm east coast, password is blogsaregay. Be there or be an alpaca.

1 comment:

HighOnPoker said...

Thanks for the pimpage and for keeping the Alpacas alive in our hearts. I'm glad DADI is a personal favorite, but with cool banners like that, how could it not be...swirly...