Thursday, May 18, 2006

Da Mook and Random Thoughts for a Thursday

So. Three early morning accidents absolutely butt-surfed my commute this morning. The first one was a jackknifed gravel hauler on my northbound I-5. Not only did it tangle with two or three other cars, it busted thru the k-rail (Jersey wall?) center divider to take out the fast lane of the southbound side in addition to 3 of four northbound lanes. It also spilled gravel everywhere and spilled diesel fuel, which is a haz-mat scenario to Caltrans and the CHP, requiring that be dealt with before anything else that wasn’t medical. There were a couple of accidents in the backup, just to make things worse. One of them, though, was a total Karma situation. Some pinhead in a Ford Focus was trying to beat the system and run past everybody on the shoulder. In some areas this is legal (I know there’s a couple of freeway stretches in LA where you can drive on the shoulder during rush hour), but not here. So pinhead is flying past everybody when he spots a CHP motorcycle officer on the shoulder. He decides to jump back into the traffic lanes (which are moving at maybe 5-10 MPH) in front of another semi truck. Unfortunately they don’t stop quickly and it is hard to see a little econo-box right in front of you when you’re up tall in a big rig, and the truck crunched right into the driver’s side of the Focus! Because of the slow speeds it didn’t look as though pinhead was hurt, but the CHP officer heard the impact and calmly walked over to the Focus to laugh at the guy. Sometimes there IS a cop around when you want one! End result, it took me over 2 hours to go 26 miles. After leaving casa de Hoff around 7:20 or so, it was after 9:30 when I finally got to work. Just another shitty day in paradise.

After a several week hiatus, I got to play in the Mookie last night. I loves me some brogger tournaments. The Mookie is like a big home game, except there’s nobody blowing ass at the table (Troll…). I actually started off at a table with the Hippie Chia Pet in Training and Mrs. Mookie. After a few hands, though, I got moved. Of course I find myself at a table between Jordan from High on Poker and Good Sir Waffle Man, with Carmen and Hoyazo the Hammer Player there to add to the fun. I decided to try something new this time. I’ve played like a rock, and I’ve played like a loose aggressive donk, so why not mix it all up! This here space in the interwebby thing is “The Randomness of Hoff”, so why not be random? I’d limp with AQ s00ted, and I’d raise with pocket ducks. I played 3 or 4 hammers, and won with all but one. The one that I didn’t win with, I limped instead of raising. That must be the activation key for the power of the hammer, a nice 2 or 3x raise. There’s your lesson for the day. The first real indication that I was going to have a decent game came when I survived a suckout be resucking out. Jordan was crippled when his AJ ran into AQ, so when he found 55 in MP he shoved. Unfortunately, I had KK and called. The flop brought him another 5, to the cheering delight of Waffles (what did I ever do to you, SirF? Oh yeah, that!). So I channeled every luckbox vibe I could think of and called for my K. It hit! I didn’t even have to wait for the river! And Jordan was gone, but not forgotten. Sorry buddy, but das poker. It’s about time I came out on the winning end of something like that. The best (or worst depending on your perspective) hammer came a few hands later when I rivered a boat to suck out Waffle’s 2 pair ace kicker.

Fear the hammer! SirF had not had much luck gaining any traction against me, and this one pretty much crippled him. I get screwed enough by the river, it’s kind of weird to have the river work for me. I also managed to play a Mookie, and flopped a straight.

I wanted Carmen to have something and be willing to bet, but the Mookie draw scared her. I did win a little off of her, but not as much as I’d hoped. Love ya C. After the break, though, I went card dead. I was back to my usual state of 94o and 26o. When I would get playable cards such as AQh, the flop would come down all low and all black. Eventually I wound up with ATo in the BB. Darval had raised up UTG, so I reraised and shoved. He flipped over Hiltons and I went home in 10th, on the final table bubble. The final table was truly a scary bunch. Gilain, Drewspop, MiamiDon, Hoyazo, The Hippie Chia Pet in Training, Mrs. Chia Pet, Darval, and Kipper. Drewspop was the monster chip leader for a while, but big congrats to Gilain who (with the help of many of my chips, sorry Chris) was able to prevail. Good times.

Sorry I didn't get any of the links up, but there's too many and I'm just trying to get this post knocked out before my boss craps giant octogonal bricks. It was a blast playing with everybody. With the GF’s teaching schedule in limbo, I’ve missed the past few weeks, and I’m sure I’ll miss a few more. Still, it was great seeing everybody. 41 of the greatest, goofiest, most demented souls out there in the blogosphere. Don’t worry, though. I may not make the Mookie, but I will be floating around out there. I’ll be looking for ya, adult beverage on the desk and the hammer in the pocket.


brett jungblut said...

Raise the Hammer. Repeat after me, Raise the Hammer. Raise the Hammer. See what happened when you played like a pussy?

iamhoff said...

I went back and looked at the hand history. The hammer I didn't raise I simply checked because I was in the BB. I didn't want it to seem like too blatant a steal. Meh. So it goes. Raise. Raise. Raise.

mookie99 said...

"Hippie Chia Pet in Training" too funny !

Yea, had to break out a hat today for work...tired of using a quart of gel/wax each day.

Nice job with The Mook ! and I too misplayed the Hammer.

Great to have you back, it was a blast.

drewspop said...

Thanks for the railing man. Glad you got to play. Hope to see you out there soon.