Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Actual Poker Content!

Phil Hellmuth’s Tip of the Day from May 8, 2006:

“Playing J-J can be very tricky…I like to bet really big before the flop, or really small.”

Again, I felt I had to share this information with you, the poker blogging community. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a tournament or at a cash table, found JJ in the pocket, and wasn’t sure whether to bet big or small. Thanks to Phil, now I know! I can do either! And you should, too. Jopke.

Went to the Padres game last night. Man, they are on fire. Anyone who can chase Maddux out in the 4th inning is doing something right. Final score, Padres 8 Cubs 3. 9 in a row! Got home just in time to walk the dog. GF is conveniently asleep when I bring the dog back in, so it’s time for some much overdo pokah!

I fired up Stars and jumped in the first turbo SNG that was loading up, a 15+1 18 player. Overall I was pleased with how I was playing. I think I had a good mix of aggression and caution. Generally I didn’t chase draws, which is a big weakness in my game. When I had a drawing hand, I led out aggressively. On hand 2, I found J9d in MP. UTG and +1 limped, so I figured the odds to call would be there and I limped. 2 players folded and the blinds completed and checked. The flop of T8x put me on an OESD. It checked around to me, and not wanting someone to pair an x, I bet out 60 into a pot of 140 and took it down. Nothing exciting, but it worked. On the other hand, I folded AXo more times than I can count. I like playing s00ted aces, but I’ve been burned far too often on the Ax, chasing the idea of a wheel and always being outkicked when the ace pairs. A3, which crippled and then killed me in consecutive hands in the last SNG I played, I instafolded unless it was s00ted, a blind, or if I could get away with a limp call. I think I won with 2 pair once, but the Ax never held up. Once I did flop the wheel with A3. Unfortunately, the SB who limped with 63 wound up with the 2-6 str8, cutting my stack in half. Despite that, I managed to hang around. I’d double up on one hand, and get cut in half on the very next hand. That happened 3 or 4 times in a row. Finally, I was at the final table and making some moves. I’d gotten up to 3rd out of 4, when I found AJh in the BB. UTG folded and the button, who’d been a blind stealer and was the short stack, shoved. I called, and he flipped over QTc. Two Dimes had me as a 60-40 favorite preflop, so I got in with the best hand. After a flop of 4s Js 9h, I was still a 60-40 favorite, my TPTK and flush draw against his OESD. The turn, unfortunately brought the Qs, making me an 11-89 underdog. I had only 5 outs, the 3 aces and 2 remaining jacks. Unfortunately, the river was an 8, giving villain a straight. On the very next hand, I had K9o in the SB. Button shoved, and at blinds of 400/800/50, I had little choice but to call, finding myself against A9. I got within one of pulling a flush out of my ass, but it didn’t happen. Still, I finished ITM for the first time in quite a while. Maybe I can start a winning streak…


Matt Silverthorn said...

LOL. "Bet really big before the flop, or really small." That's amazing. I may have to pick this calendar up for the humor value alone.

huma said...

Here's the thing about Phil Hellmuth to keep in mind.

- everything he does and says is intentional.

- every time he rants, brags, or comes out with some corny bullshit, it's intentional.

- he has created a persona for television, in order to sell books and dvd's and get sponsorships.

- he is an incredibly good tournament player, one of the all-time greats.

- his 'advice' is basic and sometimes downright stupid ON PURPOSE.

IRL, he's not stupid, he's not a braggart, he's not an ass. He writes these books claiming he has invented a new system for playing no-limit holdem, and then tells people to only play the top 10 hands. Repeat ad nauseum. He's reponsible for a massive influx of fish into the game (myself included), which everyone should be thankful for.

Every time you see hellmuth do or say anything, imagine him giving you a sly wink off camera. Then you'll get what I mean :)