Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Thoughts for a Wednesday

Long day at work. Not because work necessarily sucked, but I really wanted to get out of there. The Big O - Kat's First Dance Tournament hosted by Mookie was tonight, but I had to go down to Midway Jeep and pick up my new wheels. Yup. The Pathfinder (which I loved, btw) survived to more than 154,000 miles in it's exactly (to the day) 5 years of registered life on the highways and byways of So Cal. Unfortunately, all vehicles with advanced miles wind up needing maintenance, and not just on the smaller parts. My Nissan dealer hits me with a $1900 estimate to put it in good running condition, plus another $500 for a new windshield. So do I sink $2400 into a vehicle with a ton of miles, or do I sink it into a new vehicle? Hmmm. Let me think. And Hoff now has a brand new 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This one isn't mine, but it looks exactly the same. The only thing I see different is that I've got the white letter Goodyear Wrangler tires. Leather, sunroof, 276 watt Boston Acoustics stereo, it's all good. I also got Pathie paid off, I have all maintenance paid for during the term of the lease, and I even got a free year of Sirius satellite service! Woo hoo! So yeah, I was very anxious to get the hell out of work and go pick up my new baby.

Back to Mookie-fest. I still suck, but these blogger events are fun. I went out on sucky beat, not a bad beat, but a sucky one. Mowenumdown mowed me down. We both had Big Slick, but his was suited and yup, he made his flush. Oh well. Railing one of these things is almost more fun than playing. Watching (and participating) in some of the back and forth is great fun. It's even better when there are people who have no clue what's going on. After Waffles busted out of Mookie (on an evil bad beat, btw), he jumped into a 1500 FPP satellite to the Stars 1,000,000 guaranteed on Monday. Several bloggers stopped by to rail the Good Sir Waffle Man, and it was fun, especially watching the other players who obviously had no clue that they were becoming fodder for the blogosphere. Ahh, fun. Oh yeah, Waffles won. Go get 'em. You're a better man than I, Gunga Din.

Not done playing pokah yet, I jumped into my standard 11+1 45 player SNG and rode it to 2nd place. I played a lot more aggressively than I normally do, and it really helped. I scared off more people than ever, and really used my big stack. More importantly, I got cards when I needed them, and they held up. AQ vs 2 people with KQ. They pair their kings, but I pair my ace, and I knock two people out. All in JJ vs TT. We both make a boat, but my jacks hold up and I knock another player out. A9. Preflop there's 3 of us who see a flop of 595. I bet out 1600 into a 3600 pot and both fold. Lots of hands like that. Heads up lasted for quite a while. No huge pots, lots of blinds back and forth. The final hand wound up being pretty much a coinflip, and I came out on the wrong side. K8d, and he had me covered with QJo. The flop paired my K, but unfortunately gave tennfro a flopped straight. He played it well, check calling my bets. After a 2 hit on the turn I shoved, figuring that I'd scared him of of all the other pots, why not this one. He flips over his straight, and IGH in 2nd. Despite finishing in 2nd, I was very pleased with my play, and my level of aggression. At that point, I took a screenshot of my stats: I won 36 of the 39 pots I got into. Of course I was only into 36% of the hands, but it worked pretty well. It's amazing how well you can do when you not only get cards, but more importantly, THEY HOLD UP!!! That happens (at least to me) far less than you might think.

And with that, I'm beat. It's 12:46 and I'm gonna crash. See ya on the felt.


Matt Silverthorn said...

Nicely done in the 45. Don't be afraid to play with the same type of aggression with the bloggers either, as that's what they're going to do to you anyway. It was good to see you play for a change. The Mookie starts too late for me, but you still need to skip out on work on a Tuesday to play in a WWdN.

River Driver said...

Congrats on the new wheels! I know you were fond of Pathie, but isn't it nice to have a new vehicle to play with? 4WD or 2WD? It's a far cry from Dad's old red Cherokee Chief, isn't it? I'm jealous. I'll have to drive Moby into the ground like I did to the Hamster to get something new. I've had the Durango for almost 2 1/2 years now; it's got about 60K for mileage. The truck is a little higher, even though we got it more recently, because it is the paddling vehicle so it goes on more trips. I do need a new windshield (again) because it's cracked. What was wrong with the Pathie that cost so much? I put $1100 into the truck over Spring Break (throttle body, replace power steering lines, cracked rear diff. etc.).

Say, off topic: what do you want for the big 35 coming up next week?

iamhoff said...

Matt, I so want to play in the WWdN. One of these times I'll time it right and bail on work early. Mookie works out nicely for my schedule. I did much better in the first one I played in, busting out in 9th. Oh well. The DADI's also tend to work with my schedule. I really do want to play in a WWdN, but the next one is combined with the DADI so maybe I'll see ya there. When are you normally on? I'll look for ya next time I'm on.

I'm not Canyon Man with Jeep Cherokee 4x4. I didn't need the 4wd. 2wd with traction control will be fine to get me around the construction sites and fire roads. You really had to put that much $$ into Ross' truck? How many miles are on it? Pathie had a lot of maintenance items. The big one was the ignition coils, to the tune of $1100. New windshield washer, brakes at all 4 wheels, trans service, rear diff service, busted windshield, etc. For the b-day, that's a tough one. Money is always goot (ha ha). Maybe an "HTML for Dummies" book so I can tweak my blogs, gift cards to either Westfield or Simon malls (most of SD is Westfield, but Fashion Valley is Simon), things like that. What does Ross want for his upcoming (32, right?)? Let me know.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nice work on the 45 sng, Hoff. I love playing that $11 45-person sng. Is it a turbo event or regular? Come find me on the IM if you're ever looking for someone to bluff you out of pots in that thing, I'm always game for it.

And yes, Matt is right about playing with aggression. I would say especially in the blogger tournaments, you really have no real shot of winning if you aren't jackassedly aggressive most of the time. Sad but true.

iamhoff said...

Because I tend to have limited time to play, I always play turbos. With the exception of the blogger events or the rare moment when I can hit a full MTT, the turbos work for me. The 11+1 lasts a little over an hour, and it's just fishy enough that I have a chance! IM on yahoo I can be found as "ochoff1" or "iamhoff_sd". I'm learning to ratchet up the aggression. It's just hard to do when you don't have the stack to back up the play. I play a pretty good Big Stack Bully, but trying to sack up and do it when I'm below average in chip count isn't easy, especially when I'm not getting helpful cards. Oh well. Guess I'll just keep trying.

Matt Silverthorn said...

If you want to learn/brush up on some HTML, I recommend W3Schools to learn from. It's a great resource run by the World Wide Web Consortium. There's lessons and online quizzes that you can take. Check it out when you get the chance. I recommend the HTML, DHTML, and CSS lessons to understand Blogger stuff.

iamhoff said...

Why thanx Matt. I'll check it out. I've had the brogs long enough now that I want to play around with the formats and do something different. See ya out there.

MusikMom said...

Oohhh, preeeety... shiiiny!
(Spins plates in the background.)

I've been thinking about trading in the Expedition. It's paid off but looking so passe for a 2002, lol. (I'd like a 2006 Eddie B edition, 4x4, medium wedgewood blue exterior.)

So Hoff, do you have the vanity plates??? Have fun with the new horse!

Mon :-)

P.S. - Congrats on the "lunch" epiphany!

iamhoff said...

Thanx, Mon. No spinners, no vanity plates. Thought about it, but decided I could use the extra $$ for other things. It's a lease and it's loaded, so I'm just gonna keep it stock. You can probably get a good deal on the '06 Expedition...Ford just introduced the 2007s about a month ago (can't let GM have all the glory with the '07 Tahoe/Yukon/Denali/Escalade). It's supposed to go on sale this summer, and appearance isn't too different from the '06, but side by side you can tell. If you want to see it, click on the Autoblog link in my sidebar and do a search thru "SUV's", and you'll find the press release with all the pix and specs.