Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fun Times on Tax Day

So. Filed an extension for my federal taxes. Long story that's not really important. But, because I wasn't putting together the full package for my federal taxes, I didn't think to pull the package together for my California taxes. I'd done them, I just hadn't filed them. And of course I realize this while I'm walking the dog at 11:15 p.m. Hurry the dog thru the routine and then pull all of the necessary forms and such out of the briefcase. Copy the info onto a clean form, make quick copies of everything, and while the gf is snoozing on the couch I jump into the Jeep to race down to the one post office in San Diego that is open for drop offs until midnight. They do this every year, and they've got all lanes on the road coned into drop off lanes, so I don't even need to park. Now, this isn't my first time filing late. I usually owe on my taxes, so dammit, they're going to wait until the last minute before they get my money. But I've never been this late. At 11:53 p.m., I hand my envelope to the postal person as the live version of Dire Straits' Telegraph Road comes blasting out of the stereo (excellent production, especially for a live track, and the Boston Acoustics stereo in the Jeep blows away the Bose that was in the Pathfinder). Knowing my luck, I forgot to put a stamp on the envelope in my hurry to get to the post office. Oh well.

But before that, I got to actually play poker. I was just settling into my usual 11+1 45 sng on Stars, when Chris aka drewspop IM'd me. He was over at River Belle on the cash tables. He railed me for a while. I had some decent cards, but not a lot of love from the deck. I picked up some blinds, and I semi bluffed some pots. My problem is that I'm still chasing draws way too much. I would flop an oesd and stupidly call out a chunk of my stack, hoping to hit my draw. I never did. I don't think I made one drawing hand. I either flopped it, or I hit a real hand TPTK (real, hah!) and it evolved into a straight or flush. In the end, it came down to an M of 2.5 at Level 8 (200/400/25), and I wake up to 55 in the small blind. Now, Seau has not been a good hand for me, but this seemed to be the ideal push situation. Unfortunately, MP had 77, and they held up. I busted out in 18th.

After that, Chris and I started chatting about jumping into another sng. He found Jordan from HighOnPoker and the three of us hopped into an 18 player. That was some fun. Not only is it fun to play with other bloggers, but the deck was finally showing me some love. On the 4th hand, I looked down and found AKh. With only TPTK, I convinced the others to fold. Another one I took pocket 3s, and with a KK24 board, convinced two other people to fold. And the deck continued to work for me. K9h. I flop a straight, but people are calling my bets. By the river, there's 2 pair on the board, hiltons and snowmen, and my bet finally convinces my opponent to fold. And of course, it wouldn't be a game without at least one hammer. Jordan was on the other table, and he went out shortly after that, when his pocket pair ran into a higher pair. Around Level 5, Chris was short stacked and shoved with K9. Unfortunately, he ran into A9. At that point, Chris and Jordan IM'd Hammer Player and jumped into another sng over on Tilt, while I worked on my sng. Once we hit 3 handed I was the big stack, but then I started to get stupid. One guy went all in, and I called with 33, for about 1/3 of my stack. Now it's getting critical, because the blinds are 1000/2000/100, so my M is around 3.5. K4 I pair my 4 on a 9 2 4 board, so the short stack pushes. I call the 1200, only to see him flip over a set of 9s. Oops. Now I'm down to having one BB left and I get A9c. I shove and get called by a guy holding jacks. I don't improve, and IGH in 3rd. I did get stupid at the end, but I made the money and temporarily stopped the bleeding. My key is not drawing and learning to not be stupid. Hmmm. Gotta think about that one.

But, you say, what of your blogger friends and their tournament? Well, I'd been railing them at Tilt, so I was now able to fully jump into the chat. They just made a mess of the whole place. I don't think anybody realized what was happening. Jordan and Hoyazo both busted out somewhere around 5th/6th, but Chris was en fuego. The deck was just coming his way, and he destroyed everybody to book the win.

All in all, quite the time. Got to do the chat room thing. We even did a chat a shot/chat a puff. Now I need to go get a headset so that I can talk with everyone instead of just typing. Should be interesting.


drewspop said...

Good times man. Nice job in the 18 person. Get the headset. Listen to weird people like me.

See you in the WWdN or the Mookie this week.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I second Chris's suggestion to get the headset. I don't have one myself, but just hearing everyone's voices over my pc is very eye-opening. Like usual, the voices I had attributed to a lot of the bloggers out there turn out to be very different from how these people actually sound in reality.

See you at WWdN tonight man, great job on the 18 sng yesterday.