Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Teh Randomness of 5

1 may be the loneliest number, but 5 is the master of lists. After the wonderous event that is Jury Duty, work had piled up to an extreme level. As such, I've barely been in the office more than 3 hours a day, and on the road for the remainder of the time. The end result of this is my brain is currently resembling the "brain on drugs" ads from the 80s, without the chemical enhancement for enjoyment. I'm not certain, but I think I got screwed on the deal. Oh well. In the meanwhile, here's some random thoughts leaking out my ears and dripping onto the keyboard. Enjoy.

The Last 5 Songs to come up on my shuffled iTunes library:

In The City - Joe Walsh
In The City (live) - The Eagles (I love these amazing coincidences)
Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp - Kid Rock
Los Angeles Is Burning - Bad Religion
32 Flavors - Ani DiFranco

The Last 5 Songs I heard today on Sirius Hair Nation:

In My Dreams - Dokken
Shot in the Dark - Ozzy Osbourne
Shake Me - Cinderella
Too Late For Love - Def Leppard
Modern Day Cowboy - Tesla

The 5 Favorite Beers I'd bring to a Deserted Island:

Karl Strauss - Amber Lager
Stone Brewing - Stone Pale Ale
Stone Brewing - Arrogant Bastard Ale
Guinness Stout
Widmer - Hefeweizen

This selection was inspired partly by Sir AlCantHang, because of a song he posted recently. I love the production and overall sound of this particular song. The guitars are full and punchy, the drums are deep and powerful, and the whole thing just comes together in a wall of sonic purity. My 5 Favorite Songs Because of their Production:

Pull Me Under - Dream Theatre
In My Dreams - Dokken
Lay It Down - Ratt
Wild Side - Motley Crue
One - Metallica

Last 5 hands in the most recent SNG I played:

82o. Folded preflop.
23s. Folded preflop after a 2x BB raise.
Q6c. Folded prelop after a 4x BB raise and one other caller
35o. Checked the BB. Folded on the flop.
JJ. In SB. Called a 2x BB raise preflop. Flop was all low cards. All in vs. AKo. Villain paired his ace on the turn.

Last 5 websites visited:
My Yahoo
Nick Christy

That last one I just discovered. It's another Weblogs site, like Autoblog and Card Squad. As you might expect, it seems pretty tech/geek oriented, but there's some cool stuff to be found there. This is their latest time waster. I downloaded it, but haven't played it yet. It looks way cool, tho, especially if you are old enough to remember the early days of home video games. See Wil Wheaton for additional trips down this branch of memory lane.

Hopefully I'll climb out from under the mountain of work I've got and be able to put some actual thought into a future post.


River Driver said...

Last five shuffled songs on iTunes:
"Men in Black"-Will Smith
"Friends"-Cowboy Mouth
"Like a Child"-Jars of Clay
"Evenflow"-Pearl Jam
"Welcome to the Jungle"-Guns 'N' Roses

Five beers I'd bring to a deserted island:
Guinness Stout
O'Dell's Cutthroat Porter
Bowman's Sheep Mountain Stout (tragically, Bowman's no longer exists, but it's my party and I'll cry if I want to, dang it)
St. Paulie Girl Dark (as long as I don't have to look at the label; long story)
Bosco's Midtown Brown

My five favorite songs because of their production:
"Eyes of a Stranger"-Queensryche (pretty much anything off Mindcrime)
"The Celts"-Enya
"Sing Along"-Blue Man Group with Dave Matthews
"Bloodletting"-Concrete Blonde

Last five websites I visited (other than here, obviously): (we're under a tornado watch right now) (I'm a news freak) (with impending rain we might paddle this weekend) (trying to determine which version of our English textbook the incoming freshmen should purchase) (one of my students was looking for those "Brokeback Mountain" parodies)

iamhoff said...

Love the Queensryche song, but I don't like the production on Mindcrime...the low end isn't solid enough. Empire might not have been as technically excellent as Mindcrime (but I dig it anyway), but the production is much better, IMHO.

Two other beers I thought of (can you ever have enough beer? Mmmmm. Beeeeer.) are: Dixie Brewing - Blacked Voodoo Lager and Abita River Brewing - Abita Turbo Dog (or is that Dawg?).

MusikMom said...

Hmmm... I'm just waking up; out late last nite with the kids. (Had a bottle of wine with my boss and her hubby while our kids watched movies. I had a small glass of wine at 8 but didn't leave until 12:30 so I was safe to drive. :-)

So the 5 alcoholic beverages (I need more than beer, I'd have to kill myself from boredom) would be, in no particular order:

*a good riesling or pinot grigio
*being from Tx, Shiner Bock
*my Bailey's nightcap
*a special wassail that I make for Christmas every year (I still remember the year my aunt and I were so TOASTED!
*a large bottle of amaretto di saronno

As far as production goes, I would agree with the Dream Theater choice. (They opened their tour here in Phoenix last week but we've seen them a couple of times already. Both great shows!)
I'm not a recording guru or anything but I would guess that 2112 was pretty progressive at the time. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Steve Vai is amazing to listen to with headphones. Always a great sound.
Agree with Metallica and Queensryche.

The last 5 websites:
*MSN and Yahoo news.
Very interesting premise... a screenwriter who gives up pot and goes on a diet in a year-long experiment.
An interesting blog on Arizona politics but we discuss so much more.
A really fun, catty look at celebrity couture faux pas. (Including Pammy and Lohan nipple-slips.)
*river driver & hoff's blogs... and here I am!

Let's here it for the most excellent rain we had here in Phoenix early today! We had not had any rain since early October 2005. Woo hoo!

Have a great weekend all,
Mon :-)

MusikMom said...

BTW, great clips are at including some hilarious Brokeback parodies.