Monday, March 20, 2006

Not Much To Report

A rare lunchtime in the office. Amazingly, I'm not on the road somewhere, eating out of a fast food restaurant bag in the front seat of my truck. If only I could trust our IT department to not shit eggrolls, I'd load up some poker software here at work and have some fun. Since that's not likely to happen, I figured I'd catch up a bit on the blogging.

Last week was kind of weird. I put up a post on Thursday, and Blogger's server that has my blog crashed. I think the only other blog I tried to access and couldn't was Iggy's. Oh well. Sometime Friday they brought it back to life, and here we are.

It was a busy weekend with the gf. She's been job hunting, and she's looking much more into the corporate arena than her current gig (neuropsych assessment at the Veterans Administration Med Center), and I spent most of the weekend doing that favorite guy thing, shopping for chick clothes!! And it wasn't even as though we were looking at fun stuff, like bikinis or lingerie. We were looking at suits, jackets, conservative office stuff. Her VA job lets her get by with jeans and sweaters, and this high-powered office stuff (or at least the places she's interviewed) are much more formal than that. In any respect, part of Saturday and most of Sunday we spent going from store to store looking at things. At least the nicer stores we were in (Nordstroms, Ann Taylor, et al) are swanky enough to put out chairs and sofas for the poor schlob guys that get dragged in there. If only somebody could've brought me a drink. Sigh.

By 3 in the afternoon on Sunday, we were done (woot!) and went home. The gf decided I'd been good enough to earn some uninterrupted time on the poker machine. I promptly fired up a Tilt SNG, only to donk out in 7th. I'd doubled up on the 3rd hand where somebody with A9 pushed an AAT flop onto me. Unfortunately for him, I held AT. Veddy veddy nice. I don't know what happened, tho, but I was out less than 10 minutes later. I know that I donked off a lot of chips a couple of times on pocket pairs that flopped well (i.e. 99 with an undercard flop), but didn't hold up when a K hit the board on the river. The hand that killed me was something like my shortstacked KJ vs somebody's JT. J on the flop, I push, he calls and pairs his T on the river. I instantly jumped into another SNG, mad but not quite tilted. Started off nice and tight. Around level 3, I caught some luck and with 47 in the BB, flopped a straight on a rainbow 653. The turn brought a diamond, for two on the board. At that point I pushed, hoping to scare off anybody who was drawing. Unfortunately, I had a caller who had the AJd. Yup. He gets his diamond and IGH in 6th. I still had time before dinner, tho, and wasn't done playing. I closed out Tilt and fired up Stars. Lo and behold, they credited $10 to my account. Apparently I cleared a bonus I didn't know I had. Cool. So I knew I didn't have time for an SNG, so I decided to play some .10/.25 PLO. I'm moderately crappy on PLO, but I do enjoy playing it. So I took my free $10 to the table and walked away 15 minutes later with $25. I was a complete donkey, but I was getting cards when I needed. Two boats and a nut flush certainly constitute playable hands, even for a total fishie like me. With that, I almost made back the SNGs I lost on Tilt.

One last thing, everybody should give mad congrats to Gracie at Sheverb. In the blogger event that Iggy and company set up on Paradise Poker, Gracie won the whole thing, and won a $1500 seat in a WSOP event of her choosing!! Now everybody has a reason to head to Vegas this summer to watch one of our own take on the world. Good luck Gracie!

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