Thursday, March 16, 2006

100 miles and runnin'

So, living the road warrior life that I’ve degenerated into, I haven’t been on the poker machine all that much. The blogging machine, either, for that matter, but I digress. Things finally caught up with me Monday night, and I got sick. Violently, sleeping on the bathroom floor ill. And it wasn’t alcohol-related. I did a chat a shot of Grey Goose with Joe Speaker and a couple other bloggers during the DADI, but that was it. Side note, I placed 26 out of 57 (I think), so I’m not too disappointed in that. I had a couple of all-in moments where the poker gods smiled, and unfortunately more moments where I adhered to the title of the tourney, Donkeys Always Draw. Still, it was a blast, finally getting to play in a blogger event and see many of you who I read regularly and who occasionally wander over here to check out the dementia that is my life. In particular, I saw Iggy, Drewspop, Joe Speaker, Ingoal, Wes, Waffles, and many more that were unfortunately purged from my system during the illness. Back to that. Despite being ill, I spent Tuesday driving from appointment to appointment, keeping projects on track. In the course of doing that, I managed to save my company approximately $122,000 by getting some fees paid early (by 2 hours), ahead of a fee increase.

So Wednesday I stayed home. I earned it, dammit. I was feeling somewhat better (having spent the previous day resting and drinking plenty of fluid, no, wait, working and expelling plenty of fluids), so I played in a couple of MTT’s. I’d played in one before, and placed 45th out of 1600, so I wanted to see how I’d do this time. The first one was a $10+1 plus rebuys on Stars (same as the first one). I knew that people would be somewhat more aggressive due to the rebuy period, but I was at a table with 4 maniacs who pushed (literally) for the first 12 hands. It was crazy, and I couldn’t thank God enough when the rebuy period ended. I played decently, but wound up later in the game getting lots of optimistic-looking hands that entirely missed the flop. 44. AJs. KQs. 77. And so on. End result, I busted out in 266th out of 1400 or so. The second one was better in some ways, but I did worse. It was a $3+.30 plus rebuys. The maniacs weren’t there, which helped, but I wound up hurting myself, due to the start time. I realized that I had no food in the casa (finally feeling better, and ready to eat for the first time since Monday night – btw, lost 4 pounds in the 30 or so hours from Monday evening to Wednesday morning), so I built up my stack a bit (little under 3k w/ 25/50 blinds), clicked “sitting out” and ran to the store. I figured I’d easily be back before the add-on, but my grocery store, the one I’ve gone to for almost 3 years, decided to rearrange everything over the weekend. I couldn’t find a damn thing. They even rearranged the frozen food section. Breads? Where are they? Isn’t that where shampoo used to be? Suffice to say I missed the add-on period by 3 minutes! 3 freaking minutes!! Still, I played fairly well, until I won 3 pots in a row. They were decent hands, but not easy favorites by a long shot. 77 vs. A7. 7 high flop and he pushes. I win. KTs vs Hiltons. Flop is QJx. He pushes, I’ve got him covered, and the river brings the A for the straight. 3rd was (I believe) A5c vs KQc. Flop is all middle clubs, and my nut flush wins. After that I was way too full of myself and played anything. 89s? Yeah, I’ll call that raise. 33? Yeah, I’ll call that raise. Next thing I know, I’m all in AK vs AJ. Villain pairs his J, and IGH in 454th out of 1647. Oh well.

Heading back on the road again, in a few hours. Pathie is not quite 5 years old, and is now pushing 152k miles. Can I interest anybody in a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder? High miles, but they’re all freeway miles!


drewspop said...

Good to you see you at the DADI. Thanks for the support. I imploded but it was fun.

Hope to see you on Stars at some point soon.

iamhoff said...

That was fun. I literally just made it, registering 2 whole minutes before the start. I'm usually lurking around the multitable SNGs early in the evening or very late in the evening (west coast time). I'll look for ya. And thank you to Blogger for finally bringing me back to life after a server crash or something.