Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Teh Randomness of Tilt

Well, February is coming to an end. Good riddance. This month has not been a very happy time, and the end has generally sucked.

I had to report to jury duty in downtown San Diego, at 7:45 a.m. Did I mention that it was raining?

I got selected for a trial. I'm seated as Juror #3, but there's a slim chance that some of the evildoings in my past may help get me dismissed. Pray with me together. "Juror Number Three, you are excused."

Work is pissed because of the jury duty. I've got to try and get all my shit organized so that my boss can handle anything that comes up over the next week or so, and I have to do it all over a cell phone during breaks in the jury room. Bleah.

I'm on mega-tilt with poker right now. I've mentioned not playing when the GF is around, because she will not let me focus on the game. So I'm about half way thru a SNG on FT when she comes home, earlier than expected, and she's on job interview tilt. Good boyfriend that I am, I click "sitting out" and try to calm her down. She hears the chips clinking over the speakers, goes on tilt again, and tells me to finish the game. Naturally, I'm all in on a blind and bubble out. So she goes to lay down and I go to walk the dog. I come back in and go in to provide calming backrub services. She's asleep, so I creep back to FT and fire up another SNG. She comes in on tilt again, "I thought you were going to come in and talk to me and rub my back!" "Sitting out" again, and we have a wonderful argument. She drifts off and I go to shut down the computer, noticing that the tournament ended and I bubbled out. Again.

But because this post is happening technically on March 1st, despite the time stamp, I'm attempting to untilt. Enjoy this bit of civil disobedience.


SirFWALGMan said...

THAT WAS FREAKING FUNNY AS HELL! Why don't you convice all of the other jurors to skip out on the trial.. they cant arrest you all can they? .. oh yeah..

Klopzi said...

Sneaking back to the tables after she fell asleep? Ballsy...like pushing all-in on the bubble with a medium pair. It can pay off, but you're gonna have to get lucky.

drewspop said...

Spring is in the air...you gonna live blog the trial??

iamhoff said...

This trial is weird. I thought about trying to take over the stenographer's computer via wi-fi, thus allowing me to completely live blog the thing, but we haven't been in court enough for that to happen. I'll explain in the next post.

Klopzi, I ALWAYS sneak back to the tables after she's asleep. Computer's in another room, and she goes to sleep with the TV on. This is the first time she woke up, and she (psychologist that she is, no seriously, she is) says that because she was so emotionally torqued up she really hadn't gotten to sleep. So it goes. At least she's more calm today.