Thursday, February 09, 2006

RIP decent cards

I'll be the first to admit, I haven't been playing poker regularly all that long, and I've been playing online even less. Still, I've never been this card dead, ever. Since I missed the WWdN tourney (again, dammit), I figured I'd jump into my regular 45 player 11+1 turbo SnG on Stars. It was a trip. I won a total of one hand (including blinds) and that was a bluff with everybody's favorite hand, the hammer. This is a partial cut and paste of the hand history. Suffice to say, I played NONE of my blinds, and until the last two, the only hand I played to the flop, I missed the flop and folded to a pot-sized bet. Every hand was junk, and those that were marginally decent (i.e. Qx suited) wound up being folded to a preflop all-in push. Has anybody else out there had a run of 32 straight junk hands?

Hand 1 –
Dealt to iamhoff [8h 2d]

Hand 2 –
Dealt to iamhoff [9c Ts]

Hand 3 –
Dealt to iamhoff [6s 4d]

Hand 9 –
Dealt to iamhoff [9h 7s]
Small blind (15). Folded preflop

Hand 10 –
Dealt to iamhoff [4s 6d]

Hand 11 –
Dealt to iamhoff [5s Jd]

Hand 22 –
Dealt to iamhoff [Jh 6c]
Folded to a preflop all-in raise

Hand 23 –
Dealt to iamhoff [7d 4h]

Hand 24 –
Dealt to iamhoff [9s 7d]
Big blind (150). Folded to a preflop all-in raise

Hand 32 –
Small blind (100). Down to 790 in chips.
Dealt to iamhoff [2d 7h]
blakerblaker: folds
DelTron: folds
Sota: folds
l4t1n: folds
evanmax: folds
iamhoff: raises 590 to 790 and is all-in
503i: folds
iamhoff collected 400 from pot
iamhoff: shows [2d 7h] (high card Seven)
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 400 | Rake 0

Hand 33 –
After posting the 25 ante, I'm down to 965 in chips.
Dealt to iamhoff [Jd As]
This seems to be my first good hand, so I push all-in. Villain shows TT. Flop comes Q5T rainbow. He’s got a set, but I’ve got a gutshot straight draw. Turn and river are rags, and I go out in 27th.

The cards came back for my next SnG, but I've never seen such a run of consistently useless cards. Looking back over the history, there were maybe two hands that if I'd pushed, I would've won. Otherwise, I was just card dead. Crazy stuff.


Wes said...

I remember a MTT I played where I played 0 out of 63 hands. That was fun.

Matt Silverthorn said...

Ouch, that sucks. Depending on your position, I might have played the 9To, but other than that, that's pretty crappy. I've not had a streak that bad, but I've had a few games where I've had to fold 10 or 15 hands in a row. Wes' 0 of 63 takes the cake, though.

Klopzi said...

I feel for you. I went through my own stretch of crap cards - and I still bet bouts from time to time.

When you see this happening, take the time to appreciate the lesson that is patience. Without it, you can kiss any hopes of getting good at poker goodbye and your bankroll will follow suit.

So keep on folding, it builds character. Until the drought ends, might I suggest playing at a site with keyboard shortcuts - it's so much easier to fold that way.

Good luck - here's hoping things turn around soon.

Klopzi said...

Sorry, previous comment should read I still get bouts from time to time.

I didn't want you to think that I try to bet my way out of card dead situations - that would just be plain crazy...

iamhoff said...

Yeah, I think Wes wins with the 0 fer 63. I was just stunned at these cards. On those rare occasions I'd get a half-way decent hand Jx, K2o, etc., I'd be out of position and somebody would push all in. After my hammer push, I got greedy with the AJ at the end. If I'd have just called, I might (might) have folded after missing the flop, depending on how the villain bet. Still, with the gutshot, I might have still pushed, hoping to scare him off. Fortunately the cards woke up for the next one, and I donkeyed my way into 4th. Not my best finish, but I tripled my buy-ins for the evening. And yes, Klopzi, I am programming a Fold shortcut onto my keyboard!

TripJax said...

Brutal. Hey man, I linked you up today. I'm sending the good card mojo your way...

iamhoff said...

Thanx, Jax. The return link will follow. Thanx for the mojo...hopefully I can close out a few SnG's and bump up my donation to BG.