Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ahhh, Friday

This has been quite the week. I started off sick as a dog. I still had to work part of the day Monday, to get one of my consultants to finish up some plan revisions for one of my projects. I left straight from their office in Newport Beach and drove home to San Diego, where I passed out. Tuesday I stayed home and slept and played poker. Wednesday was staff meetings all morning and driving all afternoon to Hemet and Wildomar. After work, I managed to get into an SnG on Stars, where I was card dead for the entire game (see my previous post). There were two interesting hands that happened. The first was Quads. On the board. I've never seen a board with quads on it. Two guys with Ax were in it and wound up splitting the pot. The other was my hammer bluff in the small blind. It wasn't much, but it was the first action I'd seen in 30+ hands. Which brings me back to Thursday. Thursday was driving to Orange to yet another consultant's office, and back to my office to get caught up on the week's paperwork, and I didn't leave until after 6:30. One thing, while sitting in traffic, I pulled out my mileage log to see how much I'd driven in January. I guessed something around 3,000 miles for the month. As it turns out, it was 2,994. There's something sick about guessing that close to what it was. The end result is my Pathfinder which isn't quite 5 years old has over 148,000 miles on it! Fortunately, it still looks great and runs fine, so I'll drive it for a while, or until a whopping bonus lands in my lap. If I could, I'd get either a Porsche Cayenne or a Range Rover Sport. I doubt I could swing one of those, so a new Pathie will probably take up residence in my carport in the not too distant future. Not red, like the current one. I get pulled over far too many times to justify another red car. Oh well. Back to the week. Friday was my sneaky savior day. I started in the office, just missing a 4 car accident on the way in, and then a marathon blast to San Jacinto, Hemet, and back to Murrieta. The sneakiness was in how I scheduled things. I finished my last meeting at 3, and just took off for home. That got me home almost an hour and a half faster than a normal Friday. That allowed a leisurely dinner with the GF, and still allowed me to make it to the Tres Sombreros home game at Gato's.

One minor flaw in the the evening, but otherwise eveyrthing was a blast. Gato has a kegerator, and we'd ordered a pony keg of Red Seal Ale, a very yummy beer. Unfortunately, the delivery schmuck never brought the Seal, so we got a pony of Sam Adams as a last second fill-in. A perfectly acceptable beer, but not what we were expecting. Oh well. The game started off with a pair trumping. Gato announced to those who hadn't heard, that he and his wife are expecting their first child in May. "All In" Duggan topped that with the announcement that he and his wife were expecting their first AND second children. And so it went. Instead of playing a bunch of dealer's choice, we set up a formal tournament, with actual timed levels, chip racing, and so on. I managed to come in 3rd in the first tourney, after being the chip leader for a while. Seemed to mimic my online play, not being able to completely close the deal. I haven't figured out whether I'm playing too tight and not chasing good opportunities, or whether I'm playing too loose, and chasing opportunities I shouldn't. Probably more of the latter. Oh well. The second tourney started off fairly well, until my Hiltons ran into AJ that made a set of aces. Oh well. One interesting thing, as people went out, they became the de facto dealers. Dan-o was a trip. His deals seemed to always hit the river for whoever was behind in the hand. I lost track of how many sets were cracked by straights or flushes, on the river, and how many boats hit on the river during Dan-o's deals. Everyone was benefitting except me. I fully expected to river a set of my Hiltons to top the then pair of aces that Juice had. Unfortunately, the gods were not with me, and instead of a Q, the river came up A. Sigh.

I left to drive home in the fog, with Sirius Hair Nation setting the beat. In order, I heard:

Dokken - Back for the Attack
Van Halen - Dreams
Slaughter - Fly to the Angels
Ratt - Back For More

I get home, walk the dog, type up a rambling blog post, and proceed to pass out. A good Friday.

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