Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Positive Money

The overall outcome of last night was positive, but it was up and down. After 5 straight SNG's without a cash, I took an 11+1 45 player SNG and came in 2nd! The bankroll needed the help. I was a monster. I got great cards, and even if I was behind (TT vs KK), my pair would hit a set or I'd make my straight, etc. At one point I took out 4 players in a row on all-in calls. I was en fuego. The last hand was the only less than stellar move of the evening. I'm in the BB with Qh4c. SB calls, I check. Flop is JT5h. We both checked the turn, which was a Q. I bet out half the pot and got called. River is a T, which doesn't complete my flush but gives me 2 pair. I figured heads up, it might be safe. Villain wasn't betting hard enough to convince me he had AK, and he didn't. I bet the pot and got raised all in. I flip my 2 pair only to be confronted by a K9o, making a straight. I wanted to win, but the 2nd place cash was still nice.

On the down slope of the roller coaster, I did play a 6+.50 45 player, but busted out in 44th! It was pathetic. I lasted a total of 7 hands, and none of my hands held up. I started off limping with JTc. I picked up two clubs on the flop, and cards that helped with (but not completed) either an up or down straight. The turn paired the board and it checked to the button who let loose with a $200 bet on a 10/20 blind level. Suffice to say I folded. After that was A5h. I like playing suited aces, and A5 gives outs on the Wheel. The flop is A72. No help on the flush, but I got the 2 and paired the A. Min bets by one other player. 7 on the turn pairs the board. More min bets called by me. River is a blank, and my A5 is outkicked by an AQ. If there'd been any serious betting, I would've dumped my weak kicker. The next hand is KQc. I call the blinds, and the flop is K78h. I pair my K with a decent kicker, but the suit is wrong. I put out a 2xBB bet and get called by one person. I figure Kx, not the ace, or a flush draw. Next card is a heart, and the villain bets out about half the pot. I fold. After that, there were 3 rag deals and then the last one. AdQh. I raised up 2xBB, and I get reraised by an aggressive mofo. I call. Flop comes K94d. Nut flush draw. I bet half the pot and get reraised all in. I call, and the villain flips over AKo. I never pick up my last diamond and my AQ is beaten by his pair of Kings. 44th place! Damn!

Had to try and forget that one, and went back to the 45 player 11+1. Top 7 places pay. I wasn't getting the cards that I got in the first one, but I made it to the final table as the 3rd shortest stack. I was getting enough cards to stay alive, but not enough to really chip up. My 55 raise would get called, and a flop would be AK9 or something. I wasn't getting any traction. Finally, somebody bubbled out and I was ITM. Next hand in the BB, and severely short stacked (maybe 4xBB after posting the BB), I get KTs. Somebody raises 3xBB and I decide to push all-in. I'm up against 77. The flop got me to a one outer straight, but it never materialized. Out in 7th. A small cash, but positive money is positive money.

So, for the evening, I was up around $100. Not bad for 2 hours of entertainment. More would've been nice, but I'll take it. As noted in earlier posts, I determined that I need to chip up more aggressively near the bubble and I need to adjust my short handed play. I worked hard (but smart!) to chip up...catching cards helped, but I bluffed a couple of times and got lucky on a couple of BB discounts. I'm still working on the short handed play, but building the stack not only gives me the depth to play short handed (i.e. wait for good cards), but also the confidence to wait for those cards and make things happen. We'll see what happens tonight, whether I can make this seem more consistent.

As a side note, I didn't get home until a solid hour after the WWdN started (Thanks Mossy Nissan, for being slow). Oh well. Maybe next time...


huma said...

Congrats on the second place. Below is my newbie analysis - please correct me if I'm wrong!

"I'm in the BB with Qh4c. SB calls, I check. Flop is JT5h. We both checked the turn, which was a Q. I bet out half the pot and got called."

What happened on the flop, did you both check? I know you had nothing but if he checked to you, maybe you could have made a small bet to see where you were at. This is heads up, after all.

Checking the turn was silly with a 3 straight on the board. I know you were chasing a flush but your opponent might have had Ah or Kh, so a semi-bluff here might have been worthwhile. If you had bet here or the flop you would have taken it down, IMO.

"I bet the pot and got raised all in." - fold, if you have enough chips. He's probably not bluffing with 4 to a straight/flush on the board.

"AdQh. I raised up 2xBB, and I get reraised by an aggressive mofo. I call. Flop comes K94d. Nut flush draw. I bet half the pot and get reraised all in. I call"

I might have folded to the re-raise this early in the game. Blinds are small enough to throw away. But I'm a wimp...

I wouldn't have called the all-in, that's for sure. You don't wanna race for your whole stack this early in the game, especially if you don't have at least a pair to back you up.

Congrats on coming out ahead for the session, anyway. I hope soon to have the confidence to play a few 11+1 sng's. Money isn't an object, but I feel I'm not cashing often enough in the $5 sng's and 5c ring games to justify throwing more money into my hobby/obsession.

Of course I have no problem entering the $50 live tourneys at the casino on the weekend. But that's just gambling ;)

iamhoff said...

My bad. On the first hand you mention (JT5h), he called the blind and I checked preflop. Flop JT5 and that's when we both checked. Turn was a Q, and I bet half the pot and was called. So I did a half pot bet with top pair, a one-outer to a flush, and a straight draw. If he would've reraised there, I'd have folded. Since he called, we saw the river pair the board, giving me 2 pair. Hindsight, I could've folded at the turn, when the 3piece str8 showed up, but I had 4 parts of a flush at that point, and top pair. I didn't have him on an overpair or AK. K9 just didn't occur to me. Oh well.

As to the other hand, I still feel ok about my play. I was beginning to tilt, and this was the best hand I'd had yet. After having good hands get beat, I was needing some chips. Besides, villain was aggressive and I figured he'd seen me take some beatings and that he'd continue the fun. With a 1 outer for the nut flush, the all-in seemed justified. You're right, though, I forgot the rule, "do I want to risk my tournament life on these cards at this time". Sadly, even if I'd consciously thought about it, I still would have pushed. Shoulda woulda coulda. So it goes.

Despite that 44th finish, I'm feeling much better about my play. I placed 2nd in another 45 SNG this evening on Stars, and I played my first 9 player SNG on Full Tilt. I had two donkey moves that put me out in 5th, but otherwise, my game was working. I'd love the opportunity to play in more casinos...I just rarely have the time to sit down in one for longer than 15 minutes or so, a couple of times a month.

Thanks for the observations. They do help.