Thursday, January 05, 2006

PLO Terrorists (and I'm not talking about the middle east) and Music to Soothe the Savage Suckout

So. USC lost. Somehow the media reported that 11 of 12 miners trapped survived, only to have to issue a big whoopsie and say that 11 of 12 miners actually died. Israeli PM Ariel Sharon suffered a massive stroke that will do who knows what to the Israel-Palestinian peace process. And to top it off, I started playing Pot Limit Omaha.

Seriously, that is a fun game, but boy can you lose money quickly. The upside is you can make money quickly. If you’re used to playing Hold ‘Em, Omaha is familiar but has some key differences. I know most people out there already know this, but it’s my blog and my perspective! Ha! Anyway, remembering that you not only can use only two of your hole cards, but that you’re limited to only two hole cards really does add an interesting dynamic. On one hand, it gives you a ton of outs to make hands. Start off thinking, I’ve got a pair, and I’ve got two connecting cards, one of which is suited to one of the pair. The pair could evolve into 2 pair, trips, quads, or a boat. You could hit a straight, a flush, or you could just get sucked out. Last night I wound up with a set in the hole three separate times, one of them aces! That takes away one key out in making a boat, and prevents quads (unless you get stupidly lucky with your remaining hole card). I also had a 4 card straight flush at one point. That took away outs for a flush, and ate up a bunch of outs for a straight. Probably shouldn’t have been watching the Rose Bowl while playing…I called several hands that I shouldn’t have, to the cost of almost $1000 (in play money, c'mon, I don't have that kind of bankroll...yet!). Wound up doing the play money rebuy and almost made back what I donked off. Music next time. Which brings me to what may become a regular feature: What Do You Listen To While Playing Poker?

I listen to just about anything. I have my favorites, as those who know me in the real world can attest to, but I listen to just about anything. Some musical genres may not be appropriate, depending on the situation. I don’t think vintage Pantera or Slayer would be good if I was already on tilt, but I don’t know if ambient or smooth jazz would be energetic enough. Several other bloggers have asked some of the pros what’s on their iPods, and I forget who actually got Hellmuth to answer. It was a bunch of rap that his 15 year old son supposedly loaded up, which may explain why he goes on tilt so much! If you’ve seen my profile, you know that my preferences (musical, you sick monkeys!!) cover the spectrum. I may try (to the delight of my sister) Carbon Leaf or Great Big Sea…both are kind of Celtic, Folk Rock-y. Leaf is from Richmond, VA and GBS comes from Newfoundland. Mad, stupid, crazy props to my sister and her husband for getting me hooked on both bands. Good stuff. On the other hand, some ska might work to keep me pumped but not pissed. Fighting Gravity (also from Richmond, VA, coincidentally) and The AquaBats seem like good candidates. Failing that, I got the new INXS cd for Christmas, and the single that came out of the Rockstar: INXS show (Pretty Vegas) is pretty good. Finally, I’ve got a ton of good hair metal that I can drop. Anthrax (I’m The Man!), Cinderella, Dokken, Iron Maiden, the list goes on. So back to the question…what do you listen to? C’mon bloggerland, don’t let me down.


Matt Silverthorn said...

Carbon Leaf is good stuff. I've seen them live several times. As for my favorites to listen to, I've got Coldplay and Matchbox 20 at the top of my list. Some Green Day and Nickelback as well. I also have a bunch of soundtracks from various movies that range from The Rock to The Last of the Mohicans to Gattaca. It's good to have a variety!

iamhoff said...

I agree...having a mix of things is a good thing. I may put together two mixes, a chill mix (ambient, house, mellow stuff like Everything But The Girl, Erykah Badu, etc.) and an aggressive, energetic mix (Motley Crue, Fighting Gravity, Green Day, etc.), to cover both sets of circumstances. I managed to see Leaf live in San Diego last summer, and they rocked! A local radio station (KPRI 102.1 FM) gave away tix for a concert/cruise around San Diego Harbor, but they were all out by the time I could get down to where they gave away the tix. Mmmm. Green Day. Good stuff. Have to listen to them now...