Monday, January 23, 2006

Help Me, I'm Tilting!!!!

Considering it's only Monday, it's been a long week. As has been the case recently, I spent a good portion of Monday driving between my office, the Riverside County offices in Temecula, and the County offices in downtown Riverside. And to top it off, we've had some good winds today. Nothing like what whips down Interstate 80 between Rawlins and Laramie, Wyoming, but gusts in the 60s. I drove thru a dust devil that had a tumbleweed in it. Normally you see them rolling down the road. This one hovered about 3 feet off the ground, whipping around in a circle. When I drove thru the dust devil, the 'weed bounced off the corner of my truck, and survived in the twister until a big rig hit it square on and just destroyed it. Boom! Pieces go was pretty cool.

So I hopped on Stars tonight, to play some SNGs. I played a 3 table one (9th out of 27), and two 1 table ones (both 5th). I actually decided to play the 3-table and the first 1 table simultaneously, to see if I could do it. Overall, my play was pretty solid, despite the run of crap hands, a sample of which is shown here. During the evening on the 1st single table SNG, I did have one good hand, but I couldn't even get anybody to call a simple $20 bet. I had J8d in the BB. Flop comes Q9T, all diamonds! I flopped a straight flush, and couldn't even get anybody to call a stupid $20 bet!! The last one is the one that tilted me, though. After that, I went thru an amazing run of cards. I'm calling or raising everything, and most of my flops hit. I start to feel a little too confident, and start pushing with less than stellar hands.

The worst stretch took me out of the 3rd tourney. I pick up JTo in the BB. One person (who played very aggressively) did a min-raise. Everybody else folded, so I decided (stupidly) to defend my blinds and called. Flop comes down JTx rainbow. I'm jazzed at this point with top two pair, and I bet strongly. The person who raised preflop (who I had covered not quite 2 to 1 in chips) went all in. I was feeling pretty confident, so I called. He flips over KTc, and I'm ahead...until the river. K. That hurt, and dropped me down to the short stack, wtih about 800 chips left. The very next hand, in the SB, I pick up KK. A beeyotch who had been a bluffing, aggressive, pain in the ass, raised up to put me all in. I laugh, flipping over my KK, to show her 66. And what does the flop bring? That's right, kiddies, a 6!! And your hero tilts his way into 5th place. I guess that's something I need to work on. When I get a good run of cards, and people start respecting my raises, I sometimes get cute and push with something less premium like Q9s or A3. While that's not necessarily a completely crappy move (I AM playing aces or suited connectors), the crap comes when I stay with the hand post flop, looking for the draw that almost never materializes. There's no justice in the world. Oh well, I guess that's my poker homework for tomorrow...learn to consistently play the premium hands, and more importantly to fold them when they don't hit the flop.


Klopzi said...

I don't see anything wrong with your play. When a guy goes all in with second pair and you've got top two pair, you've done all you can.

And KK vs. 66? Had you played it any other way, you'd be a donkey.

The thing that I'm learning constantly is that it's all about the long term. Make the best moves you can as often as you can and you'll come out ahead.

iamhoff said...

I completely agree. Occasionally, the donkeys pull it off. It was just frustrating to go from a big stack to out in 2 hands, both of which I feel I played right. Oh well. That's why it's called poker.

River Driver said...

Sounds like your "helluva" weeks are blending together...

If you are entertained by the destruction of helpless little tumbleweeds, you would have LOVED our drive across Nebraska on the way out to WY for Christmas--hordes of the little buggers playing chicken by rolling across the road. Tumbleweed roadkill EVERYWHERE. A few made it across the road, only to get hung up in the fence on the side of the road and get stranded, only inches from freedom. How cruel the world can be...

Matt Silverthorn said...

A couple of things.

First, I never would have bet anything (even min bet) on flopping the nut straight flush. It wasn't possible for anyone to beat you, not matter what cards came. I would have checked and hoped someone would catch something on either the turn or the river. If there's still no bets by the river, well, there's not much you can do. But you need to give yourself the chance to get the most out of the hand.

Second, there was nothing wrong with playing that JT from the BB with only a min raise in front of you. Don't be results oriented. You made a good decision there. Same goes for the KK. Unfortunately, sometimes the cards just fall in favor of the opponent.

iamhoff said...


Thanks for the comments. It was still early with the straight flush, and players had actually been somewhat aggressive. I figured a min bet ($20, I believe) would find some action from somebody with AQ, Q9, or something. In hindsight (ain't that great?) I should have checked it to see if any action happened, maybe hoped for somebody with the Ad to pray for a nut flush. Oh well. I don't need to worry about that scenario for a loooong time, I'm sure.

I do think that I played those last two hands properly. Still, if I hadn't been on a winning streak, I wouldn't have called with JTo, even for the min raise in the BB. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. So it goes.

MusikMom said...

Shucks, I miss good ol' West Texas and them there tumblin' tumbleweeds! (I was born and reared in Lubbock, Texas. Go Raiders!) In New Mexico, we'd have tons of them blowing around, too! I drive an Expedition, enuff said!

Growing up in Texas,
we were so poor...

How poor were you?

We decorated tumbleweeds for Christmas!

I should git back to laborin' agin afore my boss kitches me.

Hasta Laredo,
Mon :-)

SirFWALGMan said...

TILT. Heh.