Thursday, January 05, 2006

The First Time In History

We're in bed last night, and all of a sudden I hear this "splash splash slurp" sound. The dog is drinking out of the toilet because my girlfriend left the toilet lid up!! Not me...her!! Probably the first time ever a woman gets in trouble for leaving the lid up.


Matt Silverthorn said...

This is a momentous day for MANkind!

River Driver said...

OK, we (or at least I) don't get mad about leaving the toilet LID up; it's leaving the SEAT up that is the problem. If the lid is up and I sit down without looking, I'll sit on the seat. If the lid and the seat are both up, I will fall in and be very upset.

My dog is far too special and precious (in his own mind) to lower himself to drink out of a common toilet. I'm surprised we don't buy bottled water for the dog to drink.

iamhoff said...

It's my story and it makes men not look so bad. You're just a girl, what do you know? I bet Ross would at least privately agree with me!!!! Besides, would it be so bad if you fell in? You coach swimming! No problem, right? rotflmao!

I would be disappointed if you bought bottled water for your dog...he's spoiled enough as it is! I have heard of some people who do buy bottled water for their dog, but those people will be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes!

Matt Silverthorn said...

We run the water for our cats through a Brita filter. But then again, we live in the DC area.

Lady Falcon said...

Nominations for the 2006 blog awards are due on Thursday, Jan. 12. I vote that we nominate Pauly's blog The Tao of Poker.

The nomination form can be found at

Let's band together and see if we can make Pauly a serious contender!!

(By the way, BeerRoom did not contact me to collect his it's all yours if you want it. Send me your email address and I'll get in touch with you to work out the mailing arrangements. Thanks.)

iamhoff said...

Matt, you get a free pass on the water. Jill, you're still on restriction with Maer. OK. If anybody saw Lady Falcon's comment here, the 2006 blogger awards are due 1/12/06. If anybody reading this hasn't read Pauly's blog, check it out at