Thursday, December 21, 2006

How cool is this?

Especially for those of you who have dedicated game rooms, have I got the table for you...Go to their website and check this out. Once you get into the site, click on the furniture link (it's all flash, so I can't give you the direct link) and then on the collectibles link. Be warned, though, if you or your significant other has a weakness for upscale furnishings, (Speaker, I'm talking to you!) this website could be dangerous. Maybe soon they'll come out with Pai-Gow, Triple Draw 2-7, and Mr. Cashman next!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The one in which we're feeling lucky

Well, we’re into the 2nd week of the new job, and things are pretty cool. The office is very laid back (mostly surfer bums…finally people I can work with!) and the work is interesting.

Thanks to a couple of freeroll cashes, I’m back in the world of a positive bankroll. Not that it’s huge or anything, but to go from zero to $30 without any personal infusion of cash is very cool. All built on the back of a freeroll, microlimit ring O/8 and microlimit NLHE SNGs at Full Tilt.

I actually got kind of depressed over the weekend, when I played in 3 separate SNGs and was the bubble boy in all three. The last one was the worst. It was a $1 45 player, so even at the microlimits there was an opportunity to actually make a few bucks. I got down to being short stacked and when I was in the BB, UTG was constantly attacking my blinds. And it wasn’t like I could take a chance and defend them, not with stellar cards like 39o, 26o, and the like. Finally I woke up to JJ. UTG popped a raise and I shoved. He flips over rockets and I’m bubble boy for the 3rd time.

After that, I was itching for some redemption. First opportunity would be Tuesday night, when Dear and Patient GF would be teaching. I still had some Christmas shopping to do, so I figured I’d race home from work, fire up the poker machine, throw some food down my throat, and enjoy some SNG poker-y goodness. I’d had a feeling that Tuesday was going to be good, so I was going to catch as many as I thought I could while still allowing some time to shop. First one spinning up was a $1 9 player turbo on Tilt. Immediately after registering for that, I caught a $2 9 player turbo and registered for it. As soon as I folded the first hand in both SNGs, I found another $2 turbo loading up and I jumped in. That was my first ever experience in 3 tabling, and it was crazy. I don’t know how people like Waffles or Boobs manage to multitable 4 or more tables. At a minimum, I need me a nice 26 inch widescreen monitor or something. Anyway, I had that glorious combination of playing reasonably well, and getting lucky several times. I committed several suckouts, and combined them with solid play to go deep in all three. Probably the worst suckout was the most enjoyable. I’d won the first $2 SNG at this point, so I’m only two-tabling. Play is 3 handed in the $1 SNG, so we’re ITM. I was in the SB with 46c. Short handed, s000ted connectors become more viable, so I min-raised, thinking I could take it down or fold if BB came over the top. He called. Flop was Ks 9d 5c. I checked and BB checked behind me. Next card was the 7c. Now I’ve got an OESFD, so I bet the pot. BB called. The river was the glorious 8c, completing my Str8 Flush. I popped a ½ pot bet, and BB shoved. Schweeeet. I couldn’t click “Call” fast enough. Here’s what happened. Unfortunately, flushie is no g00t, and I drag a fat pot and go heads up. A few hands later, and the game is mine! Two for two. Finally, I’m down to heads up in the final $2 SNG. Back and forth, back and forth, exchanging blinds. Finally, after showing myself willing to fold my blinds, I started attacking. After a few hands of being raised preflop or check-raised post flop, my opponent finally got frustrated. Blinds are 300/600, I've got my opponent covered, 8200 to 5300, and I found A9d in the SB. I popped it to 1200, and villain reraised to 1800. Since she (the avatar was a chick, give me a break) didn't shove, I figured she must have something so I flat called. Flop comes down 4s 9h Jh. Villain bet out 600, and I reraised it to 2400, hoping to avoid a potential flush. Villain called. Turn brought the Ts. Villain bet out 600, and I reraised enough to put her all in. Cards were flipped and villain was holding As 5c against my A9d. River brings the Kc, and her AK high could not stand up to my powerhouse pair of nines. End result, 3 for 3, baby!!! Here's hoping I can keep it going! In any respect, Merry Christmas, Happy Haunakkah, Happy Boxing Day, and may whatever holiday traditions you partake in bring you joy, peace, and a deck that hits you square in the face! See ya out there!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And the (bad) beat goes on

Since my whole summer was a bad beat, why not have it continue at the tables. My Christmas wish from any blogger willing to grant it: if you come across "25hd" on Full Tilt, STACK HIS ASS!!! Check out these hand histories. Mind you, I was running in 2nd place, 11 players left out of 45, and we were coming up on the break. And this guy started off by shoving on the first 3 hands of the tourney, so now that I've set you up...

Full Tilt Poker Game #1399624157: $5 + $0.50 Sit & Go (9926319), Table 2 - 100/200 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:54:22 ET - 2006/12/12
Seat 1: LIVE-IN-THE-MUD (3,020)
Seat 2: iamhoff (9,570)
Seat 3: Ravester (11,445)
Seat 4: tmilli8 (7,875)
Seat 5: robaine (2,335)
Seat 8: 25hd (2,225)
tmilli8 posts the small blind of 100
robaine posts the big blind of 200
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to iamhoff [As Kc]
25hd has 15 seconds left to act
25hd raises to 400
iamhoff raises to 800
Ravester folds
tmilli8 folds
robaine folds
25hd raises to 2,225, and is all in
iamhoff calls 1,425
25hd shows [Jc Kh]
iamhoff shows [As Kc]
*** FLOP *** [5c 7d Ks]
*** TURN *** [5c 7d Ks] [Jh]
*** RIVER *** [5c 7d Ks Jh] [4c]
25hd shows two pair, Kings and Jacks
iamhoff shows a pair of Kings
25hd wins the pot (4,750) with two pair, Kings and Jacks

Now, AK had been holding up for most players, myself included, throughtout the tourney. Figures that now it didn't. On the very next hand my two pair AJ got nuked by a set of 4s from another player who was NOT an asshole. That cost me a few chips.

So now we have the next 25hd evil hand:

Full Tilt Poker Game #1399674379: $5 + $0.50 Sit & Go (9926319), Table 2 - 120/240 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:01:55 ET - 2006/12/12
Seat 1: LIVE-IN-THE-MUD (4,500)
Seat 2: iamhoff (4,745)
Seat 3: Ravester (12,525)
Seat 4: tmilli8 (7,175)
Seat 5: robaine (3,815)
Seat 8: 25hd (3,710)
LIVE-IN-THE-MUD posts the small blind of 120
iamhoff posts the big blind of 240
The button is in seat #8
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to iamhoff [Ah Ac]
Ravester folds
tmilli8 folds
robaine folds
25hd raises to 720
iamhoff raises to 2,160
25hd raises to 3,600
iamhoff raises to 4,745, and is all in
25hd calls 110, and is all in
iamhoff shows [Ah Ac]
25hd shows [Qd Kc]
Uncalled bet of 1,035 returned to iamhoff
*** FLOP *** [4d 6d Jd]
*** TURN *** [4d 6d Jd] [As]
*** RIVER *** [4d 6d Jd As] [2d]
iamhoff shows three of a kind, Aces
25hd shows a flush, Queen high
25hd wins the pot (7,540) with a flush, Queen high

He catches a 4 outer to crack my set of aces! I'm now officially on mega-tilt, and in the SB. Watch and weep with me, my chitlins:

Full Tilt Poker Game #1399679342: $5 + $0.50 Sit & Go (9926319), Table 2 - 120/240 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:02:39 ET - 2006/12/12
Seat 1: LIVE-IN-THE-MUD (4,380)
Seat 2: iamhoff (1,035)
Seat 3: Ravester (12,525)
Seat 4: tmilli8 (7,175)
Seat 5: robaine (3,815)
Seat 8: 25hd (7,540)
iamhoff posts the small blind of 120
Ravester posts the big blind of 240
The button is in seat #1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to iamhoff [Kh Qs]
tmilli8 folds
robaine folds
25hd has 15 seconds left to act
25hd raises to 1,440
iamhoff calls 915, and is all in
LIVE-IN-THE-MUD: pocket AA busted on me 4 times yesterday
iamhoff: y not
Ravester folds
25hd shows [Kc Kd]
iamhoff shows [Kh Qs]
Uncalled bet of 405 returned to 25hd
*** FLOP *** [5d 3d 2d]
iamhoff: yep.
*** TURN *** [5d 3d 2d] [2s]
*** RIVER *** [5d 3d 2d 2s] [5c]
25hd shows two pair, Kings and Fives
iamhoff shows two pair, Fives and Twos
25hd wins the pot (2,310) with two pair, Kings and Fives
iamhoff stands up

It figures. After two hard suckouts, I figured he was trying to steal the blinds. Hell, the whole table was afraid of him by this point, and I figured him for a tilt blind steal on me. Nope. This time he actually had a hand. Go figure. If you come across this fucker...kill him! Shoot him, stab him, send him a virus, at least take all his chips!

Monday, December 11, 2006

And the first day grinds to a close

So. Quite the day. My new boss had emergency angioplasty over the weekend, and won't be medically cleared for work for at least a week (he seems to be doing fine). So the first day was extremely relaxed confusion. None of the other managers had a clue of where I was sitting (they are preparing to relocate offices anyway), what I was going to work on, or what my network login was. I actually had to wait for two hours with the scaldingly hot 22 year old Assistant Planner that started today (my eyes!! my eyes!!) for one of the other managers to come in who knew what was going on (he comes in late because he goes surfing in the morning! What an outstanding place!!). Still, it seems like it's going to be a good gig.

So I took a bit of my freeroll winnings and jumped into an O/8 .05/.10 table on FT. I was actually doing great...I'd doubled my buy-in and got dealt AAK5, double s0000ted. Board comes down AK4K3. Villain bets, I reraise, he shoves and I'm all in, with my aces full. Ass-tard whips over J254, for a straight flush wheel, scooping the entire pot and felting me! So I guess the comeback is going to be a bit postponed. Still, I'm sticking to the idea that RiverStars followed the bloggers to Tilt, because it was the river card that once again fucked me. Oh well. Das poker. See ya out there.

A New Beginning

So. After 194 days of unemployment and directionless drifting, I start my new life tomorrow morning. Thank you one and all, those of you who offered up words of congratulations on my previous post, and all of you who continued to check up on The Randomness...this here group of poker bloggers is the best damn bunch of people I've ever had the pleasure of interacting all fucking rule!!!

It truly is amazing how willing you become to do something that practically everybody hates, after you have been prevented from doing it for a substantial period of time. I am so looking forward to going to work. I feel recharged, refocused, and ready to be a whole new person. I'm gonna kick ass at work. I'm gonna be a better boyfriend to Dear and Patient GF. Getting back into a routine will allow me to better control my eating (won't be home all day, grazing thru the fridge) and get back to the gym consistently. And hopefully it will allow me to better focus when I'm at the tables.

As I've stated previously, I've been pretty much limited to playing freerolls. I've actually had a few cashes and managed to grow my bankroll a bit. Unfortunately, the good vibe didn't seem to stay, and what little I'd managed to win has drifted away. As others have noticed, RiverStars seems to have migrated over to Full Tilt (following the blogger games, no doubt), which would explain the past several horrific river beats I've experienced (besides, we all know online poker is rigged!). Oh well. Here's hoping that my new life, rising from the ashes of despair like the mythical Phoenix, will figure out how to push people off of flush draws while holding a set!!! Among other things, of course. Anyway, good hunting. May your aces hold up, may the deck hit you in the face, and may the river gods not fill some ass-tard's nine-high flush. See ya out there!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

It's a little belated, but on December 2, The Randomness of Hoff turned 1 year old! Given the events of the past 6 months, there were times where I wondered if it would survive to a year. Well, it did. And to top it off, I received a slightly belated but extremely welcome gift...I finally got a fucking job!!!!!!!!!!

I start on Monday the 11th, and I'm doing what I really like doing, environmental and land use consulting to government agencies. Basically, cities, counties, transit agencies, school districts, etc., will contract with my company and have us either prepare complex environmental documentation for projects of theirs, prepare major land use documents (General Plans, Master Plans of Development, etc.), or review and process environmental and land use applications that are submitted to them. The pay is good, not as good as I was getting, but in this market I'll take it.

So, long story short, I'm alive!! It will be a few weeks until I get my first paycheck, so I won't be back on the tables that quickly...but I WILL be back! Extreme thank yous to all of you out there who still stop by, and Uber-Extreme thanks yous for the continued words of encouragement: Smokkee, Jules, Lady Falcon, My Leetle Seester, Klopzi, Iakaris, Tripjax, Drewspop, Matt, Mr. Jack Mehoff, Joe Speaker, Raveen, Mookie, and anybody else I forgot. In any respect, I'm coming back! See ya 'round the room!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Believe it or not, I'm still here!

And from the never say die department...

Greetings and salivations, anyone who might still be stopping by my little corner of the webbosphere. Wish I had something wonderful to say, but I don't. I am approaching five months of unemployment, and it is really taking a toll. Stress, depression, agitation, conflict with Dear and Patient GF (amazed that she still is patient), and (natch) very limited poker. It's kind of odd, actually. You'd think that being home all day would give me ample time to blog and play pokah. Not so much. I spend the majority of time surfing the job boards (although I am helping a friend's mother paint her house, which isn't much but still helps with the cashola), I'm pretty much limited to playing freerolls (had aces cracked 3 times in one MTT!), and even then, I just don't have a helluva lot to say. And to top it off, the depression aspect of this has just demotivated the hell out of me. No gym and an expanding gut are the lovely side effects of this. The painting seems to be helping, but it's just an ugly set of circumstances all the way around. The couple of promising opportunities that I was looking at back in July and August have evaporated, as the real estate development slow down spreads its way through the San Diego area. Right now I've got one promising opportunity that fell into my lap last week, and I'm waiting for a second interview to be scheduled...probably sometime around the 26th or so. Here's hoping.

Beyond that, not a helluva lot to say. I'm still here, and occasionally I take the time to lurk around a few blogs, but that's about it for now. If this job hits, though, you can all bet your collective asses that I WILL BE BACK!!! Until every poker site pulls out of the US and they somehow force banks to stop dealing with every e-Wallet out there (watch your back Neteller!), once I gots me some financial depth, you will see my donkalicious ass back at the usual haunts...WWDN Not, Mookie, MATH, I really do miss playing them and girlie chatting with all of you degenerates. Save me a seat...I WILL BE BACK!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Absinthe on TV

So. Ryan at Absinthetics played in the WSOP Main Event, and finished ITM. Recently he confirmed that ESPN was going to show footage of him at the table with Jesus Ferguson. At approx. 5:11 p.m. on Tuesday 9/5, Ryan was on for approximately 30 sec. Jesus was short stacked and shoved with a T6 offsuit. Ryan looked thoughtful for a moment, and then called with his A8 s0000ted. He paired his ace on the flop and made the (not) baby Jebus cry. Congrats to Ryan for not only busting Jesus and making the money, but not doing something stupid on TV like spilling Corona on himself or something...

Monday, September 04, 2006

The one in which we channel George Carlin

To paraphrase, "playing limit stud is like watching flies fuck."

Slow slow slow slow! Get home from the bbq last night. DAPGF is tired so she's heading to bed. I have to walk the dog, but I'm not quite done yet. I sign up for a Stud-8 limit freeroll, just because it's the only thing really spinning up at that point. Now, the tourney was scheduled for 11:30 pm, so I signed up at 11 and took the dog for her walk, figuring that I'd be back before midnight and not miss too much. So I get back just before midnight and click "I'm back", only to realize that I've only bled off 50 or so chips. Now, blinds were just about to jump to 75/150 and I'm sure that I was due for the bring-in soon, but it's hard to believe that the action was that slow as to cost me that little during the time I sat out. So I doubled up on the first two hands I played, with a boat and a flush (no low on the boat and I scooped the low with my near wheel). So I'm back in the thick of things pretty quickly. Then the blinds really started to climb. At 400/800/25 I get dealt what could be a monster. 7s 5s in the pocket and the 4s as the door. Can we say huge woodie? I limp along with half the table. Next card is the 6s. Holy Carp! Visions of dragging a huge pot and tripling up start flashing thru my demented little mind. Here's the problem. Everybody starts betting. 2 players fold out, but I'm left with EP showing a nut flush draw in diamonds (A8d) on the board and EP's left showing two aces (the spade hasn't been seen on the board). I absolutely hate chasing draws, but with three cards to come, how can I get away from this. I've got several different outs. With 3 to come, I could theoretically make a set or quads, plenty of 2 pair options, outs for an OESD and for any flush, plus the mortal nuts of the straight flush draw. 5th street is a brick, and adds 1 diamond to EP and nothing obvious to EP+1. Betting gets capped. 6th street pairs my 7 (still no other 7s have been seen) and does nothing obvious to either of the other players. And betting gets capped and I'm all-in. The final card is yet another useless rag (Q if I remember correctly) and the cards flip. EP shows his nut flush and my 3s for his river card. EP+1 shows two pair with his aces and snowmen in the pocket, including my 8s. And to top it off, with 5th street being an offsuit 9, I didn't even qualify for the low!

Now, if I take the time, I can figure out exactly how many outs I've got, but I've not yet gotten into calculating explicit pot odds, so I have no real idea of what my pot odds were in this hand. Still, by 5th street I was definitely pot committed and wasn't going to back down then. With my opponents both showing aces for their door cards, I didn't think it likely that I was going to push them off their hands while only showing low cards, so I just called each bet instead of raising it, hoping to see the next card cheaply. Any thoughts on what I should've or could've done differently? Should I have just folded on the bring-in? 5th street? I haven't played a lot of stud, but I think I could've done a better job of defending my hand in a pot limit or NL situation, but that wasn't where I was. Any thoughts or insight from stud players would be greatly appreciated.

And with that, Happy Labor Day to the Americans! And Happy Monday to everybody else! I know it's a day off, but I've had enough fucking days off. I'd RATHER be laboring today! Tuesday brings a whole new set of opportunities. Here's hoping...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Two quick thoughts...

"(Pacific Beach)...where the girls wonder if they're pretty enough and the guys wonder if they're drunk enough until later, when the guys tell the girls they're pretty and they girls tell the guys they're drunk and unprotected shafts spelunk apathetic mines." -Steve Caldes in San Diego City Beat bar review issue.

Such a visual description of an area. I read it and, having spent my fair share to time in this particular SD community, was instantly drawn back into the past 5 to 10 years of my life (pre Dear and Patient GF). If I'd known where I was going to be at this point in my life, I might have decided to do more spelunking than I did. That's not to say I've got dissatisfaction with DAPGF, rather with most of life. Life could be better right now, but at least things are starting to pick up. The job search is still going. I had two interviews last Thursday. The first one was for a job similar to what I've done in the past. Unfortunately they were looking for some technical experience that I don't have (soil compaction testing and other goofy civil engineering crap), so I'm not getting that one. The other one is for some government consulting work. I can't really go into a lot of detail, but it's a way cool opportunity. That interview seemed to go really well, and hopefully I'll hear back from them by the 12th or so. As always, think good thoughts people...I need it. I've also got an intervew coming up with another environmental consulting firm next Wednesday, and it sounds promising (I got a referral from somebody I know who already works for the company). I also turned down an interview for a project manager position managing the development of a terrorist training camp simulator at a military base out in the desert. The company was all ready to fly me up to the Bay area to interview, but I can't spend six months to a year living several hundred miles away from home and DAPGF, so I politely declined. If I was single, I would've jumped on it. The experience would've been hugely cool, and the money was stupid big. Logistically, it just wouldn't have worked. I guess now that the summer is ending, maybe companies are getting off their asses and starting to look at staffing for the upcoming year. Here's hoping...

I have come to hate getting pocket aces in freerolls, no matter what my position. In a freeroll, you just cannot push some yahoo off of a K8o, regardless of how much you bet. One tournament, 3rd hand, I wake up to AA in the SB. There's been 5 limpers, and having aces, I'm confident in my hand and don't want to scare everybody off...just the idiots with pocket pairs who might flop a set and fuck my world up. So I pop it to 140 to go (level 1, 10/20). The button shoves and I call, laughing as he flips over his Ks 8d. Flop comes down K rag rag with 2 diamonds. And yes he catches his runner runner, including my 3rd ace on the turn, to bust me. Another one that evening. Hand 1, I look down and find rockets in the BB. Now, I've partially learned my lesson of betting substantially to try and get the idiots out of a hand. At least if my aces get cracked, I want it to be by a legitimate hand. Someone with hiltons who flops a set or somebody playing AK picking up broadway. Unfortunately I'm still greedy and want some action, so I raise up the 4 limpers to 500 to go. Again, I get one caller (again, the button). Flop comes down J63 rainbow. I bet out 300 and butt(on) boy shoves. Because he limped preflop initially, I figured he didn't have wired paint or anything. Maybe a s00ted ace or something, and that he picked up TPTK or something. I call and he flips over J6 s0000ted, giving him 2 pair and cracking my aces for a 2nd time in one day! Any thoughts on how I play it the next time I get a monster? Shove preflop? Limp? Fold? Run and hide? I'm looking for some help people.

Enjoy your Labor Day holidays (or if you're in other parts of the world, enjoy the weekend. See ya out there.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

When is a bluff not a bluff, and other random thoughts

Finished up my latest round of searching the job boards and posting resumes, and went to the beach Friday afternoon. It's been warmer here lately, but not as bad as it was back in mid-July. Still, the beach seemed like the thing to do. Waves were firing, crappy form, but enough power to get some decent bodysurfing in. And the water temp, woo! Normally, summer in San Diego brings ocean temps of mid to upper mid 60s. Yes I know you people along the gulf and southern Atlantic regularly bask in 70s and 80s, but our current comes north to south, so it is warming up as it goes past So Cal. Friday was different. My abilities as a water thermometer are pretty accurate, and despite what you may think with air temps, a 1 or 2 degree difference in the water is noticeable. My thermokinetic abilities placed the temp right around 71 or felt like I was in a swimming pool. A quick check with the lifeguards
confirmed that the official temp was 70. And yes, that is a pic of one of the lifeguards. I had to be somewhat subtle in getting the shot (don't want to get arrested for sexual harrassment or something), hence the distance. Still, we get the hotties out here.

Been playing on a couple of different sites, due to bankroll issues (meaning not having much of one). Royal Vegas is not a bad place to play (check it out, but if you want to sign up, contact me for the referral code). Obviously, they don't have the volume of players that PokerStars or Full Tilt do, but they have a decent number and spread a variety of games. 5 and 7 Stud/Stud 8, Omaha/O-8, and Hold 'Em, from .05/.10 to 100/200. They also run some great freerolls and have a progressive bad beat jackpot. They seem to be a skin of the Prima/Ladbroke network so they are PokerTracker compatible, and I presume the BBJ is spread over all of the network. As with most freerolls, they are definitely looser than a normal (non-rebuy) MTT, but unlike most other sites, Royal Vegas offers a fat payout that makes it worth the time and effort. Most sites have a $40/$50 guarantee, and Party typically offers $300 guarantees. Royal Vegas' main freerolls (3x/day, typically) have $1000 guaranteed, so it will pay out to the top 260 or so spots. Yeah, you still have to fight thru 11000 other morons to get there, but because of the rebuy madness effect, you shed 3/4 of the field in the first half hour. They also run satellites to EPT tournaments and the Aussie Millions, so maybe this is a smoother path to a major tournament as opposed to fighting through thousands at a time on Stars or Tilt. The interface is pretty decent, not too cluttered, and the tables are easy to use. Here are shots of the main lobby and a tournament lobby:

No avatars, for those of you who are interested. The entire sidebar of the table is the chat history, so you can look up past hands pretty easily. The downside of this is that the tables take up a lot of room on the monitor, and you unfortunately cannot resize them. Oh well. Here's what they look like (at least some of the time):
Nothing like quad rockets to make your day. Thinking about it, I've gotten a fair number of DQB moments on this site. Just a thought. Anyway, email me at for a referral code (why can't they just set up a nice affiliate link?) and give it a try.

Pitbull Poker is another site I've been playing on. What makes this site unique is that it's a flash don't download any software. This does present some problems in occasional jerky movements or hesitating screens, but by and large it works pretty well. The window gets a little cluttered looking, but for those of you that multi-table the tables are set to do tabbed browsing like on Firefox. See the following shots of the main lobby, tournament lobby, and table.

They spread a decent number of games (see Royal Vegas list), but they don't have a lot of players so it may take a while for SNGs to spin up. On the plus side, the NLHE freerolls only get 200-400 people depending on time and day, so even tho the guarantee is only $50 (still better than Full Tilt), you actually have a chance to money in them. Hand history only seems to be accessible thru the chat window, and I'm not aware if it's Poker Office compatible (prolly not). Still, it's not a bad time. Check it out, and please note the referral code as "iamhoff". My bankroll thanks you.

Finally, the first part of the title is the last part of the post (how's that for randomness?). Thinking about this, it seems so logical, but I'd never gotten to experience it until I was in this freeroll Thursday night. We're at 600/1200/50, and I've got about an average stack (10k maybe). I've crafted an image of solid but aggressive, but I showed a successful hammer bluff and I've bluffed into pots and folded to reraises, so the table respects my bets but knows I'm not above stealing a pot. So I wake up to rockets on the button. UTG calls, fold, fold, MP pops it to 3000 to go, it folds around to me and I pop it up to 6000 to go. BB figures I'm trying to steal the pot and shoves (has me covered). Being the short stack, I guess UTG figured this was as good an area to make a stand and calls (I've got him covered by 6k or so), and MP calls (has me covered by a big margin). Cards are flipped and UTG had a s00000ted Tourist (A7), MP had Hiltons, and BB had AKo. My rockets held up and I dragged a huge pot. I ultimately made the money, but didn't go as deep as I hoped. Oh well. The interesting thing I learned, though was getting a monster on the button is a bitchin' thing. When you can bluff at bluffing and make people think you're bluffing, then you're playing good poker. See ya out there.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Is It the Troll or Is It Mr.Tang??

Well, I'm sure many of you avid readers of Hoff's blog have been wondering who is this Troll guy and when is he ever going to make a reasonable contribution to society? (Ok, if you haven't been wondering, make me feel good and Lie to me!) Anyway, I'm the Troll, a beer swilling, half-assed poker player who loves to talk trash while either taking your chips or giving you mine.

Ok good to the story ( the one i'm sure Y'all have been eagerly waiting for).

My beloved bride, my buddy Jaybo, and myself made the Kessel Run (Las Vegas) in 12 parsects this passed week. After losing the first bet of the trip ( I bet Jaybo $1 that we would arrive at the Mirage at 9:45pm, he said 9:30pm .... And yes, I was driving...shows you how smart I am!) we proceeded to get comfortable for a couple of cold rounds of Heineken Light prior to playing any cards. Following a short quest to find wifee some $5 blackjack, which we did at one of my favorite casinos - The Barbary Coast, Jaybo and I proceeded to the Flamingo for a game of suck-outs and bad beats. ( That would be Jaybo's name for the cashgame 2-4 Limit Holdem') After playing for maybe an hour..or two or possibly three.. A little Asian gentleman sat down in the dealer's seat and proceeded to deal the fastest first round of Holdem' I have ever seen. The whole table was up in arms, and Mr.Tang as his name tag read seemed to take offense to something I had uttered cause every round after that he would rudely interupt what ever conversation I was trying to have with my opponents, by saying "....the actions on you boss..."

But, the best was yet to come, there was this young dude, we will call him donkey-boy sitting in seat 10 and he is playing an aggressive style of donkey poker that finally hits. There is an open ended straight draw on the board 8 - J, and this lucky bastard is playing a Q-X offsuit and hits the high end of the draw. Two other people are in the pot ( Yours truely not being one of them) and they both flip over their 7-X hole cards. Well donkey-boy is so excited he flips over his Queen. And proceeded to inquire about the pot, Mr. Tang, with a straight face, looks at him and says..." That card no good..." Donkey-boy becomes incensed, i'm confused...I am wondering why in the hell is his card no good??? then Donkey-boy angerily flips his second X card at which time Mr. Tang says " now...your cards are good..." and shoves the pot over. So the morals of the story are A) Never go to the Las Vegas, Flamingo and anger Mr. Tang if you intend to have drunken- social poker and B) Always flip over both of your cards when you win a pot.

Well, thats it for now...if you actually read this to the end, Thanks for weathering through, if not maybe next time.

The one in which we actually apply lessons learned...

It's just before the break in a limit stud tournament (not that there's a limit to my personal studliness, of course). Blinds are 150/300/25, and 2 hands previously, an aggressive guy who was recently moved to the table busted your hero's 2 pair with a rivered flush. Hero is dealt snowmen in the pocket and a duck for a door card. I call the bring-in, MP calls, villain completes with Jc on the door, UTG folds, I call and so does MP. Now, I'm not tilted over the beat I took earlier, but I am watching for a spot to bust villain. The deal brings me a beautiful 3rd snowman, MP a rag, and villain the 4c. So. Even if he just made a set, mine's bigger (heh heh heh). I figure he's on a flush draw, and I'm not going to make it cheap for him to make it. At this point I'm sitting on around 4000 chips, and he's got around 6000. I bet, he raises, I reraise, committing myself to go all in if it goes that far. Sure as hell, villain keeps reraising to get me all in. Cards are flipped, and he's got 4 clubs. Fortunately the poker gods are with me, and I drag a nice 8000 chip pot. 2 lessons here. First, get all your money in with the best hand. It may sound logical, but I'm sure many of us don't do that all the time (guilty). Second, if you're up against somebody with a drawing hand (anything from a flush to the proverbial 2 high cards), make it expensive for them to fill their hand. I knew I had the best hand when the money got all in, and I was ready to go to war with that. Every now and then, things work out.

And here's the picture I was trying to post yesterday.

Just had to represent my piece of history.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Snakes on a Book Review

So. A couple of nice, random topics for discussion. Seems appropriate for Teh Randomness, no? Snakes, and a book review. Let's hit the book first.

Like many of you, during the WPBT in July I signed up to receive an advanced copy of Phil Gordon's sequel to The Little Green Book, The Little Blue Book. Appropriately, the cover WAS blue, and the book's size (excluding thickness) was, well, little. Phil Gordon is a great poker player, and TLBB is a great poker book. Probably the best part of this book is just the way Phil decided to present the game of poker. He could've made theory the focus, and spent much of the time explaining the mechanics of starting hands, fold equity, pot odds, and so on. As a matter of fact, he does discuss a lot of poker theory, but he does so by using a metric-ass ton of hand histories, including winning and losing plays. More importantly, he goes into great detail to explain his thought processes on how he reads his cards, the other players, stack sizes, and pot size, and how all of those relate to the action he takes. And he's not afraid to show the warts in detail, explaining (as an example) how he can figure out how to violate his rule (one I am adopting immediately) of not going broke with a single pair. As he relates and reviews his thought processes, he explains the theoretical concepts behind his rationale. Pot odds, the rule of 2 and 4, implied tilt odds, when to limp, when to bluff, table image, etc. Just seeing a hand being played without the narrative behind it can certainly show you what might happen, but to figure out why some jackass called your raise with Q8 s0000000ted and cracked your AA with a flush (your bet was small enough to give him correct pot odds) is really something worthwhile. And since they are actual hand histories, you get to have further insight into some of the other pros that Phil has played with, including Devilfish, Scotty Nguyen, Hellmuth, and Matusow, not to mention several Tiltboy stories. Conveniently, he also has the hand histories arranged as to type of game and stage of the game. If you want to see examples of applied theory to the early stages of a tournament, or how you might want to play as you approach the bubble, just find the chapter and start drinking in the hand analyses. Simple version, if you didn't get a copy at the WPBT, go get yourself a copy. With 360+ pages of hand analyses, you're sure to find an example to help you through whatever odd or questionable situation you might come across.

"X-box or Play Station?" - Samuel L. Jackson to the rap star bodyguard who gets tapped to fly the plane, because he has "thousands of hours" in a variety of planes. All on flight simulators. Schweeeeet.

Snakes on a Motherfucking Plane! Was it cheesy? Yup. Were there (in Al's words) holes in the plot large enough to fly a jumbo jet through? Uh huh. Did some of the snakes and CGI work look fake? Sho 'nuff. Did it give us the greatest line in the history of movie going (SLJ - I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane)? Abso-freaking-lutely. And all things being equal, the basic story line was decent. As Mr. Jackson was quoted (either Comic-Con or one of his many print interviews), this is just a mindless, kick-ass action flick. It's not going to be deep, and make you look at social inequality. It's going to be shallow and let you see the exposed boobie of a mile-high club particpant get bit by a big 'ol snake. You get the dark green illumination always shown for Night Vision Goggles, reinvented as snake-o-vision. You get a plane crash joke where the pilot talks about the plane "...going down like a Thai hooker." I had no idea Pauly had any input into the movie! Personally, I don't think you need to get good and trashed before seeing the movie, but it certainly wouldn't hurt. If you can't take a joke and don't enjoy movies like Shaft, Tango & Cash, Detroit Rock City, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High, you are better off not seeing Snakes. You likely will not enjoy yourself. As a side note, I've tried to upload pictures into this here post, but Blogger is having its own issues, and isn't letting me attach pics at this time. Oh well. Simple version, go ahead and see it. If you're not happy, so what. Get a refund and move on with life. I'm sure there's an artsy movie theatre nearby where you can watch some spelling bee movie and feel much more fulfilled.

I'm tired now. I'm going to bed. See ya out there.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Kudos to Pauly, Change, Otis, Wil, and everybody who fought the man to bring all of us WSOP coverage. Pauly, hope ya find some well-deserved relaxation. Hell, I hope all of you get a good chance to unwind, but Pauly was starting to sound particularly frazzled. Thanx one and all for the time, effort and sacrifice you all put into this. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing the TV coverage of the disgruntled dealers. Maybe next year we can talk ESPN into doing remotes from the Tilted Kilt or the Hooker Bar.

Not much happening for me on the poker front. I hit a couple of freerolls here and there, but a freeroll is just rebuy madness without the rebuys. I've made it deep into several of them, and cashed a couple of times. It is hard though, because so many of these people will come over the top of my KK 6x preflop raise with 6-8s because they're s00000ted and sure as hell my 3rd K will spike their flush. So it goes.

Saw the movie "World Trade Center" last night. Damn. I highly recommend it. It was extremely well-done, and intense as all hell. And to Oliver Stone's credit, he really did keep the politics out of it. All he did was tell the story of the two NY Port Authority cops who were pulled out of the rubble. It was one of the most intense, impressive movies I've seen thus far (SOAP breaks this coming weekend - WOO HOO!!), and I strongly recommend it. And back to what will be the Cinema Experience of The Year, Snakes on a Motherfucking Plane! Those of you who are watching ESPN's WSOP coverage doubtless saw the SOAP trailer during the 8/8 episodes. That was the first time I'd seen any ad for SOAP that wasn't online. Thanks to Dear and Patient GF, I see two movies every week (with occasional exceptions), and I still haven't seen anything more than posters at the theatres. Oh well, who the hell cares. Friday night, DAPGF has graciously agreed to subject herself to Snakes on a Motherfucking Plane. I cannot fucking wait!!!

And finally the job hunt. Slow, slow, slow. The Riverside gig I mentioned previously went to somebody already up there. No big deal, because I really wasn't wanting to contemplate the "commute or move" option. The consulting gigs I mentioned are still up in the air. I supposedly was going to hear something this past week, but you know how that goes. There's a couple of other things going on that show some promise, and I might hear something in the next week or so. Keep thinking good thoughts.

There's the update. Hopefully I'll have some actual news to report. If not, I'll see you at the theater on Friday...Snakes on a Motherfucking Plane!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Don't Ban Internet Gambling

Check out this op-ed piece written by Greg Raymer and Chris Savage. Props to StudioGlyphic for posting it first (at least the first one I found). Since the legislation has already passed the House, similar legislation has to be passed in the Senate. Assuming the Senate passes legislation, then they've got to tweak both versions so that they match. Contact your Senators and convince them that online gambling legislation should not be passed, or if it is, there should be an exemption for games of skill, such as Poker. We need to work hard on this. Thank you for your time.

Now back to the frivolity. Or is this a sign of the apocalypse? You decide... Natural Cheetos?!? No Preservatives? No Artificial Flavors? No Artificial Colors? Aren't Cheetos about nothing but Artificial Flavors and Colors? Be afraid, be very afraid...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yes I Am Lame

Wish I had something really insightful, interesting, or impressive to say. Sadly, not the case. The job hunt continues, as I enter my third month of searching. I've had a few interviews recently, and I'm waiting to hear on 2nd interviews on all three. The most promising one is a sort of deputy director position in the planning department of a urban planning and environmental consulting firm here in San Diego. The money should be good (not what I was earning but workable) and the location is less than 10 miles from Casa de Hoff. Even better, they've got a fleet of vehicles (including several 4x4s to go out to remote locations) so I wouldn't have to put miles on the Jeep.

I am being contacted regularly by recruiters who are pushing positions in Joe Speaker's neck of the woods (Riverside County - Inland Empire), that offer even more stupid big money than I was making previously, but that becomes a logistical nightmare. Were I to accept one of those positions, here's the possible scenarios: 1. I have a daily one-way commute over several different Southern California freeways of approximately 90 miles one-way (see example). So I could get up at 4 a.m. to make the commute to Riverside, spend the day there, and make another 2 to 2 and a half hour commute home. F. U. N. Not! or 2. Do #1 while trying to find Dear And Patient GF a job in the I.E. and sell a condo in the extreeeeeemely soft San Diego real estate market. This of course presumes that I could convince DAPGF that living in Riverside is just as good as living in La Jolla (it's not). Or 3. Use a portion of my salary to rent a place in Riverside, furnish it etc., and live there during the week. All while still paying half of the mortgage on Casa de Hoff. Technically, with the salaries being discussed, it's possible. But let's look at this. GF works two jobs, so there would be several days that she would not be able to take care of the dog until extremely late. And that would be extremely depressing to the dog. And then there's our relationship itself. For the first year we dated, I was living in the OC, actually very close to Smokkee's neck of the woods, and I commuted down to San Diego on the weekends. It sucked, but I did it because that was how things were. Neither of us want to go back to that, so that's extremely unlikely. So anybody out there wanting to help a brother out, send good juju for one of my San Diego opportunities.

Poker has been close to non-existent. The bankroll has been severely depleted, relegating me to using FPPs and playing freerolls. That being said, I have played a few recently. Full Tilt has been running their .com and .net freeroll satellites to their Red Rock challenge. These are 90 player freeroll SNGs, and they play just like the $3 rebuy madness tourneys on Stars. Here's the first hand of the last one I played in.
Unfortunately, I busted out just short of the bubble. If I remember correctly, my M was pretty low (4 I think) and I woke up to TT UTG. I shove and get called by Ace-Rag. Yup, he pairs his ace on the flop and IGH. Still, it was pretty fun. You have to be pretty quick to get into these tourneys, as they fill up in nothing flat. You have to wait for the server you're logged into to get one sent there, and then you've got to be ready. I first open up a random tourney lobby window, and postion the "register now" button over the "tourney lobby" button in the main lobby. Close that window, and highlight the first FTP SNG listed. Place the cursor over the "tourney lobby" button and place a finger over the up cursor button. As soon as it pops up in the list, up cursor, tourney lobby, register now, click the buy-in button and click "register now". Whole process, 2 seconds. 90 players filled up, 4 seconds. No bullshit. Last one I played in

Stars has the Moneymaker Millions challenge going. I've played in a few Round 1s so far, and have done no better than 2200 out of 8500. Not a bad showing necessarily, but nowhere near the payouts. The first one I played, I saw a miracle. AK held up! I was short stack and shoved preflop, and got called by a pair of ducks. Never have I seen a more beautiful flop.
The turn brought me a beautiful bullet, eliminating any chance of ass-tard sucking out on me with a 3rd 2, making him a boat over my set of cowboys. A different round 1 saw me in LP with an unopened pot with AJo. With the blinds at 400/800/50 and my stack around $3000, I shove and get called by Mr. Big Stack Bully and his crabs.
Once again the flop hits me square in the face, and the turn again gives me a beautiful boat. Finally, yet a 3rd Moneymaker Round 1. This was that most horrible of scenarios. TT in the cutoff. I pop a 3x raise and everyone folds but one. I flop top set. Unfortunately I'm in the wrong position to generate action, and the flop checks around. Turn is a rag. Again, it checks around. River brings the case ten, for a little DQB. It checks to me. I bet out 40 into a pot of 250, hoping to get even a crying call. Nope.
Don't you hate it when you have an absolute monster and nobody is willing to play? Arrgh.

Finally, I love when people get to complaining about online poker being rigged. I take every chance I get to jump into the girlie chat box and stoke the fires. This was a tourney on Tilt, and poor rich7557 just got sucked out on at the river. He of course jumps into the chat box and starts (digitally) frothing at the mouth. I of course had to offer up this tidbit.
I figured I was either going to send him to Hoyazo, Iakaris, or Waffles if he asked me what blog I read it in, but he didn't bite. Oh well.

For those few of you still stopping by here, thanks for your continued, if somewhat confusing interest in all things Hoff. May your aces hold up, may your money get all-in on the best hand, and may you never have to worry about Snakes on a Motherfucking Plane!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Bloggers on TV

Congrats to my favorite pizza provider, Jen Leo, for making it to 3rd on the Poker Dome! By and large she played very well, considering how tight her calling range was early, and how card dead she was. She had a great bluff where she played (I think) a 9-7o and on a junk board bluffed Dock off of an A6o. There was one hand that she got into somewhat early on (I didn't see it after they were down to 4 handed) where she picked up a monster (might have been AQ), and when she was waiting for someone to call her bet she was trying mightily to keep a grin off of her face. The crack in her poker face didn't matter, as whoever was left on the board would've had no right calling with his cards. As I said, she made it to three-handed, and woke up to J6 s0000000ted. 3 handed, that's not a bad hand, especially UTG. Unfortunately, she smoothcalled, and Jones in the BB checked his T7. Flop came down T6T, the worst possible flop for Jenny from the Blog. She bet out and villain shoved. Jen requested time and tried to figure whether the big stack bully was actually bullying or had hit a hand. I can't fault her call, tho. 2 pair on the flop 3 handed is a strong hand. Unfortunately, when the BB checked, it really took away her reads on his range. If she'd bet it up, he probably would've folded. Oh well. She got on TV to play poker, and that's more than most of us can say. Congrats on doing it Jen! Wish I could've been there.

I also saw Pauly in the audience on a couple of their breakaway shots. I recognized a few others sitting around Pauly (I heard that Change and Garth were there, but since Fox Sports' HD channel isn't broadcast on Time Warner Cable in San Diego overnight (channel guide said "off-air" when shows were running on FSN), I couldn't make out everyone sitting near Pauly. Oh well. Congrats again to Jen on making it to The Dome!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Non-poker but Blogger-appropriate content

So. I haven't managed to drag my lazy ass down to the sweltering environment that is the San Diego Convention Center (tho it is a mere 15 minute drive from Casa de Hoff) to take in all that is Comic-Con. Still, living here, I get to hear all of the updates. The best one yet:

There was a Simpsons forum in one of the halls, where Matt Groening and Company were going to discuss all things Simpsons, including the hopefully no-more delayed movie (now scheduled for 2007). Someone asked about the delays and when it was scheduled to be released. James Brooks (exec director) replied that ..."we'd been working on it, only to realize that Snakes on a Plane was doing the same story!" D'oh!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Such a promising beginning...

So. Played in a round 1 WSOP FPP freeroll on Stars. Decided I'd loosen up for this one, widened the calling range. Started off with 34c in the BB. 3 limpers and one min raise from the button. I decided WTF and called. Flop came down 7c Ks Tc. Min bet, all fold but me. Turn is Ac. I've got my flush, and I lead out betting 100. I get called. River is the Jh, putting a nice Broadway opportunity out there. I bet out 100, get min-raised, reraise another 400 and get called. He mucked.

Second hand, I get T9o in the SB. Several limpers and I complete. Flop comes down Ten-high rainbow. I bet out 100, and only get one caller from EP. Another low rag, not giving anybody any help. Another 100 and another call. At this point, I've put my esteemed opponent on two overcards, wondering if his overs are better than mine. River is another rag. Another 100 and another call. This guy at least showed his AJo.

After that, I went absolutely card dead. I could've widened my range to playing 36o, and that wouldn't have helped. If my cards were low, the flop was all overs. If they were high, rainbow low. S000000ted? Pick the opposite s000t. It was almost funny. Finally I wake up to TT UTG. I pop a raise to 6x, and get 5 callers! Huh? Flop comes down 474. I bet out 300, and everybody folds except villain in MP. Turn is an 8. I check and he checks. River is a 2. I bet 300, get raised to 600. At this point, calling would leave me with less than 400, and the blinds were getting ready to jump to 50/100. I shove, he has me covered and calls. He flips over J4o for the set, and IGHN.

In (again) a dispassionate self-review, I shouldn't have gotten married to my tens. The thing that pissed me off the most was villain's cards. If he'd flipped over JJ for an overpair or 88 for a set, I wouldn't have been as upset. Those hands you can imagine somebody calling a huge preflop raise. But the Jackhammer? In a blogger tournament, I might buy it. But this turd didn't seem to be a blogger. cat7777. I did a yahoo search on him, though, and got a bunch of "men seeking others" links for some personals site in NorCal. Somehow it just seems appropriate. Oh well. There's always tomorrow.

Finally, an efficient way to watch a movie

Not having much of a bankroll these days, I'm playing limited poker. As such, I've got time on my hands to find gems like these. You need sound, but watch out as the language is "slightly" profane. You have been warned.

Finally, someone in the mainstream media gets it

This story brought a warm fuzzy feeling to the deepest part of my soul. Finally somebody gets it. We don't need no stinkin' reviews. We don't need no Ebert & Roper or whoever the hell is the voice in the wilderness for movie reviews. The movie is going to do well because a vast cross-section of the blogosphere has been pimping it mercilessly for the past year. A movie that's going to do well solely because the audience it's targeted at is going to want it. Because I live in San Diego and I have way too much time on my hands these days, I may even try to get into Comic-Con this weekend and see the sneak preview. Either way, I'm definitely there when it finally hits the theatres. Say it with me people...


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Your Chance to do Some Good

Check out this link to see how you can help out the For Peyton charity. Mr. Huge Junk himself has been graciously pimping this event in his totally gay online diary, and I wanted to do what little I could to help. One question, though. One would think that somebody with huge junk would be pimped out himself, not the one doing the pimping. The subject matter seems to fit with the demented nature of THIS totally geigh online diary, but the deeper meaning behind it goes far beyond my limited capacity to comprehend it. I think I'll have a drink. Meanwhile, check out some huge junk and see what you can do to help Peyton.

Things that make you go ewwwww...

If you were questioning the cleanliness of the Excal, check this story out. I guess you should never assume things have been "properly" cleaned up.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Not much going on...

So I won a freeroll into the Full Tilt Red Rock challenge. Sweet. I didn't make it to the Red Rock during the WPBT but I'd heard a lot of bloggers talking about it. Hey! A free trip to Vegas and a chance at a million dollar pot...I'm good with that. So I started off in Round 1 yesterday. I was actually playing fairly well. About 20 minutes into the tourney, I had seen more than 400 players eliminated and built up a stack almost double the average (around 9000). I was less than half of what the big stack was, though, and that was my downfall. The big stack unfortunately was at my table, with something north of 30k in chips, and he was playing true big stack poker. It didn't matter what you bet, he was in the pot. I watched people limp, only to have him raise enough to put them all in. I watched people shove, only to have him call with any two cards and get lucky almost half the time. I figured that if I got a monster, I'd pop a "normal" raise and shove if he reraised me. Sure as hell, I wake up to cowboys UTG. I pop it to 600 to go (50/100 if I remember correctly) and get one caller, Mr. Big Stack Bully who is sitting in the BB. Flop comes down 457 rainbow. He bets out 1000. I figure he's just trying to bully me out, and at best he's got Ace-rag and paired one of them. I shove, figuring that I'm going to double up off of the biggest ass-tard in the tournament. Take a guess what two cards Mr. Big Stack Fuck-tard was playing. What two cards would you feel were worth calling a 5x raise preflop? Think about it. Give me your widest calling range. The ass-ranger was playing

wait for it...

you know you're guessing correctly here...



Yes, Mister Fuck-tard flopped a straight 3 to the 7. I even picked up a 3rd K on the turn, but it wasn't enough. I was so bent that I actually stayed in the chat box and just spewed. I normally don't do that, but I was just so bent that I couldn't help myself. It wasn't just the horrific beat, it was the fact that I was playing some of the best tournament poker I'd ever played. I was catching cards, I had an aggression level that Hoy would have approved of. I was playing extremely well, and GF was even out for a while, so I didn't have any GF tilt to worry about.

In a fit of dispassionate self-review, I could've smooth-called his flop bet. Once that 3rd cowboy fell on the turn, though, I would've shoved anyway. I was drawing dead, no matter what happened. Now, if there had been no preflop raise and he checked the BB, I might have paused a bit for his flop bet. I probably would've called, instead of reraising, but again that 3rd king would've sealed it for me. Oh well. Das poker. Now I have to win another freeroll into this thing. Stay tuned, dear readers.

And to live up to the title of this here totally geigh online diary, here's a random list:

Last 5 songs to come up shuffled in my "Random Poker Tunes" iTunes playlist:

David Banner (feat Lil Flip) - Get Down (like a pimp)
Bad Religion - Los Angeles is Burning
Socks and a Smile - Fighting Gravity
Krokus - Long Stick Goes Boom
Electric Six - Gay Bar

See ya out there...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Poker and Non-poker content

So. Apparently Coppertone Sport sunblock has an expiration date. Just not on the bottle I own. My little sister was in San Diego this week for some Mac in Education conference, and they finished up early on Wednesday. Since her conference was going on just a few miles away from Casa de Hoff, she came over and we went out to the beach. Phenomenal weather, water temp in the low 70s, and the waves were firing. Being a freckled red head, I slathered on the sunblock. Now, this stuff is really good, and I can usually get almost 2 hours out of it at the beach. We were there for just about 2 hours when we bailed. We got home, and I could just start to feel the burn on my shoulders. Sure as hell, by the time I got home from dinner, I was torched. Let that be a lesson to all of you fair-skinned peeps...don't use old sunblock.

Was watching The Sports List on Fox Sports this afternoon. Summer Sanders probably has the best legs of any TV host I've seen. Granted, most TV hosts aren't shot below the waist, but she was and she was wearing one of those short, wrap-looking skirts that 18 year old girls like to wear. It was all good. I surfed around, looking for a picture, but couldn't find one that did her and her legs justice. Sigh. Cleavage, you've got your pick of any number of babes, but Summer's legs were all kinds of good.

As of late, my poker play has been decidedly less than stellar. Part of it has been that I never seem to catch a flop, even when I have good cards and bet them up preflop. The reality, though, has been my donkaliciousness has been leaking out. So, in an effort to solidify my game and rebuild my decimated Full Tilt bankroll, I'm doing my own SNG challenge. I'm starting at the bottom, playing the $1.25s until I have a profit equal to 5 or 6 buy-ins at the next level ($5.50, so somewhere between $25 and $33). Once I hit that level, I'll play there until I have another 5 or 6 buy-ins in the bankroll. And at any level, if I fail to cash in 3 in a row, I drop down a level, just to keep things honest. Then I have to get my profit back up to the 5 or 6 level to move back up. So far things have been going well...I've cashed in 6 of 9 SNG's I've played, and one was a 45 player that I took a horrible beat to go out in 13th place (aces cracked, you know the drill). Not a lot of money yet, but the bankroll is growing. I'll take that.

Good luck out there. I gotta go walk the dog. May your aces hold up and may the deck hit you in the face.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Assorted Thoughts

Damn! Vegas was a blast! Wish I could've stayed longer...maybe dear and patient GF will be willing to suck it up and go in December. We shall see... In the meanwhile, it's been great reading up on everybody's trip recaps, finding out what I missed and getting some information corrected. Mr. Subliminal, I apologize for accusing you of busting me out of the Roshambo tournament. He looked vaguely like you did, at least as you were partially hidden behind the dealer from my point of view. No worries. And if you want to be munching ass instead of an ass munch, power to you my friend.

I've been looking over the blogsheet of everyone that signed up to go, and jebus did I miss seeing a bunch of people. Hell, I probably did see enough of you, but no introductions were ever made. I blame the booze. As I noted previously, it is such a convenient target. Donkeypuncher, Waffles, and so many others. Hell, Smokkee, at least someone introduced us whilst you were deep in drunken brogger poker. Think December, and hopefully it will hit. In the meanwhile, there's always the digital felt and the brogger tournaments. MATH, WWdN, the Mookie, and the Not. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Now that gf is back to teaching, maybe I can get caught up and get back to playing with you degenerates.

As I promised several posts ago, I've cleanup the blogrolls here at The Randomness. The blogroll grew substantially and using my ABCs seemed to be a good way to organize it. And of course there are other categories of dementia that I've served up for your entertainment purposes. Find a link you don't know and click on it. You might be amazed, entertained, scared or just plain disgusted. That's the beauty of it.

For those of you who have been following Hoff's quest for a steady income, the interview on Monday went pretty well, but I'm probably not going to get the gig. They were looking for someone with a lot more technical experience (environmental biology and such) than I've got. I've taken test results and written Environmental Impact Reports and such, but I've not had to do the whole biological survey things and such. So it goes. Keep thinking good thoughts.

Finally, got a little poker in today. One SNG today on Tilt, and I took 3rd for a small but welcome cash. The signature hand in this one was when I got to play the Mookie (T8o) out of the SB. Flopping the gutshot and turning the straight. Ya gotta love hitting a hand that absolutely nobody could or would put you on. Next one we were sitting on the bubble when I woke up to 55 on the button. UTG short stack made baby jebus cry with a min raise, I called as did the SB. Flop comes down A54. SB shoves and UTG thinks for a long while and calls with JJ. I instacall, having both of them covered. SB has A2 for a wheel draw. Queen on the turn and another 4 on the river, giving me a boat, stacking the two of them, and blowing right past the bubble with me dominating my opponent more than 5 to 1 in chips. End result, Hoff wins! Woo hoo! It was a small buy-in, so it's not like I just won a buy-in to the WSOP or anything, but positive movement in the bankroll is always a good thing. Keep those trip recaps coming in, peeps. See ya out there.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I think I was in Vegas (or I shouldn't have anchovy pizza right before bed)

Whew! What a trip (figuratively and literally)! It is now 8:35 P.M. and I am back in Casa de Hoff in lovely San Diego. Gotta get all this out while I still remember some of it. So much cool stuff, I'm not sure where to really start. Hanging with Miami Don, Hoyazo and Iakaris...three of the funniest, coolest people I've ever met. Absolutely had a blast with those characters. Pauly being so cool as to actually take the time and introduce me to a bunch of the old school bloggers Saturday night, and then show me around the room during the Ladies event on Sunday (go Facty!! go Maudie!! rah rah rah!!). The Blogfather himself buying me a drink Saturday night while we were all laughing at the Kid Rock impersonator. Jen Leo even gave me a piece of pizza during the tournament because I asked where she'd gotten it. I'd (ironically enough) had a piece of cold pizza while driving in that morning, and I was jonesing for some grub (not that grub!) The best moment, though, was when I first roared up to Caesars. While waiting for the speakers to start, I was looking around to see if I recognized anybody from assorted blog photodumps. I saw a few across the room (Pauly, Derek, Gracie), and then this gorgeous redhead walked past me. "Carmen?" "Yes." "I am Hoff." "Hoff!!! Oh my God we've been waiting for you! C'mon! Don, Iakaris and Hoyazo are all over there." Waiting for little old me?!? No way! That moment absolutely made the weekend for me. Now, on to the trip.

4 a.m. I understand that a bunch of the bloggers were still drinking at that point. Me, I just woke up after 2 hours of sleep. Shower, get dressed, finish packing, and walk the dog. I finally get on the road, 20 minutes later than planned. This almost became a factor, but all was good. Hit a couple of stretches of contruction that slowed me down, but by and large I just hauled ass. For some reason (liability, I suppose) Nissan programmed the computer in my old Pathfinder to not allow the cruise control to be engaged at any speed over 90 mph. Not so with the Jeep. Cruise set at 105 mph thru the desert, 90-plus in all other areas. Wound up averaging 74 for the whole trip out, including construction detours, panic braking for Nevada State Troopers, and Vegas surface streets.

Nice to see I wasn't the only one who showed up late. Heather came out and informed everyone that we needed the total rewards card for the tournament, and that she would take care of it during the speaker portion of the tournament. Michael Craig, Howard Lederer and Phil Gordon all gave great talks...Howard in particular as he related his version of Mr. Smith goes to Washington, to try and kill the online gambling bill(s) percolating thru congress right now.

Then Roshambo!
We lined up and went for it! Best of 3, it took me and my opponent (who ironically would be the one to cripple me during the tournament) 9 separate throws to get a winner. We tied our first three throws and wound up going all the way to the 3rd throw. I went out when my scissors got pummeled by his rock. So it goes. After all that, though, let's play some poker!!

We go to our seats, and I'm at a very evil table. I'm in seat 9. F-Train is to my immediate right, with Hoyazo next to him. Chad from Pokerama-rama is next to Hoy. A couple of seats down was Jen Leo, and a few hands into things, Human Head sat down at the number 10 seat. Quite a table! First hand (should've seen this as a bad sign), I get AJ s0000ted. I think I was first to act, which explains why I limped with that hand. Normally I'd raise it, but I don't think my mind had fully gotten into gear yet, so I limped. A couple of callers around and Hoyazo did his typical raise to 4x. I called and the flop came down with zero help. I knew if I bet out, Hoy would reraise me...that's just how he rolls. So I checked it. I had nothing more than ace-high and no other cards to my flush or straight. He did a half pot or so bet and I folded. Second hand was AQo. Called a preflop raise and again saw a flop that came nowhere near my cards. Someone at the other end of the table bet and I folded. Then I went dead for probably 10 or so hands. I woke up to AK s000000ted UTG and popped a 5x raise. One caller, and the flop came down K-high. I let out with a pot bet and villain folded. Then came the evil hand, against the guy who busted me out of the roshambo tournament. Several people limped, including villain, which let me check my 54o. Flop came down A5x rainbow. It checked around. A 2nd five fell on the turn. I bet the pot and villain called. A ten (I think) on the river and I bet the pot again. Villain reraised me. I'd put him on a high ace, and thought I was right with an AT when he reraised me on the river. I call for about 3/4 of my stack, and he flips over pocket aces for a boat! Goddamn slowplaying ass-munches, just waiting to take my chips! What could I do? He played it correctly and I got punished. Das poker. A few hands later, I picked up another round of blinds. Then I got 99 in MP. Hoy made it his usual 4x (we were at 50/100), so I shoved with my remaining 900. Hoy actually thought about it for a while, and I had this slim hope that he would fold. He calls and flips over QTc. Queen on the flop and ten on the river, and I bust out just after an hour or so into it. Then I wandered around the room and shot some pics.

It's now 11:50. GF and doggie have been attended to, and I can finally finish this post, and go to sleep in blissful anticipation of the job interview that might put an end to my unemployedness (is that a real word? if not, who cares?). After I shot my pics and railed for a while, I bailed on Caesars and drove to the Excal to check in, dropping Iak off at the MGM on the way. That done, I crashed for about an hour. Down to the pool for some cool water and hot scenery, and then another nap. Downstairs to see if any bloggers are staggering in, but no joy. Nobody's answering the phones, either. Later I found out that the tournament was still going on after 7. So I played some craps and then had some dinner. Back upstairs for a nap (no, I'm really not that lame, just tired), and then downstairs to meet up with everybody.

First of all, super mega congrats to F-Train for winning the whole damn thing. I sat next to the winner! Do I get something for that? And sympathetic shoulder shrugs to this season's Gigli, Spaceman!! Then it was time to drink and meet people. Speaker, Gracie, Change, the guys from Lord Admiral, Derek, Kat, Jules, Poison, Sox, StB, Al, Eva, Bobby Bracelet, Smokkee, Grubby, Falstaff, Shane, Spaceman, Absinthe, and the list went on and on. I'm frankly amazed that I remembered this many people. I know I'm leaving people out, but I blame it on the's a convenient target, so why not. I didn't get to meet Waffles, and I was really disappointed because everybody kept saying "he was just here" and that he was going to be back soon. Someday Sir-F we shall meet...until then, it's the girlie chat for you. Still, had a fan-damn-tastic time with everybody. Can't wait for the next one. But it was after 3 a.m. and I needed to get some sleep. I had to drive back to San Diego and I still wanted to go to the Rio to check out Fact Girl and Maudie in the Ladies Event, as well as soak up some gen-u-wine WSOP vibe and shwag.

So I wake up 3 times, finally at 9:45 it finally holds and I get up. Shower, pack, check out and abandon the castle. Drive around looking for the one Union Bank of California branch supposedly in Vegas that was listed in the phone book. After going to the address and not finding a damn thing, I call the bank ATM locator line. Nope, no branches within 99 miles of Las Vegas. Stupid out of date phone books. So I say flock it, grab lunch (nobody but casino buffets are still serving breakfast) and break for the Rio. After the 2 mile walk thru the casino out to the convention area (I wonder if the other conventions that were happening scheduled their conventions on purpose, so as to allow easy access to the WSOP. Anyway, then came the hospitality suites. PokerStars was first, and they got kudos for having XXL beer-drinker size shirts. Full Tilt came next, with a swankier looking setup, but a need to sign up for something (hell if I can remember) to get a free t-shirt, hat, or whatever. Bodog had a nice setup with a nice comp bar. Jim Beam, baby! Absolute, UB, Card Player, they were all there. Walked into the room and was overwhelmed by the scale of everything. So much poker, all in one place!
Sorry about the quality of that pic. I was trying to shoot across the whole room, to give an idea of the scale, and caught the hanging lights and they screwed up my lighting. Sigh. Minor moment of panic when I couldn't remember what table Fact Girl said she'd be at, due to the many adult beverages I'd consumed over the evening. Let's see, who do I know that would defintely have some insight as to what's going on at the WSOP? Pauly! He was even crazy enough to answer his phone to an area code that he's probably never even seen! I asked if he knew what table Facty was on, and he said he'd be right over. He pointed out Maudie, Facty, and a couple of other poker hotties that he knew, and then proceeded to show me around the room. Very cool. And I guess because I'd sort of sobered up, I actually had the presence of mind to get a pic of me and Pauly.
Somehow I missed getting those pics of Iak, Don, Carmen, Hoy, Kat, Poison, etc. Sigh. Must plan better for next time.

So that was the trip. It was a shame that I had to make it a short trip, but that was the hand I was dealt. Still, I wouldn't have missed it for anything. I had such a blast getting to meet and know everybody. Can't wait for the next blogger tourney I get to play in. Maybe a Mookie? We shall see. GF starts teaching again this week, so I might get to play some more poker. Woo hoo! Monday morning I've got that interview with an environmental consulting firm. Think good thoughts...if I get this job, then maybe I can afford to go back to Vegas again. Now, you know you want me back in Vegas, don't you. That's what I thought...Vegas!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

What? I still have a blog?

Yes, dear readers (those of you who still read my pathetic scribblings), I am still here. My life has really been consisting of surfing the job boards, revising my resume, and going to the beach for different surfing (hey, it's free!). I've played a little poker over the past week, but I did take a week off after donking away the majority of my dwindling bankroll. No poker and no new job, not a helluva lot to blog about.

So, jumped into a peep sex token SNG and won it. Nice. Then, jumped into the FT $5K guarantee yesterday. Two stupid donkey moves later, and I'm out in 238 out of 275. One, I convinced myself that my TPTK was good and that my opponent couldn't have possible been sitting on 2 hearts and flopped a flush. The other was getting dealt AJ s0000000ted. I flop 4 to the nut flush and a gutshot to broadway. I chased both of them sumbitches to the river, only to lose to a slowplayed set of 5s I think. Short version, I get blinded all in on the next hand with K5 and IGH on tilt. So what do I do but jump into a nine-player SNG. I was actually playing well, having worked my way to 2nd place, 4 handed. I get dealt cowboys UTG, so I pop a 6x BB raise, figuring that I can get everyone to fold and I won't need to worry about some donkfish with Ace-rag cracking my cowboys. Sure as hell, the short stack (who was pretty close in chips to me) shoves. I've got him covered by a little over one BB, so I call. I can't believe I did this. I knew we were on the bubble, but I couldn't get over the fact that I'd popped a big raise and got reraised. I figured him for fishhooks or hiltons, not Ax. Sure as hell, he flips over AJ s00000ted. Now, I can understand his move...I didn't like it, but I can understand the need to play s000ted Ace-paint. My big problem was forgetting the big neon flashing rule that everybody needs to ask themselves when facing an I want to risk my tournament life at this point on these cards? Had I actually considered the question, I would have answered yes to the cards, but no to that point in the game. The flop came down all low rags, no help to his flush. The turn paired the board. And the river...

Wait for it...

Can you guess what it was?


An ace!! And we weren't even playing on Riverstars! So that just about put me all in on just the BB in the very next hand. J8 s000ted. Could've been worse, I suppose. Straight and flush possibilities. Unfortunately 2 people called, one with AJ and the other with KQ, and Hoff is bubble boy.

So the beach has been nice. It's been in the 80s on the coast here in San Diego, with the water temp into the low 70s (normally the Pacific is usually in the mid 60s during the summer months). It has been pretty sweet. That's been about the only good thing about being off from work during this period. On that note, it's been slow but there's been some movement. I had an interview back in late June that went very well. The guy was going on vacation over the 4th, so I won't be hearing from him again until at least sometime next week. Still, it went well enough that I should get invited back for a 2nd interview. And I got contacted as I was driving home from the beach yesterday by a recruiter. The position is sweet but geographically undesirable. It is for the Director of Forward Planning for another homebuilder, and it should pay well into 6 figures. The downside is it would require a 200 mile daily round trip commute. Assuming they even offered me the position, it would take something far into the 6 figure range plus the ability to telecommute at least 2 days a week to make it worthwhile. Too bad, because that's the position I'd love to have. I also got contacted by a VP at another environmental consulting company who saw my resume on Monster and told me that they've got an opening here in San Diego that fits my experience. As soon as I'm done this post, I'll be calling the guy back to set up an interview. My only fear with this one is that the salary is going to be too low. I'm not trying to be greedy, but realistic. I've got my half of a mortgage, a car payment, various assorted debts, and a girlfriend with a nasty nice restaurant addiction. Yes, I know that dear and patient GF needs a dose of reality, but things aren't that cut and dry. It will work itself out and GF will adjust as necessary. As always I will keep you posted.

Finally, a couple of minor things. Again, thanks to everyone who has continued to stick by me during this whole dramatic pile of crap that my life has become. Carmen, Don, Speaker, Awe, StB, Iak, SpecialK, Chris, Matt, Hoyazo, Raveen, Poison, Smokkee, Brett, Jill, and everyone else, you people either totally rock or need to get a life. I'll let you decide. Also, I will be seeing many of you in just a few days. Saturday morning I will be storming the tables at Caesar's for the WPBT Summer Classic! I am so looking forward to seeing everybody...this will definitely be a nice break from the usual crap I've been going thru lately. Also, dear and patient GF decided she was not going to attend. Now, I was hoping that she would attend, so that she could meet all of you demented souls and see that you really do exist. But she starts teaching a new quarter next week and she thought it would make more sense to get her syllabi and lesson plans in order. Besides, we're showing up Saturday morning (gotta conserve costs with this whole laid-off thing) and she's not enough of a poker or gambling fan to spend the majority of the day by herself in a casino on the rail. So I'm bach-ing it at the Castle! My cell is on April's list, so if you got it, sort by nickname until you find me and start dialing for dial-a-shots! Finally, I got the email from PokerStars that I'm sure just about all of you who participated in the Blogger Championship got, and I've now got the WSOP feed running on The Randomness. If you got an itch for an update and you don't know where to turn, come on over.

And with that, it's time to call this guy back for an interview. Wish me luck. See ya in Vegas!!!!


I've got my interview with the environmental company set for Monday morning, so no hanging out late in Vegas for Hoff. Still, I will accept any and all toasts and raised glasses to good luck that anybody is willing to offer. See ya soon...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Non Poker Content...

So I am really glad to not be in the dating pool. I just saw what goes on these days (did I really just say that? 40 is starting to look waaaay too close), and I am fearful.

Dear and Patient GF and I went into downtown La Jolla to get some ice cream and enjoy the phenomenally wonderful San Diego weather. As we're parking, a late model Honda Accord parks across the street and these two scaldingly hot beach biscuits get out of the car. They're dressed in these skimpy ass bikinis (presence of GF prevented me from snapping a camera phone pic, but jebus were they hot!) and proceeded to pull on little short shorts and halter tops and walk ahead of us into the ice cream joint. GF is on the phone with one of her employees, filling her in on some drama that happened while the employee was out, and leaves me to order the ice cream...under the sympathetic gaze of one of the hotties who turned out to be somewhere between 18 and 20.

We get our ice cream and go out on the patio to eat. The hotties are eating their ice cream one table away, when these two guys in their mid 20s or so walk down the sidewalk. The hottie that made eye contact with me said Hello to the guys. They stopped, looked them up and down, and said Hello back. The hottie then asked if they wanted any ice cream. The guys responded that they would, and then kept walking. That sort of surprised me. GF is still on the phone, so I catch hottie's eye and tell her good effort. She said "don't worry, they'll be back." Two minutes later, they walked up and sat down with the hotties. Names and digits were exchanged and the guys went on their way. Hottie turned to me and said that it was very of the guys was a bouncer at some LA club. She then said that she knew most of the bouncers at the San Diego clubs, and that she could get into any of them (the clubs, although she could probably get into the bouncers, too), even though she was under 21. At this point, GF motioned to me that she was done with her ice cream, and stood up to leave. I threw the containers away and stood up to leave. I stopped by hottie and thanked her for the entertainment. She said that she worked at the Washington Mutual bank just down the block, and that I should stop in there, because they were a fun bunch in that bank! Huh? I said something to the effect of "I might just have to do that" and turned to leave. When GF hung up the phone, she asked if hottie was trying to pick me up. I said that I didn't think so, but that if she was, she was off to a good start.

Now, hotties themselves don't scare me. I grew up in San Diego, went to college at UC Santa Barbara when they won the top party school contest (I'm proud to have done my part), I lived in Newport Beach for a while, and now I'm back in San Diego. I've seen more than my share of scaldingly hot beach nuggets, and had more of them than I care to admit turn out to be jailbait (before I did anything naughty, relax everybody). These two were hot, but they at least seemed to be legal. What really caught me off guard, though, was their forwardness and confidence. Yelling out to the guys first, and then telling me not to worry, that the guys were coming back...damn. Obviously, part of me looks at those two and thinks "yeah! we gotta get with that!". The slightly more rational and conservative part of me is perfectly happy to not have to try and live up to the standards that these hotties were obviously setting.

Friday, June 23, 2006

And the beat goes on...

So I've been kinda card dead at Stars, but who hasn't? Actually, I haven't been completely card dead. I've been alive long enough to make it to either the bubble or one off the bubble in the last 3 or 4 SNGs I've been in. As such, I transfered money from Stars to Tilt, hoping the luck might be different. End result, I entered one peep-sex tournament and won my token. It's a small start, but I'll take it. Figuring that one cash might be the start of something, I took the meager balance I had left at Stars and jumped into a .10/.25 NL table. End result, $4 becomes $12 in less than 20 minutes. Again, small but as I've said before, positive money is positive money.

Had an interview today with an environmental consulting firm here in San Diego. Different from what I did for the home builders, but I've done the work before. It seemed to go really well, and Section Manager I interviewed with told me that he'd be bringing me back to meet some of the VPs next time. Two things that kind of concerned me, tho. First, the guy is getting ready to go on vacation for a week and a half, around the 4th of July. So if he doesn't interview these last few people and set up the next round before he leaves, it's going to be mid-July at the earliest before I can get a 2nd interview. The other thing was something he said as we were returning from lunch. For urban and environmental planning, there are three basic classifications. Public sector where you work for a city or county government. Private sector consulting, where you are a consultant, typically to city and county governments when they've got something more complex than their staff typically handles. Then you've got the private sector direct employees, and these are typically land development companies, homebuilders, property management companies, and any other type of business that involves a lot of development of facilities (college campuses, medical companies, etc.). We were talking about the differences between the three, and he noted that the public sector employees weren't going to get rich, but the work was steady and stable. The consultants did better financially than the public sector employees, but were a little less isolated from economic slow downs. The homebuilding industry had been on fire all over the country, but here in San Diego in particular, and they paid top dollar to anybody who could get their subdivisions approved and under construction. He's totally correct, and that's why I wound up working in this industry. But his comment makes me wonder that if they made me an offer, how far below what I had been making would it be? I'm not trying to be greedy, but I am being realistic. As much as I'd like to go up in pay, I'd be happy staying where I was. I'll accept a pay cut for the right job, but I've got my absolute lowest level that I can make work, and I can't go below that. I like this job, and I hope it doesn't turn out to be an unworkable situation.

Sorry for the whiney-ness, but that's what's going on right now. May your bankrolls be fat, may the deck hit you in the face, and may you avoid the dreaded river suckout. See ya on the felt.