Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

To everybody out there, whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you're doing, have a happy and safe New Year. Me and the GF are going out to dinner at a restaurant in Del Mar, right on the beach. Of course it is one of the few days here in San Diego that it rains. As such, not really sure what will follow...wandering around in the Gaslamp District is out. We really are mellowing with age. At least we've got a good supply of booze around the house. Maybe liquid courage and naughty internet porn. Hmmm. Watch a pair of balls drop. Anyway, to everybody who is strange enough to read my words, have a great new year and I'll see you floating around cyberspace. Either here, one of your blogs, or at PokerStars, Full Tilt, or some other site. Peace out!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Kicked in the Junk

Well that was painful. Finally got to spend some time on Stars tonight. Just playing some of the free tables. I had one good hand, where pocket 8s turned a set and they just happened to give 2 pair to another player. That was a nice pot, but I pissed it all away plus another 400 in play money on just a bunch of crap. I got several good hands, KK, AK, KQ, TT, only to get beat on the river every time. I lost track of how many flushes, straights and boats were made against me, usually with utter crap, like a 4-9o. A pair of 9s on the board goes with my lower set for a boat, but laughing boy over there parlays that board pair into a higher boat. My straight gets sucked out by a flush. And then when I would get dealt a 3-7o, it would raise twice before my action, I'd fold, and see a flop of 7-7-3! It was that kind of evening. At least it was play money.

Outta Time

"It's a test of ultimate will
The heartbreak climb uphill
Got to pick up the pace
If you want to stay in the race"
-Rush, "Marathon"

I think this particular holiday season has sucked my time out more than any in the past. First, my girlfriend is not teaching over the holidays, so my evening runs to the gym and PokerStars have been put on hold. Second, I went out of town over Christmas and not only wasted two days flying and sitting in airports, but spent three other days without broadband access. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time. It’s just frustrating knowing that email is piling up, I don’t have the time to look over all the other blogs I read, and no poker! Finally, I’ve got a bunch of crap at work that I’m trying to get done in an extremely short amount of time, and I just wasted an entire day (almost) stuck at the County of Riverside, trying to get some poor plancheck guy to approve a soils report that would allow me to spend upwards of $500k on permit fees and start building another subdivision. I wasn’t successful, so I stopped at Pechanga Casino in Temecula and turned $40 into $220 on nickel slots (Double Dragon, you have to hit the triple bonus spin), and then parlayed that into another $300 on 3 card poker. That’s been my one little break. Other than that, it’s been traveling, shopping, or working. At least I got my new monitor. Very nice Samsung 19 inch LCD. Can’t wait to see how many poker rooms I can open at once. Work is just so damn busy, though. I’ve received so many assorted reports and plan sets from a variety of consultants over the past 3 weeks that you could open a stationary store in my office. People think I’m joking when I say I’d like to just light a match and make it all go away, but I think it would solve a lot of my problems. I can’t even figure out where to start. So what do I do, I write a blog post! I even had to write this post in MS Word, so that it wouldn’t look like I was surfing the web or anything. I hope everybody else’s holiday is much more relaxing, and Happy New Year to all of you.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What I'm Listening To

I listen to just about every type of music out there. 80s metal. 70s disco. Country. Old school gangsta rap. Smooth jazz. Folk rock. Whatever, I can find a good vibe in a lot of different types of music.

Recently, Wil Wheaton of WWdN tournament and Radio Free Burrito podcast fame composed an ambient, acid jazzy song. It's really good, and you can check it out here. Gracie even used it as the soundtrack to a dial-a-shot influenced video she did for the holidays. That song is why I'm listening to all of the mellower acid jazz, ambient, house, and trip hop stuff I've got in my iTunes library. Right now, Zero 7's "Destiny" is playing. I've got St. Germaine, Everything But The Girl, Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, Kruder & Dorfmeister, etc., that mellow stuff is great for setting a soothing soundtrack to keep me calm. I work for a developer, and trying to keep things moving and on deadline is difficult when all of the consultants I use (architects, civil engineers) at work are all off this week, and therefore won't be able to make corrections to their plans to satisfy the people that work for cities and counties. Ironically, most of THOSE people are at work this week, so if I could get these development plans updated, I could theoretically get them approved during this week. Theoretically, of course. Mmmm. "Jungle Jazz" by St. Germaine just came on. Maybe I'll survive this week. We'll see.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Greetings and I hope whatever holidays you might celebrate were full of joy, cheer, good company, and whatever else gives you happiness this time of the year.

I just got back from the wintry wilds of Wyoming! It didn't snow while I was there, but there was snow on the ground. My sister and her husband came up from the Memphis area, her brother-in-law came up from St. Louis, my parents came out from San Diego, and we all met at my brother-in-law's parents' place in Wyoming. Food, family, beverage, X-box, WSOP tournament of champions, lots of fun.

It was fun watching The Mouth trying so hard to tilt Phil, but it was bizarre watching Steve Dannenman, the nice guy next door from the WSOP main event, go tilt on Phil over something seemingly innocent...a messy pile of chips. No it's not the easiest way to play, it can cause slight delays in counting out a bet, and it makes it hard for other players to get a read on a chip stack when contemplating an all-in bet, but it's not an insurmountable issue. I never did figure out why Steve went on tilt, because he hadn't really played any major bad hands up to that point, but after his episode, it was only a few hands later when he busted out. Tilt can be a funny thing. Some people are really susceptible to it, and some are just really good at causing it. My east coast buddy, Lady Falcon seems to have gotten the tilt down to an out if you inhabit the casinos around Atlantic City. Several other bloggers are good at instigating the tilt, but can be just as often victimized by it. Wil Wheaton managed to get tilted so badly in his own tournament that Dr. Pauly wound up charging him for having to hear his bad beat stories.

After four days away from a computer, I'm just trying to get caught up on news, email, and poker happenings. Fortunately, I did well enough at Christmas that I'll be heading out in the next few days to get a new 19 inch LCD monitor to replace the old clunker that caught fire last week. No damage or anything...just some crackling and smoke coming out of the case. Once that's done, then it's time to fund the bankroll. I'm going to start with PokerStars and if I've got enough, I'll set up Full Tilt too. The other poker news on this end is I'm going to play in my first live tournament! Harrah's Rincon San Diego is doing an NL Hold 'Em tournament as a promotion with several San Diego radio stations in the first couple of weeks in January. First place is a wad of cash and a seat in the 2006 WSOP Satellite at Rincon. A couple of the characters from our Tres Sombreros home game...Troll, J-bo, and Brett...will also be playing. I fully expect my first hand to be a hammer with a flop of all sevens, giving me hammer quads! I will attempt to take lots of notes, so that I can properly document how I do.

Well, this post got started late, got delayed in the middle, and now I gotta hit the rack. Some of us have to go to work on Tuesday, and I'm one of those unfortunate souls. So Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day to those in the Great White North,happy holidays to all of you who celebrate in your own way, and see you down the way.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Noisy Sex

It's been a busy several days. I finished up my Christmas shopping, hung some pictures in the condo, and had my monitor catch fire (no damage to the house or anything, just some sparking and smoke wafting out of the case). Glad I asked for a new flat panel LCD for Christmas, and thanks to my Dad who just retired and had an extra monitor in the garage I could borrow.

Anyway, after passing out in front of the TV tonight, I wanted to try and catch up on the blogging world, see how Jaxia's "Action's On You" post was going, see how the WWdN:Bonus Code IGGY tournament went, and see how Lady Falcon's Rules of the Suck Out were coming. As I'm scanning the screen, I hear the bed of my upstairs hottie neighbor creaking away. With her last boyfriend, she was quite the moaner, and he seemed to do a good job of lasting for a while. I hadn't really heard anything since the new guy moved in a month ago or so. He seemed to finish rather quickly. I could hear some moaning, but the creaking ended much more quickly than I would have thought. Now, I don't claim to be a marathon runner, but I certainly do more than a 40 yard dash!

Now, some of the more experienced bloggers may be able to time-share their brains and such better than I can, but it was hard to concentrate on the poker while listening to the new guy upstairs playing poke-her with my neighbor! The activity upstairs got me to thinking about past noisy "events". Back when I lived in Costa Mesa, just outside of Newport Beach, I had this scaldingly hot pair of neighbors that I would have given first my left nut and then the right to do. They both had boyfriends, but Jesus were they hot. One summer night, I brought a hook up home. She was quite "enthusiastic" in bed. I didn't really think about it until we were well into the art of fucking, but I had left the bedroom window open! After we finished and took a shower, I walked her out to her car (yes, she went home! I've got a better story on that topic, but that will remain for another post). As I walk back to my front door, both of the hotties are out in the patio, having a drink and a smoke. One of them said "good job", and the other just gave me the golf clap! Suffice to say, I was rather pleased with that, and left them to think about what they were missing.

Now the question...who has a story about being overheard during a naughty encounter. I'm not really talking about being walked in on, or having a cop come up to your car while you're giving/receiving a hummer. I'm talking about a roomie (especially of the opposite sex) hearing thru the wall or door, or a neighbor hearing you go at it, and being called out for it the next day. I swear, I started writing about poker, but the love monkeys upstairs got me off topic. The next one will be more appropriate, I swear. Or not. We'll see...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

WWdN PokerStars Tourney Update

Straight from the typety typety beep beep boop bippity world of Wil Wheaton, here's the update on his weekly tourney's on PokerStars.

The WWdN Friday game at PokerStars is moving to Tuesday, beginning December 20th. The game will play each week, except in the event of major holidays, starting at 7:00 PM EST. The buy-in will remain at $10+1.

It will be known as either "The WWdN Friday Game On Tuesday" or "The WWdN: [Donkey who outdrew me because I am so awesome] Invitational". Wil's either a great guy for setting these up, or just a glutton for punishment. I suspect a little of both. As I am relatively new at the online thing, I'll probably be sweating the digital rail, but the Tuesday move gives me the opportunity to actually play. Fridays haven't worked out for me, so maybe I can now join the fun. Go to Wil's website to get the tourney number and password info, and have fun. If you bust Wil out, you get the next tourney named after you. At some point there will be a WWdN:iamhoff tourney. I promise.

Viva La Frontera!

Well, what do you know about that! It seems that a group of out-of-state students at the University of California, Davis have filed a lawsuit against the State, challenging their in-state tuition vs. out-of-state tuition tiering. Here's the Yahoo story via AP. Pretty much every state with a public university has a different tuition rate system for resident vs. non-resident students. That’s fine. I’m a Californian, and I went to UC Santa Barbara. No problem. The way this law is structured, though, there’s a loophole that allows illegal immigrants (fine, undocumented aliens) to qualify for in-state resident tuition rates. WTF?!? As I understand it, the law was written mainly for students whose families may not be residents of Calif., but they went to high school (usually boarding school) in Calif. Unfortunately, because the US Government’s control of the border is severely lacking and California’s general oversight abilities are just about non-existent, there are kids that attend school in some of the border areas of San Diego (Imperial Beach, San Ysidro, etc.) even though their families live in Tijuana. Because the school districts allow this to happen, the students wind up meeting the attendance requirements and thus qualify for in-state tuition.

This is all kinds of wrong, on so many levels. The US doesn’t properly control the border. The state doesn’t properly police its own institutions (medi-cal, schools, welfare, etc.). And the City of San Diego is so screwed up right now that they can’t even properly deploy their police officers to apprehend illegal immigrants who are committing crimes. It trickles down, but it starts at the border. San Diego has been crying out for better border controls for years. Anybody living in a border state, especially along the northern border (damn Canadians! Just kidding, eh!) knows what I’m talking about. The crime that comes up from Mexico is almost unbelievable, from the organized crime to the punk who robs a convenience store, kills somebody in the process, and flees back to Mexico. Mexico won’t extradite this person because the death penalty is legal in the United States and Mexico won’t hand a criminal (ok, fine, suspect!) over to US authorities if there’s the possibility of the imposition of the death penalty. Personally, I don’t know why they’re worried about that. It takes so damn long for California to execute anybody (bye bye, Tookie) that they’ll probably die in a gang riot before the state can humanely inject drugs into their bodies. My wish for the judicial system is, you’re tried. If you get convicted, you get sentenced. If you are sentenced to death, you get an immediate appeal. For fairness’ sake, we’ll give the defense another six months to find witnesses to kill, etc. If the conviction is upheld, their ass gets marched out of the courtroom and into the death chamber. No paying for a college degree. No paying for fifteen years of taxpayer-funded lawsuits. But that’s another story for another post.

Hopefully this lawsuit will be successful, and the State will have to change their laws. It’s got to start somewhere. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with poker or music or anything else on this blog, but the story caught my eye. Viva la frontera!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Jingle Jingle

So. Christmas. The holidays. I generally love the holidays...stress, eating too much, too much crap to do, etc. At least I have work! How many of you have a person like this?

In the cube directly outside of my office sits a very nice lady in our accounting department. She is the most festive person I've seen in my life. I think it was the Monday after Thanksgiving when she put up a 24x36 Christmas stocking banner, probably 200 lights (in a cubicle, mind you), and tons of little decorations and kitsch. Ok. Fine. Harmless and at least festive. This past Monday, the office is treated to the sounds of jingling bells. She had some little pin-thing with a small jingle bell on it. Still, relatively harmless. You can hear her walking around and pulling files out of drawers. It's the holidays. One day won't matter. Tuesday the jingling is back, and more pronounced. A secretive inspection reveals that Festivus Maximus is wearing jingle bell earrings. More noticeable and less harmless. Besides, the jingling is bad enough...why would you want it right by your ears? Fortunately (fortunately? how sick am I?) I had to spend the rest of the day in the lovely (whatever) little community of San Jacinto where I've got a couple of subdivisions that we're building. Cut to Wednesday morning. Loud jingling. Festivus is wearing a jingle bell on a ribbon around her neck that is roughly the size of a golf ball, maybe a little bigger. WTF?!? Someone said to her, "Wow. You've got on a DIFFERENT bell. That's...interesting." Festivus' reply: "Yeah. I'm going to wear a bell every day until Christmas!" Great. Our little hottie intern, Amanda, who sits one cube away from Festivus, has stated that she might strangle Festivus if this continues. She even started a thread at MySpace on this topic. I thought I might bring the discussion here. Any horrible holiday stories? Let me know I'm not alone in the misery!

The Hammer

A new buddy of mine, kaellinn18 on PokerStars, just made me aware of a blog completely dedicated to The Hammer and other crap hands. Visit HammerBlog to check it out. For those not in the know, The Hammer is 7-2 offsuit, is the worst (or best) possible hand in Texas Hold 'Em, and has become the official hand of the poker blogging community. Everybody can kneel in humility at the greatness of Grubby for the creation of the Hammer phenomenon, and read up on the history of this ever-versatile hand.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Random Thoughts from the Weekend

A bad beat of sorts. I was on PokerStars, playing a fixed limit 10/20 game. I had 5-5. Pre-flop betting gets up to 4x BB, and 4 people see the flop. Flop comes 4-5-6 rainbow. Bet, fold, fold, I raise and am called. Turn is a J. Bet, I raise, he calls. River is a K. Bet, I raise, reraise, I re-reraise and am called. Donkey started with a 7-3x!?! I'll give him (or her?) credit for slow playing it enough to suck me in, but a 4x raise preflop with 7-3x? I suppose the one good thing that came out of that is these type of hands don't happen that often, so donkey will probably continue to lose lots of $$ preflop, betting the longshot.

A movie comment. My girlfriend likes to see movies, especially chick flicks and art house flicks. I've been seeing previews for Brokeback Mountain for months now, and I'm sure I'm going to get sucked in (no pun intended) to seeing it. I suppose it will at least be more interesting than Bee Season (but death would have been more interesting than that glacier...a movie about spelling bees?!?), but there's just one thing that has pretty much ruined it for me. A couple of seasons ago, a film festival came to the lovely little town of South Park. Cartman made some comment about all indie/art flicks being nothing but movies about gay cowboys eating pudding. The gay cowboy thing I can deal with, but I'm gonna be looking for any pudding references! If, while they're out in the mountains they've got some pudding somewhere in their rations, or later in their married, "normal" lives with kids there's any reference to or presence of pudding, I'm gonna lose it and bust out laughing! How can I not? Then there'll be a huge gay uprising in the Hillcrest Theatre (Hillcrest is San Diego's gay district, for those not from the area), and I'll wind up in the middle of some Queer Eye for the Movie Guy drama. If anybody has seen it in the early release, please let me know if there's any pudding anywhere. I need to prepare.

Finally, a shout out to all the poker bloggers out there. The WPBT was held at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas this weekend. Congrats to StudioGlyphic for outlasting what was, by all reports, an amazing bunch of people (hey, bloggers are people, too!) with amazing capacities for drinking. I started this blogging thing too late to get up to speed for this event, so I read up on every update I could find. I've got to find a way to make it to the next one. Congrats to everybody for surviving, and I hope there were no permanent casualties (no limbs lost, no criminal records damaged, etc.). When's the next one?

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Friday Funnies

Some random thoughts from the wonderfully warped mind of Mitch Hedberg. Enjoy.

My apartment is infested with koala bears. It's the cutest infestation ever. Way better than cockroaches. When I turn on the light, a bunch of koala bears scatter. I don't want them to, you know. I say, "Hey. Hold on, fellas. Let me hold one of you. And feed you a leaf." Koala bears, they're so fucking cute. Why do they have to be so far away from me? We need to ship a few over, and I will apprehend one.

Last week I helped a friend stay put. It's a lot easier than helping him move. I just went over to his house and made sure that he didn't start to load shit into a truck.

We went into the woods to be trippin', because in the woods there's less of a chance that you'll run into an authority figure. But we ran into a bear. That was even more of a buzz kill. My friend Duane was standing there, raising his right hand, swearing to help prevent forest fires. We got away from the bear, Duane put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Mitch, Smokey's way more intense in person...he's an asshole."

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Who Farted?

I wanted to get this down while it was still fresh, so to speak.

I stopped off at the Post Office to get my mail. My Post Office is in Del Mar, a nice, upscale beach town in San Diego County. I walked in, emptied my PO Box, and went over to the counter to sort out the junk. Three whole pieces worth keeping...a credit card statement, a life insurance premium, and my new issue of Motor Trend (woo hoo!!). As I stroll to the door, I see a typical SD beach hottie approaching from the outside. Blonde, trendy haircut, jacket, and a pair of those clingy pants with the flowing legs, the ones that cling to the ass and crotch, showing off the g-string and cameltoe. Her body said late 20's, but her eyes said late 30's. Don't know why, she just looked like she's seen some hard times. Either way, she was hot.

I stepped outside and held the door for her. She thanked me and I let the door close. I took one step and walked into a cloud of ass gas. There was nobody on the street within 3 blocks, so it had to be her. I turned around and barely made eye contact before she hurriedly turned away. Now, I don't have such a high opinion of myself that I thought she was looking me over and turned away when I looked back. Rather, I think she was looking to see if I noticed the ass gas, and turned away when I caught her blowing ass. All I could think of is how weird it is for a girl to rip off a potent one. Farting typically doesn't bother me. My buddy, Zippy (Aaron in Rhode Island), christened my father, Frrrrt, after a farewell "pronouncement" before we road-tripped from San Diego to Providence. My other buddy, Troll (who is now known for his "exploits" all over the country, from SD to Humboldt to Alabama to NYC thanks to the Poker Babe, Lady Falcon) who came into my dorm bathroom while I was in Santa Barbara and dropped hard ass after a weekend of booze and pizza. Ass eminations typically don't surprise or offend me, but all I could think of was the scene from the movie, Detroit Rock City, where the guys hide in the girls bathroom and a cheerleader comes in and rips off a beauty. The guys totally lose it, laughing about never hearing a chick blow ass before. That's what it was. She was too hot to emit such a weapon of mass destruction. I guess it could have been worse...I could have HEARD her rip it off!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Day Behind and the Day Ahead

Yesterday was a long day. On the road at 7:30 a.m. to head for work. Normally I cruise around 80 with bursts into the 90's, and that allows me to get by with less than a half hour commute. As I merge onto the 5 Freeway, who is in the lane next to me but one of those evil Darth Vader Crown Victorias with the CHP star on the door. Ponch and Jon rode bikes, and my guess was that the 43 degree weather was too cold for them. Either way, Officer Not So Hot (she wasn't Bonnie from CHiPs, either) kept the pace at a steady 70. That's 5 over the limit, but well below my normal cruising speed. So we cruised like that for about half of my commute, just about into Encinitas, when some idiot (God Bless the Idiots) in a whacked-down Civic came blasting up the on-ramp. Because we were all driving slower than the normal traffic flow, there was plenty of space for idiot boy to really open it up as he merged onto the freeway. Officer N.S.H. promptly went Code 3, lights and siren, and pulled Civic boy over. My commute instantly jumped back into the 80's, and I managed to get to work just after 8.

Once at work, I had to get a bunch of projects together (I work for a homebuilder) to take to a couple of local governments in Riverside County (north and inland from San Diego). After waiting for a landscape architect to get me copies of some plans, I was off to Riverside. Thank God for Sirius Satellite Radio. Everything in RivCo is either static-y or is Mexican. I flipped through several of my favorite stations. When traffic was good, I alternated between Hair Nation (80's metal, natch) and First Wave (80's New Wave) and the Raw Dog Comedy channel. When traffic slowed me down, I put on the Chill acid jazz channel. I will never own a car without Sirius again. It rules!

So, I got everything filed where it needed to go, and then turned around to make the return drive back to SD. Fortunately, it was just late enough that I could head home instead of back to the office. Had to stop for gas in Temecula, and was able to discover that 91 octane is down to $2.45 a gallon. Woo hoo! My fill ups are back to under $50!! So I stopped at the gym on the way home, then the grocery store. Then I had to play with the dog, eat dinner, and put the lights on the Christmas Tree. Bonus! We had DVR'd Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and a Charlie Brown Christmas was also on! What a nostalgic soundtrack for decorating. Walk the dog in the 43 degree crisp, clear air at 11:30, and crawl into bed around 12:30.

Today is more of the same. No cop on the commute, but it's time at work to catch up on all the crappy paperwork that I fall behind on while actually working on creating subdivisions. Department of Real Estate. Security Bonds for construction improvements. Contract updates for consultants. And to top it off, I've got my annual review coming up on Friday. My boss gave me a paper yesterday so I could jot down my "personal and professional goals". Let's see. Not to get fired for blogging. To start winning poker tourneys both live and on PokerStars. To keep the dog from crapping in the house. To get my oil changed. To fix my golf swing. That was a problem yesterday. Normally at lunch I go to the driving range. Couldn't do that yesterday. You can bet your ass I'll be there today. I've got a slice that's more to the right than Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh combined. Wish me luck.

Well, time to get to work.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Just Another Lousy Day In Paradise

So, it was quite the lovely day in San Diego. Walked the dog, went out to breakfast, and due to my girlfriend, found myself at a funky fashion show/sale thing. Lots of hip, edgy stuff, everything from organic t-shirts to orgasmic vibrating panties (not making it up...$99 for the pair) with a remote control. Who knew? Then, to just be as So Cal as they come, I bought our Christmas tree. Wearing shorts. And flip flops. In 75 degree weather. Topped it off with a Chargers victory over the Faders, I mean Raiders. Pushing for the playoffs, and things are looking pretty good. Of course, they got no help from Denver, who not only allowed the Chiefs to keep up in the wild card race, but also cost me my win in my office pool. I hate them both, but not quite as much as the Raiders.

Sorry I'm rambling so much. I figured that a post today would cover a few events in detail (like the weird fashion show), but I couldn't get back to the computer until 12:12 a.m., so what can you do? I couldn't even get to PokerStars and play a few hands! I will try to make future posts more topical, more focused, and less cluttered, but I'm not guaranteeing anything.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Who has a dog?

So, we've got a Doberman Pinscher named Ginger, and she's a very well-behaved, fun-loving dog. She does have her weird quirks. One of the most amusing things about her is she seems to like being vacuumed. I was vacuuming this morning (Saturday chores, don'tcha know), and I was vacuuming her bed with the furniture brush. She has discovered that she likes the sensation of the brush with the suction of the vacuum, and tries to get her head and body under my hand with the vacuum! So I run the vacuum along her back, up and down her legs, down her chest, and back along her sides. She just loves it! Weird. Anybody else out there have a dog with weird habits? Let me know.

Friday, December 02, 2005

What Have I Done?

Welcome, anybody drunk enough to wander over here. I am a total newbie at this, so bear with me while I get this figured out. For anybody wondering, I expect this to be a site of random musings on poker, golf, cars, drinking, dogs, music, movies, restaurants, and who knows what else. Basically, it will be a bunch of random stuff that I hope provides information, entertainment, inspiration, and no STD's. I'll be back later.