Thursday, December 15, 2005

WWdN PokerStars Tourney Update

Straight from the typety typety beep beep boop bippity world of Wil Wheaton, here's the update on his weekly tourney's on PokerStars.

The WWdN Friday game at PokerStars is moving to Tuesday, beginning December 20th. The game will play each week, except in the event of major holidays, starting at 7:00 PM EST. The buy-in will remain at $10+1.

It will be known as either "The WWdN Friday Game On Tuesday" or "The WWdN: [Donkey who outdrew me because I am so awesome] Invitational". Wil's either a great guy for setting these up, or just a glutton for punishment. I suspect a little of both. As I am relatively new at the online thing, I'll probably be sweating the digital rail, but the Tuesday move gives me the opportunity to actually play. Fridays haven't worked out for me, so maybe I can now join the fun. Go to Wil's website to get the tourney number and password info, and have fun. If you bust Wil out, you get the next tourney named after you. At some point there will be a WWdN:iamhoff tourney. I promise.


HighOnPoker said...

Hi. Good luck with the new blog. I found your site via a comment you left on Weak PLayer's blog. I know you haven't played online yet, but if you are looking to start, I'd be happy to offer some advice. I started slow, with $20 deposits on Golden Palace Poker. For someone who doesn't want to spend a lot, that may be the way to go. They have games as small as 10 cent SNGs. They even have a 4 or 2 cent SNG freeroll. I know it is chump change, but that's the point. Surprisingly, players will play a lot more serious with 10 cents on the line, compared to play money players with nothing on the line. Good luck.

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