Thursday, December 29, 2005

Kicked in the Junk

Well that was painful. Finally got to spend some time on Stars tonight. Just playing some of the free tables. I had one good hand, where pocket 8s turned a set and they just happened to give 2 pair to another player. That was a nice pot, but I pissed it all away plus another 400 in play money on just a bunch of crap. I got several good hands, KK, AK, KQ, TT, only to get beat on the river every time. I lost track of how many flushes, straights and boats were made against me, usually with utter crap, like a 4-9o. A pair of 9s on the board goes with my lower set for a boat, but laughing boy over there parlays that board pair into a higher boat. My straight gets sucked out by a flush. And then when I would get dealt a 3-7o, it would raise twice before my action, I'd fold, and see a flop of 7-7-3! It was that kind of evening. At least it was play money.

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Anonymous said...

I love Poker Stars, I play pretty often. You'll have to go onto IM Yahoo and tell me what table you're on, we can play together :)
I'm "Cali_girl_SD" on Pokerstars and "shelleymarie1010" on yahoo IM

Happy New Year! Love ya!
Shelley Mrs. Juice 2B