Monday, December 05, 2005

Just Another Lousy Day In Paradise

So, it was quite the lovely day in San Diego. Walked the dog, went out to breakfast, and due to my girlfriend, found myself at a funky fashion show/sale thing. Lots of hip, edgy stuff, everything from organic t-shirts to orgasmic vibrating panties (not making it up...$99 for the pair) with a remote control. Who knew? Then, to just be as So Cal as they come, I bought our Christmas tree. Wearing shorts. And flip flops. In 75 degree weather. Topped it off with a Chargers victory over the Faders, I mean Raiders. Pushing for the playoffs, and things are looking pretty good. Of course, they got no help from Denver, who not only allowed the Chiefs to keep up in the wild card race, but also cost me my win in my office pool. I hate them both, but not quite as much as the Raiders.

Sorry I'm rambling so much. I figured that a post today would cover a few events in detail (like the weird fashion show), but I couldn't get back to the computer until 12:12 a.m., so what can you do? I couldn't even get to PokerStars and play a few hands! I will try to make future posts more topical, more focused, and less cluttered, but I'm not guaranteeing anything.


Lady Falcon said...

Congratulations on starting your blog and make sure to write up all those home games!

Troll, make sure you memorize Ass Bustin' Rules 1-4 before the next game!!!

Best of luck,

Lady F.

iamhoff said...

Lady F,

Thanks for the comment! You are officially the first commenter. You beat my sister by about five minutes! I hope you don't mind that I put a link to your blog on mine, since you were the final straw to get me to do this. I'll keep on troll.