Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Jingle Jingle

So. Christmas. The holidays. I generally love the holidays...stress, eating too much, too much crap to do, etc. At least I have work! How many of you have a person like this?

In the cube directly outside of my office sits a very nice lady in our accounting department. She is the most festive person I've seen in my life. I think it was the Monday after Thanksgiving when she put up a 24x36 Christmas stocking banner, probably 200 lights (in a cubicle, mind you), and tons of little decorations and kitsch. Ok. Fine. Harmless and at least festive. This past Monday, the office is treated to the sounds of jingling bells. She had some little pin-thing with a small jingle bell on it. Still, relatively harmless. You can hear her walking around and pulling files out of drawers. It's the holidays. One day won't matter. Tuesday the jingling is back, and more pronounced. A secretive inspection reveals that Festivus Maximus is wearing jingle bell earrings. More noticeable and less harmless. Besides, the jingling is bad enough...why would you want it right by your ears? Fortunately (fortunately? how sick am I?) I had to spend the rest of the day in the lovely (whatever) little community of San Jacinto where I've got a couple of subdivisions that we're building. Cut to Wednesday morning. Loud jingling. Festivus is wearing a jingle bell on a ribbon around her neck that is roughly the size of a golf ball, maybe a little bigger. WTF?!? Someone said to her, "Wow. You've got on a DIFFERENT bell. That's...interesting." Festivus' reply: "Yeah. I'm going to wear a bell every day until Christmas!" Great. Our little hottie intern, Amanda, who sits one cube away from Festivus, has stated that she might strangle Festivus if this continues. She even started a thread at MySpace on this topic. I thought I might bring the discussion here. Any horrible holiday stories? Let me know I'm not alone in the misery!


River Driver said...

Hey, I've had to convince the girls at school that anything jingly must be removed during exams...they were surprised that it would be a problem. AUGH! They must be stopped.

Veneno said...

Usually I really love the holidays and would be right with Mrs. Festivus, but this year I would be irritated. Not in the spirit at all. I haven't bought one gift. Not one!

fairnbalncd said...

Christmas in Lander, Wyoming? Nice, eh? I'm in the Bighorn Mountain area.