Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Greetings and I hope whatever holidays you might celebrate were full of joy, cheer, good company, and whatever else gives you happiness this time of the year.

I just got back from the wintry wilds of Wyoming! It didn't snow while I was there, but there was snow on the ground. My sister and her husband came up from the Memphis area, her brother-in-law came up from St. Louis, my parents came out from San Diego, and we all met at my brother-in-law's parents' place in Wyoming. Food, family, beverage, X-box, WSOP tournament of champions, lots of fun.

It was fun watching The Mouth trying so hard to tilt Phil, but it was bizarre watching Steve Dannenman, the nice guy next door from the WSOP main event, go tilt on Phil over something seemingly innocent...a messy pile of chips. No it's not the easiest way to play, it can cause slight delays in counting out a bet, and it makes it hard for other players to get a read on a chip stack when contemplating an all-in bet, but it's not an insurmountable issue. I never did figure out why Steve went on tilt, because he hadn't really played any major bad hands up to that point, but after his episode, it was only a few hands later when he busted out. Tilt can be a funny thing. Some people are really susceptible to it, and some are just really good at causing it. My east coast buddy, Lady Falcon seems to have gotten the tilt down to an out if you inhabit the casinos around Atlantic City. Several other bloggers are good at instigating the tilt, but can be just as often victimized by it. Wil Wheaton managed to get tilted so badly in his own tournament that Dr. Pauly wound up charging him for having to hear his bad beat stories.

After four days away from a computer, I'm just trying to get caught up on news, email, and poker happenings. Fortunately, I did well enough at Christmas that I'll be heading out in the next few days to get a new 19 inch LCD monitor to replace the old clunker that caught fire last week. No damage or anything...just some crackling and smoke coming out of the case. Once that's done, then it's time to fund the bankroll. I'm going to start with PokerStars and if I've got enough, I'll set up Full Tilt too. The other poker news on this end is I'm going to play in my first live tournament! Harrah's Rincon San Diego is doing an NL Hold 'Em tournament as a promotion with several San Diego radio stations in the first couple of weeks in January. First place is a wad of cash and a seat in the 2006 WSOP Satellite at Rincon. A couple of the characters from our Tres Sombreros home game...Troll, J-bo, and Brett...will also be playing. I fully expect my first hand to be a hammer with a flop of all sevens, giving me hammer quads! I will attempt to take lots of notes, so that I can properly document how I do.

Well, this post got started late, got delayed in the middle, and now I gotta hit the rack. Some of us have to go to work on Tuesday, and I'm one of those unfortunate souls. So Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day to those in the Great White North,happy holidays to all of you who celebrate in your own way, and see you down the way.


HighOnPoker said...

Hey Hoff. If your computer is up and running in time, you should join the Donkeys Always Draw Invitational on Wed at 9pm EST at PokerStars. I've put up a couple of bounties and it should be a good time. $10+1 entry.

iamhoff said...

Not this Wednesday, unfortunately. The GF is off from teaching this week, so my evenings are booked. If this is a regular thing like the WWdN tourneys, I will definitely join up. The time should work; barring traffic issues, I get home from work a little before 6 PST. See ya on Stars.